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Okay, I just finished the first of my two articles of my "GOODWILL ISRAEL" column for this week. Do I need to say that I put my heart and my soul into that writing. Each word, each comma, each space has the essence of my Emunah, my Faith in our G-d... As I see so much evil rising against our people and our beloved Israel, I have to wipe my tears, and remember who I am, and rise taller and whisper right in G-d's Ears: Help Israel, Help Your Children... Show the world We Belong To You... Forever and ever....

Pour toujours et toujours...

Sunday, August 28, 2011


When historians will look back at the events that began on February 2011, with the Egyptian uprising, they will understand how Western Civilization was being the victim of an incredible and very complex conspiracy. Those of us in the know, have been fearing this could happen maybe in 50 years, but the situation has worsened precipitously during this last year.

It has been amazing watch how world leaders could see the “Arab Spring” unravel as they watched Muslim masses rise against their former dictators as in the Tahrir rally against President Mubarak who, despite all his flaws, has been a great friend of America and the West at large. After all, it was not difficult to see the masses of women in white burkas -most likely for Western consumption- white is linked to innocence, while black is what it is, darkness.

One could also observe many rally participants, men or women, aware and constantly keeping track of the satellites above them, in charge of transmitting not only communication but actually showing them to the rest of the world. Though not done on purpose, but it was a subtle way to keep, otherwise unruly Muslim masses, on check.

Some days later, February 15, 2011, the world was alerted by another explosive situation developing this time in Libya, where rebel forces began a revolt against their strongman, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in an armed conflict to depose him and which was to last several months.

Only nine days thereafter, the UN Security Council moved to unanimously adopt Resolution 1970 condemning any use of “lethal force” by Gaddafi against the insurgents. And, in an unprecedented move, the Security Council swiftly referred Libya to the International Criminal Court.

In an unusual move, from the onset, the UN Security Council ‘expressed grave concern” at the situation in Libya condemning the use of force against civilians. And, for once, they condemned the repression and violations of human rights as well as attempts by the Libyan government to incite violence. The Security Council also welcomed statements of condemnation coming from the Arab League, the African Union, The Organization of the Islamic Conference and the United Nations Human Rights Council. And they announced as well that attacks on protesters would be considered “crimes against humanity.”

Meanwhile, US as part of NATO had their warplanes turn their firepower against ground forces loyal to their former friend, Libya’s, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

As a matter of fact, in America, president Obama, violating the Constitution, even bypassed Congress to wage war in Libya. But, why would the president avoid asking authorization by Congress to send our militay the Libyan rebels?

The political turnaround was astounding. As recently as 2003, and thanks to African nations, Libya had been elected to chair the United Nations Human Rights Commission. America under president Bush complained unsuccessfully to then Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Now we know that even under president G.W. Bush, the expansion of mosques or masjids continued to proliferate actively and silently throughout the American territory.

It was striking that, on February 23rd, 2011, only eight days after the insurgents began operations to remove Colonel Gaddafi, the United Nations already cut ties with Libya’s ruling family. The expeditiousness of the United Nations in doing so was surprising especially because of the close relationship they had -and is indicative that they either wanted or expected the situation to degenerate. The dice were thrown.

Meanwhile, March 25, 2011, wires bring the news that the Libyan insurgency was lead by Abdel-Hakim Al-Hasidi, a former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) that had killed dozens of Libyan troops in guerrilla attacks. Al-Hasidi fought against what he calls the “foreign invasion” in Afghanistan, but he was captured in Pakistan in 2002, handed to the US and then sent to Libya where he was released in 2008.

In his current capacity as the rebels’ leader, he has admitted that roughly 25 of his ‘fighters’ are “patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists," but added that the "members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader.” Naturally, this begs the question. Which ‘invader’ was this former Al Qaeda terrorist referring to, because Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was one of them and not an invader.

In other words, the American president not only bypassed Congress authorization, but he sent our military to support insurgents who counted the same former Al Qaeda terrorists their brothers-in-arms were fighting in Afghanistan. Boots on the ground or not, those are the facts.

It is very telling of course, that when former Al Qaeda terrorists-turned-Libyan-rebels first appealed for international aid, wealthy and pro-Islamic, sharia-abiding countries, as Qatar and United Arab Emirates, were among the first responders -warplanes from both countries were sent to join the NATO-led military coalition and made sure that critical aid and diplomatic support were supplied for the former Al Qaeda terrorists.

