Tuesday, December 22, 2009


December already, almost Christmas day, and in 8 more days, the first decade of this century will be over. Not one single day will be back. No second chances to not make mistakes that we did throughout that road. If we are wise, we will remember some of those mistakes and won't repeat them. If we are unwise or forgetful, we won't have saved time with those mistakes. As simple as that. And, life is so short, that if we are wise and lucky, we will draw from the experience of our first mistakes. Alas, normal human beings, hardly learn from first mistakes, and they go on repeating them, rather than avoiding them thanks to lessons learned.

2009 truly deserves the honor to be infamously known as "annus horribilis." Global financial debacle, rising global unemployment, social decadence and corruption, weather catastrophes, and so much more, or so much more negative should I say.

And, as a flagrant example of this year, for instance, we could reflect on the phenomenons called Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. What a difference! And, as such, it reflects their two societies and cultures of origin: American and European (Swiss).

We have seen all along Roger Federer with Mirka, always together. Until they got pregnant and got married, now they have two lovely twin girls.

On the other side, the scrupulously well-preserved image of Tiger Woods, which has been dismantled with one simple stroke. And with it the image of yet another role model for our American youth has gone through the window.

But, as we say in French, "ca, c'est le cadet de nos soucis..." Much more serious things are hovering upon us, a failure of a health care reform looming upon the whole country for generations and generations to come, plus the 12.3... trillion dollar budget passed by our Congress. Poor American citizens are looking at an infinite burden of debts that will rest on the shoulders of generations after generations, decades after decades.

May this country be protected...