Thursday, August 4, 2011


Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

As the whole world is aware of, thousands of young Jewish idealistic men and women from all over the world rush to help defend, protect Israel.

As a young soldier said to his Mother: "I must be there with them, Mom."

And, now we learn that Israel with you at the helm, has freed a top terrorist.

This is outrageous. Are you out of your mind????

Mr. Prime Minister, you do not deserve to be a prime minister of Israel.

It's easy to forget the fates of some Israeli prime ministers who, with ill will, wanted to deviate the course signaled by G-d Himself.

So, let me remind you of two of them:

The facilitator of the Oslo accords, your predecessor Yitzak Rabbin, who was assassinated.

And the one who everyone should be ashamed of: Ariel Sharon, who is in a coma for over 5 years.

Mr. Prime Minister, you should go you-know-where and find our leading Kabbalists and ask them to explain to you what does it mean to be in a coma...? I am sure they will find better words to tell you that there is no worse punishment than being in a coma, where your soul -in my words- rots not even in hell and most certainly NOT in heaven... Ask them!

Beware, Mr. Prime Minister, those young Jewish men and women are doing a Divine job, you endanger them at your own risk.

You may not believe in G-d, but let me remind you that the Land of Israel belongs to G-d Himself and no human has any ownership over it to decide what happens on, in or with Israel.

But, right, you are a secular Jew. An arrogant human who does not want to accept the Divine presence in everything we do. Again, do that at your own risk!

But, because you, like many leaders worldwide, are arrogant, let me speak in terms you will comprehend: You were actually elected by the people. You are nothing without the people. You are their employee. By the -bad- choice they did, they elected you. So, in a nutshell: Remember you did not choose to be a prime minister. THEY put you there. That's all.

Remember the Land of Israel before the Jews finally were home, where they belong?

Israel was purely a devastated and devastating desert.

When the Jews arrived it became a beautiful garden.

And that was G-d's Will.

The fear of G-d may fall upon you if you endanger our young soldiers. That's all I can say.

May G-d bless and protect the young Jewish soldiers who have rushed from all over the world to defend Israel, the land of their dreams and ideals.

May G-d give them the right political leaders who will defend the Land of Israel and them -as much as their pure souls are ready to defend her with their young lives.


B'ahavat Yisrael,

Eliana Benador
Goodwill Ambassador
IDF Military Mother
Global Strategist
Freedom Activist
"America-Israel Forever"


Just like in 'enlightened Western countries,' says a Knesset MK, Israel needs to alleviate prison overcrowding by releasing inmates.

by David Lev

Israel's prisons are too crowded – so, in order to ensure compliance with newly-instituted rules on the amount of space prisoners are entitled to, the Prisons Service on Thursday released some 800 prisoners, who had been convicted of various crimes, from misdemeanors to felonies.

Among the 800 who were released were 200 security prisoners, mostly Arabs who had been arrested, tried, and found guilty of terrorist activity – and among that group released Thursday was Sheik Hassan Yousef, a Hamas founder and one of its top operatives in Judea and Samaria, who helped plan many of the terrorist group's attacks in the region. Yousef is the father of Mosab Hassan Yousef, who was revealed in 2010 to be a Shin Bet operative working undercover in Gaza. He is credited with helping to prevent dozens of terror attacks, thanks to the information he supplied Israelis security with.

The elder Yousef was serving a six year sentence for conspiracy in several bombing attacks. He had been set to be released in about two months.

According to a new regulation enacted several days ago by the Prisons Service after much pressure from the Knesset Interior and Environment Committee, the maximum number of prisoners in Israeli penal institutions cannot exceed 17,700. According to the regulation, each prisoner must be given at least 3 square meters of living area, and dividing that area with the amount of space in all of the country's prisons yields a figure of 17,700. After Thursday's release, the prisoner population is now “in balance;” however, when new prisoners are added, veteran prisoners will have to be released to make room for them. Prisons Service officials, by contrast, said there was enough room for all prisoners.

It should be noted that the space limitation applies only to prisoners serving proper sentences in regular prisons; it does not apply to people being held in detention centers after they were first arrested (usually for 24 or 48 hours) or to prisoners whose remand has been extended and are awaiting trial. It also does not extend to illegal aliens, who are held in separate facilities. A prisoner census update will be taken once every few weeks, and when the prisoner population exceeds 17,700, a group of prisoners – hopefully close to the end of their sentences – will be released.

However, Israel's prisons may have to “shed” many more inmates soon; MK Amnon Cohen (Shas), who heads the Interior and Environment Committee, is preparing to propose a law that will more than double the amount of space that must be provided to prisoners – from 3.1 square meters to 6.5 square meters. “Lack of a code on prison overcrowding, and failure to improve the conditions under which prisoners are held, is unacceptable in a country that purports to defend the rights and dignity of the individual.” Under his new law, Cohen said, the Prisons Service “will have to free prisoners if it cannot provide them with the minimal conditions of support, as is the practice in enlightened Western countries.”

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