As a matter of fact, Aref Ali Nayed, ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and spokesman for the rebel "stabilization team" currently working out of Dubai, has said that Gulf expertise would be key in areas such as construction and port operations. "This has really been a partnership," he said.

On his part, Mahmoud Jibril, the number two leader in the National Transitional [rebel] Council of Libya, was meeting yesterday in Qatar with international officials to arrange $2.5 billion in funding for an interim government.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister David Cameron has said the U.K. hopes to release about 12 billion pounds ($20 billion) of Libyan assets, while the U.S. says it will soon give Libya's opposition between $1 billion and $1.5 billion in frozen Qaddafi regime assets. The U.S. has said the vast majority of about $37 billion in frozen Libyan assets it holds are in real estate and other property.

As a matter of fact, note that in April 2011, the cost of the Libya War for America was $608 million dollars, according to the Pentagon; that number increased to $896 million dollars by July 31st, also as per the Pentagon. And counting.

The question is: WHY will Obama and his Administration give Libya’s former terrorists between $1 and $1.5 billion of frozen Gaddafi assets -instead of paying back to America the almost $1 billion dollars that the war has cost to the U.S., and counting? After all, now, that Colonel Gaddafi is a fugitif and the rebels are pushing to secure Tripoli, they seem to have no problem with liquidity: They have placed a bounty on the capture of Gaddafi of nearly $2 million dollars.

Thus, while world powers mull what their approach to the new situation in Libya will be, the senior rebel representative, Ahmed Jehani, informs the world that a rebel transitional government would honor all the oil contracts granted under the government of Colonel Gaddafi, including those with Chinese companies.

Naturally, many are rushing to congratulate themselves and president Obama, arguing that -with some caution and contingent to unknown, future events- he may have just become “not only a good but a great foreign policy president...”

And, it is precisely for this that I have kept la pièce de résistance for the last.

I have in my hands the Draft Constitutional Charter for the Transitional Stage of the likely upcoming Transitional Government of Libya.

It begins as follows: “In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate - In the Name of the People” [this is *no* good beginning...] and it states that it is based on the statute of the interim Transitional National Council issued on March 12th, 2011 and.... the following Charter has been promulgated:

On Part One, Article (1) it describes that “Libya is an independent Democratic State.... “ but, here, “democratic” is more likely in the sense that was used during the Cold War, for instance, by partitioned Eastern Germany who called themselves the “German Democratic Republic,” which as we all know had nothing of ‘democratic’ but on the contrary, was an oppressive state-controlled regime.

Article (1) continues giving us critical information, they keep “Tripoli capital of the State. Islam is the Religion of the State and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).

It is written black on white that sharia will be the law of the land. And, sharia is absolutely incompatible with Democracy the way we understand it. Whoever says sharia and Islam will adapt to our kind of Democracy, is using his right to taqqiya.

Taqqiya is the sharia legalized license giving the right and obligation allowing any Muslim to distort reality as necessary in order to advance the cause of Islam -the invasion of Western countries in order to achieve the conquest of the West.

A few lines further, it says: “Libyans are brothers and their official relationship shall be based on law rather than tribal, proud or personal loyalty. Libyans shall be equal before the law.”

“Brothers”, as in Muslim Brotherhood?

As a corollary, we can conclude that the president Americans elected in 2008, has two top priorities on his agenda: Ruin America’s economy. And politically, promote the global Muslim agenda keeping wider open our doors to the wave of Muslim invasion that’s happening right now in front of our eyes, in America and the West.

And, as the allied forces join in the massive manhunt of the Libyan leader they once accepted among them, one can almost bet that what’s coming will be the result of leaders who have not hesitated to take mankind into darkness.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Obama Guilty of Betraying Navy Seals Team Six Secrecy Made Them Prey of Muslim Terrorism

Up until now, I have managed to control my revolt against the massacre perpetrated against our 22 men from the foremost elite military unit, whose training requires no less than three and a half years of to be a Navy SEAL in addition to another two years of training and deployments to even be considered to SEAL Team Six.

THIS is a team trained to target the planners of terror attacks. These are our men who actually are saving countless lives of potential victims. SEAL Team Six are saviors in the face of bestial terrorists whose goal is to cause innocent victims out of unsuspecting citizens in times of peace.

Let's rewind to the time when Osama Bin Laden was captured.

Who can forget that occasion when the current president of the United States of America, Mr. Obama, spoke to the nation and ended up unveiling the existence of Navy SEAL Team Six, a team that until now then only in some circles was rumored to be, but no paper trace could be found about it.

