Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's always easy to blame anyone else in front of us. And, it is especially easy of course to blame those who disagree with us.

What's more difficult is to realize that it always takes "two" in any kind of human relationship, from the personal "couple" relationship to the larger one which is the "society" one.

So, now people are accusing not only the president they elected but also the GOP speaker, senator McConell, and so on.

Yet, all these people have gotten where they are, because of a large amount of Americans who voted them in.

Those people, the president and the others, could have been stopped a long time ago, had Americans looked at this reality and taken their courage in hands and done what they needed to do: Show them that the American people were not indifferent but that they were taking this deteriorating situation with no pleasure at all -and that they were not going just to be onlookers for a long time more, so that the powers that be could have known the actual degree of American dissatisfaction.

How come did I see yesterday evening on my way home, so many people partying as if nothing had happened?

2.4 trillion is a lot of money that Americans are now due to pay -and probably along the road, in a few months, the Obama Administration will have to review that reality again.

It's time for Americans to unite and that although it make take work, effort, time and energy, they are the only ones who can get their country back and place it in the road to sanity.


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