True, it was not Obama the first one to unveil their existence but someone on his staff. But, and here goes my first enunciation: No one says anything in Obama team unless he has put his seal of approval. AND, he repeated it loud and clear for us all to hear.

By doing so, the president behaved in the most dangerous way. He basically confirmed the existence of this hyper-qualified team of heroes and gave them as prey for the terrorists who would sooner or later target them.

My assumption is that after all, it must have been the most difficult thing for Islamophile Obama to order the killing of “brother” Osama. Therefore, wouldn’t the killing of 22 members of the American elite Navy SEAL Team Six be an appropriate exchange for the Muslim world’s loss of one of their contemporary heroes...?

As it is, news of these 22 incomparable, irreplaceable men, disappeared from our news stream these days. One had to really go out of our ways to find ‘some’ information.

So, now all of a sudden, secrecy was established.

Again, MSM showed signs of its mesalliance with Obama and his Administration.

Tuesday, August 9th, the remains of our heroes arrived and it was not possible for any photographer or cameras to be present.

America was robbed from honoring her heroes and from the patriotic feeling their massacre could have originated -especially during Ramadan month.

Instead, we were handed the picture of Obama saluting.... for all I know he could have been anywhere, as no cases containing the remains were shown.

Immediately after the massacre had happened, the Administration and its Department of Defense, dismissed the fact that the loss of 22 of our elite commandos would change anything.

Despite objections from several media organizations, Obama’s Pentagon had banned any news media coverage of the ceremony, the so-called “dignified transfer,” arguing that “any public depiction of the scene would violate the wishes of bereaved families.”

The Pentagon said that 19 of 30 families said they did not want media coverage. But how so? Did the families really refuse that their men killed in action, be given a hero reception throughout every second of their last path?

In one of the sentences from the AP article, states that

“The Pentagon has said it expects to identify all 38 people who died, 30 U.S. troops and eight Afghans, and will return their remains to families for burial. The Pentagon planned to release the names of all Americans who died on Thursday, after an internal debate over whether doing so might endanger families of the SEAL Team 6 troops. Other members of that same elite special operations team killed Osama bin Laden in May.”

See the wording: “... all 38 people who died, 30 U.S. troops and eight Afghans...”

That’s a key phrase because it brings down the importance of the 22 most elite American commanders in the war on terror, mixing them within the 38. They become 30 U.S. troops of 38 “people” AND eighth Afghans....

This is what it’s all about.

The further demolition of our true elites, the men who are such patriots, that they submit themselves and their families to all sacrifices, including the most ultimate one, they give their lives for our country, for us.

How can a president who is friend and defender of the enemy, feel when he sees those caskets when they are be a reminder that after all, he may be one of the causes why those men are laying in those caskets, having departed leaving full families behind.

They may have had their lives taken because of an irresponsible president -or was that purposefully done, when Obama told the world that for sure a Navy SEAL Team Six actually exists?

Furthermore, the Pentagon planned to release the names of all Americans who died on Thursday, “after an internal debate over whether doing so might endanger families of the SEAL Team 6 troops.”

So, now they are worried about ‘endangering the families of SEAL Team 6,” and this is, again, a very key element because it confirms the fact that when the president mentioned them was utter violation of secrecy uncovering our most secretly guarded weapon to protect the safety of our country.

When former SEAL Team Six member Don Mann spoke with News Channel 3 last month, he was concerned about an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary claiming to reveal secrets of SEAL Team Six. "SEAL Team Six is supposed to be a secret. It always was a secret," says Mann.

Donald Mann, who says he trained many current SEAL Team Six men, showed concern about how leaked information compromised the commandos.

Naturally, the first leak of all leaks in this case began with Obama, president of the United States, whose obligation is to protect America and Americans, including the top commandos of Navy SEAL Team Six.

And yet, he managed to make it about himself with his White House so-called “Photo of the Day” at the arrival of the cases, with no cases to be seen, only he.

Meanwhile, true to his beliefs, the president in one more disgraceful performance, has hosted last night an Iftar dinner at the White House. Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during Islamic month of Ramadan and is one of the religious observances of Ramadan, done often as a community gathering to break the fast together.

Among Obama’s guests, were two Muslims representatives in Congress, but also ambassadors of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, among others.

Insensitive to the fact that Muslim terrorists of Taliban had just killed 22 top commanders of our foremost military elite and the fact that Muslim terrorism continues to target our country, Obama went ahead at his Iftar dinner last night and honored the American Muslims that were killed in the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks.

At no point in American History has any president had such an anti-American agenda that jeopardizes the mere existence of America so much as Barack Hussein Obama.


Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador
Associates. You can find Eliani at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website, on Twitter, at her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.


“I never worry about action, but only inaction.” Sir Winston Churchill

It is seldom that one sees in History a tragedy repeated the same day... centuries later.

And yet, this is what happened with the Ninth of Av in Jewish History. The month of Av is the fifth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar and it usually happens in the month of August. Tisha B’Av is considered to be the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and is commemorated in Israel and abroad.

On that day, the First Temple which was built by King Solomon and had been the most important place in ancient Judaism until then, was destroyed by the Babylonians who sacked Jerusalem in 586 BCE. The Second Temple, which was built on the site of the First Temple and had been completed in 516 BCE, unfortunately during the Roman siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE, was also destroyed. Thus, in an interval of 656 years, both Temples were destroyed on the same day, the Ninth of Av.

Sadly, those two tragedies were so meaningful that ancient rabbis chose that date, the Ninth of Av, to be a day of mourning for the Jewish people. That’s the origin of Tisha B’Av (the Hebrew word ‘tisha’ means ‘nine’.)

The Ninth of Av has also been the day when the Jews were expelled from England in 1290. And on that same day, in 1942, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella expelled the Jews from Spain.

In contemporary History, the Ninth of Av in 1940 (5700 in the Jewish calendar) Himmler presented his plan for the “Final Solution” to the Jewish ‘problem’ to the Nazi Party in Germany. Two years later, 1942/5702, the Nazis began deporting Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto.

It is noteworthy that, while Tisha B’Av begins in the Hebrew month of Av, the spirit of remembrance actually begins three weeks earlier, on the 17th of the month of Tammuz, because on that date in 70 CE, the Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem and spent the next three weeks pillaging the city until the Second Temple was burned on the Ninth of Av. For that reason, on the 17th of Tammuz, Jews fast.

During the three weeks prior to Tisha B’Av the Jewish people observe a period of mourning. The last nine days of that period are especially restrictive, as Jews are supposed to feel mournful. For instance, no weddings are permitted and Jews are not supposed to perform a series of prohibited activities such as cut their hair or shave, just as Jewish mourners used to do back in the ancient times and even nowadays also do when a person sits “shiva” during the seven-day period that follows the passing of a direct relative -and many other restrictions whose goal is to help people feel they are truly mourning. Thus, those “nine days” many Jews refrain from drinking wine, eating meat or participating in entertaining activities, such as going to movies, dancing or going to fancy dinners, etc.

This year, for Tisha B’Av, two important New York Jewish institutions are uniting forces to deliver a moving program to commemorate the ‘saddest day of the Jewish people:’ the Simon Wiesenthal Center arm in New York, the Museum of Tolerance, and the distinguished Young Leadership of Fifth Avenue Synagogue.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center was founded in November 1977 in Los Angeles, by Rabbi Marvin Hier, in honor of Simon Wiesenthal, as an international center for Holocaust remembrance, the defense of human rights -including fight against bigotry and antisemitism- and for the Jewish people. In 2002 the Simon Wiesenthal Center opened its New York educational arm, the Museum of Tolerance New York, whose mission is to provide interactive workshops, exhibits, and videos, so that individuals can explore issues of prejudice, diversity, tolerance, and cooperation in the workplace and in the community, “in the heart of Manhattan, [it] is a professional development multi-media training facility targeting educators, law enforcement officials, and state/local government practitioners.”

Under Rabbi Marvin Hier, “the Simon Wiesenthal Center has served as consultant to Steven Spielberg’s epic Schindler’s List and ABC Television’s miniseries adaptation of Herman Wouk’s novel, War and Remembrance, among others. Rabbi Hier is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.”

Thus, Rabbi Marvin Hier has become the quintessential element in safeguarding for eternity the work and mission of relentless Nazi-hunter and human rights advocate, Simon Wiesenthal whose memory is perpetrated as a symbol of endurance and resilience. While he became most famous for his greatest and meaningful 1959 capture of Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wiesenthal was also aware that the work yet to be done was enormous, as Germany’s “war criminal files contained more than 90,000 names, most of them of people who have never been tried...”

Once, Wiesenthal was asked why did he choose to be a Nazi-hunter. He answered: “You believe in G-d and life after death. I also believe. When we come to the other world and meet the millions of Jews who died in the camps and they ask us, “What have you done?,” there will be many answers. You will say, ‘I became a jeweler.’ Another will say, ‘I have smuggled coffee and American cigarettes,’ Another will say, ‘I built houses.’ But I will say, ‘I did not forget you’.”

Partner in this endeavor is New York’s foremost synagogue, Fifth Avenue Synagogue, whose spiritual leader, Rabbi Yacov Kermaier proudly acknowledges that “Fifth Avenue Synagogue has a long and distinguished history as one of the premier institutions of Torah and Tefilla (prayer) in America.” Rabbi Kermaier together with the synagogue’s Young Leadership Chair, Jacob Gold, have been instrumental in organizing this Film-event which will take place at the Barbara K. and Ira A. Lipmam Screening Room of the Museum of Tolerance, on the occasion of this year’s Tisha B’Av next Tuesday night.

There will be two film sessions with a rich and varied program that will include some historical gems, such as: Academy Award TM-winning documentary, that the Wiesenthal Center produced in 1981, “Genocide”, narrated by Elizabeth Taylor and the late Orson Welles, and which was introduced by Simon Wiesenthal. “Against the Tide,” narrated by Dustin Hoffman, “I have never forgotten you,” narrated by Nicole Kidman, among others.

So, yes, Tisha B’Av may be the saddest day every year in the life of the Jewish people, but that day also brings a message for the quest of justice, of hope and of light, and above everything an innermost will to stand up to evil and defend those who are weak and who need a compassionate and strong human being to stand by them and say ‘no’ to injustice.


Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador
Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website, on Twitter, at her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A PROPHETIC WARNING - Ze'ev Jabotinsky - Warsaw, Tisha B'Av 1938

" is already three years that I am calling upon you, Polish Jewry, who are the crown of world Jewry.

I continue to warn you incessantly that a catastrophe is coming closer.

I became grey and old in these years.

My heart bleeds, that you, dear brothers and sisters, do not see the volcano which will soon begin to spit its all-consuming lava.

I see that you are not seeing this because you are immersed and sunk in your daily worries.

Today, however, I demand from you trust. You were convinced already that my prognoses have already proven to be right. If you think differently, then drive me out of your midst! However, if you do believe me, then listen to me in this 12th hour:

In the name of God! Let anyone of you save himself as long as there is still time. And time there is very little...and what else I would like to say to you in this day of Tisha B'Av:

whoever of you will escape from the catastrophe, he or she will live to see the exalted moment of a great Jewish wedding: the rebirth and the rise of a Jewish state. I don't know if I will be privileged to see it; my son will! I believe in this as I am sure that tomorrow morning the sun will rise."

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Unknown author.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, not feeling well and concerned about his mortality, goes to consult a Psychic about the date of his death.

Closing her eyes and silently reaching into the realm of the future she finds the answer:

"You will die on a Jewish holiday."

"Which one?'" Ahmadinejad asks nervously.

"It doesn't matter," replied the psychic.

"Whenever you die, it will be a Jewish holiday!!


Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

As the whole world is aware of, thousands of young Jewish idealistic men and women from all over the world rush to help defend, protect Israel.

As a young soldier said to his Mother: "I must be there with them, Mom."

And, now we learn that Israel with you at the helm, has freed a top terrorist.

This is outrageous. Are you out of your mind????

Mr. Prime Minister, you do not deserve to be a prime minister of Israel.

It's easy to forget the fates of some Israeli prime ministers who, with ill will, wanted to deviate the course signaled by G-d Himself.

So, let me remind you of two of them:

The facilitator of the Oslo accords, your predecessor Yitzak Rabbin, who was assassinated.

And the one who everyone should be ashamed of: Ariel Sharon, who is in a coma for over 5 years.

Mr. Prime Minister, you should go you-know-where and find our leading Kabbalists and ask them to explain to you what does it mean to be in a coma...? I am sure they will find better words to tell you that there is no worse punishment than being in a coma, where your soul -in my words- rots not even in hell and most certainly NOT in heaven... Ask them!

Beware, Mr. Prime Minister, those young Jewish men and women are doing a Divine job, you endanger them at your own risk.

You may not believe in G-d, but let me remind you that the Land of Israel belongs to G-d Himself and no human has any ownership over it to decide what happens on, in or with Israel.

But, right, you are a secular Jew. An arrogant human who does not want to accept the Divine presence in everything we do. Again, do that at your own risk!

But, because you, like many leaders worldwide, are arrogant, let me speak in terms you will comprehend: You were actually elected by the people. You are nothing without the people. You are their employee. By the -bad- choice they did, they elected you. So, in a nutshell: Remember you did not choose to be a prime minister. THEY put you there. That's all.

Remember the Land of Israel before the Jews finally were home, where they belong?

Israel was purely a devastated and devastating desert.

When the Jews arrived it became a beautiful garden.

And that was G-d's Will.

The fear of G-d may fall upon you if you endanger our young soldiers. That's all I can say.

May G-d bless and protect the young Jewish soldiers who have rushed from all over the world to defend Israel, the land of their dreams and ideals.

May G-d give them the right political leaders who will defend the Land of Israel and them -as much as their pure souls are ready to defend her with their young lives.


B'ahavat Yisrael,

Eliana Benador
Goodwill Ambassador
IDF Military Mother
Global Strategist
Freedom Activist
"America-Israel Forever"


Just like in 'enlightened Western countries,' says a Knesset MK, Israel needs to alleviate prison overcrowding by releasing inmates.

by David Lev

Israel's prisons are too crowded – so, in order to ensure compliance with newly-instituted rules on the amount of space prisoners are entitled to, the Prisons Service on Thursday released some 800 prisoners, who had been convicted of various crimes, from misdemeanors to felonies.

Among the 800 who were released were 200 security prisoners, mostly Arabs who had been arrested, tried, and found guilty of terrorist activity – and among that group released Thursday was Sheik Hassan Yousef, a Hamas founder and one of its top operatives in Judea and Samaria, who helped plan many of the terrorist group's attacks in the region. Yousef is the father of Mosab Hassan Yousef, who was revealed in 2010 to be a Shin Bet operative working undercover in Gaza. He is credited with helping to prevent dozens of terror attacks, thanks to the information he supplied Israelis security with.

The elder Yousef was serving a six year sentence for conspiracy in several bombing attacks. He had been set to be released in about two months.

According to a new regulation enacted several days ago by the Prisons Service after much pressure from the Knesset Interior and Environment Committee, the maximum number of prisoners in Israeli penal institutions cannot exceed 17,700. According to the regulation, each prisoner must be given at least 3 square meters of living area, and dividing that area with the amount of space in all of the country's prisons yields a figure of 17,700. After Thursday's release, the prisoner population is now “in balance;” however, when new prisoners are added, veteran prisoners will have to be released to make room for them. Prisons Service officials, by contrast, said there was enough room for all prisoners.

It should be noted that the space limitation applies only to prisoners serving proper sentences in regular prisons; it does not apply to people being held in detention centers after they were first arrested (usually for 24 or 48 hours) or to prisoners whose remand has been extended and are awaiting trial. It also does not extend to illegal aliens, who are held in separate facilities. A prisoner census update will be taken once every few weeks, and when the prisoner population exceeds 17,700, a group of prisoners – hopefully close to the end of their sentences – will be released.

However, Israel's prisons may have to “shed” many more inmates soon; MK Amnon Cohen (Shas), who heads the Interior and Environment Committee, is preparing to propose a law that will more than double the amount of space that must be provided to prisoners – from 3.1 square meters to 6.5 square meters. “Lack of a code on prison overcrowding, and failure to improve the conditions under which prisoners are held, is unacceptable in a country that purports to defend the rights and dignity of the individual.” Under his new law, Cohen said, the Prisons Service “will have to free prisoners if it cannot provide them with the minimal conditions of support, as is the practice in enlightened Western countries.”

Original piece

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's always easy to blame anyone else in front of us. And, it is especially easy of course to blame those who disagree with us.

What's more difficult is to realize that it always takes "two" in any kind of human relationship, from the personal "couple" relationship to the larger one which is the "society" one.

So, now people are accusing not only the president they elected but also the GOP speaker, senator McConell, and so on.

Yet, all these people have gotten where they are, because of a large amount of Americans who voted them in.

Those people, the president and the others, could have been stopped a long time ago, had Americans looked at this reality and taken their courage in hands and done what they needed to do: Show them that the American people were not indifferent but that they were taking this deteriorating situation with no pleasure at all -and that they were not going just to be onlookers for a long time more, so that the powers that be could have known the actual degree of American dissatisfaction.

How come did I see yesterday evening on my way home, so many people partying as if nothing had happened?

2.4 trillion is a lot of money that Americans are now due to pay -and probably along the road, in a few months, the Obama Administration will have to review that reality again.

It's time for Americans to unite and that although it make take work, effort, time and energy, they are the only ones who can get their country back and place it in the road to sanity.