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BENADOR: Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One

The sun is setting on this Februray 29th, 2012, and so begins the Yahrzeit of the five members of the Fogel family in Itamar, Judea and Samaria, in Israel, and who were massacred last year at the hands of members of a sub-human species.

It was Shabbat night, as the Fogels went to bed, they were seven of them -the only one missing was their oldest daughter, Tamar, 12-years old, who as most Jewish children her age, was spending some time with nearby friends until midnight when she headed back home.

Little did Tamar know that her life had just, brutally, changed forever.

Monsters had entered her home, found her family asleep... And the night of horror began, they proceeded with the butchery. So, when Tamar went inside with a neighbor, she saw her mother, father, three siblings (aged eleven, three and three-months-old) with their throats cut.

The sub-human monsters had beheaded baby Hadassah, aged ony 3-months old.

And yet... and yet, what was the response of the Netanyahu government?

Nothing, other than order the construction of 400 housing units... as if that was enough punishment for the horror committed against the Jewish Fogel family. A few days later, I happened to meet one of the most important rabbis in New York, this man of G-d explained to me that “Bibi has to be careful with the political needs and situations...” To which, I plainly asked how could a ‘man of G-d,’ who reads Torah on a daily basis, say that Netanyahu “has” to follow the political demands of his job...?” Whoever is a Torah erudite, in my book, at any rate has to believe in G-d above and foremost.

Secular, godless Jews are at the head of the Israeli government. The so-called religious leaders of the Jewish people, are Torah erudite, but they fail to inspire their brethren in the faith of G-d, the Jealous G-d of the Jewish nation.

However, the Fogels have not been the only victims of Muslim Palestinian terrorism, there have been many others, as Giulio Menotti mentions in his recent article, “The Silence of the West:” “Who knows the name of Shalhevet Pass, the Hatuels and the Shabos? Or Danielle Shefi from Adora, who was shot by terrorists while she was playing in her parents’ bedroom? Who remembers the name Shaked Avraham, a seven-month-old girl from Negohot, who was killed by a terrorist who infiltrated the community while residents were celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year? Shaked had just started walking at the time of her murder.”

While many commentators complain about the silent indifference of the world at large, it is time to make an assessment of the situation in Israel proper since the Fogel massacre and analyze what the implications have been within the Israeli society, the government attitude, as well as the policies and measures instituted by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

At the Origin of the Problem: The Erev Rav

When God created our world and mankind, goodness was given to us, and so was the not-goodness part of this world. Human beings will justly ask why would God give us both good and evil? A legitimate question indeed, especially given that in the world of Judaism, our innermost leitmotiv is the fact and conviction that we believe in Only One God, the Only One, the Holy One.

In Judaism, we understand that the raison-d’etre of our mere existence is to abide by the laws of God given in the Torah. And, just as the planets, the stars and galaxies have a defined path, so do we and everything else in this world. And, having granted us the faculty of intelligence, we have the impression that we have “free will,” when in fact, our situation is the most disadvantageous, because we are supposed to choose right -or else... And, if you doubt it, kindly refer to your History books and you will see what happened to the Roman Empire, the Greeks and so many more.

The Erev Rav, or the mixed multitude, are those who turn their back on the teachings of the Torah, those who believe they have a total command of the situation, and what’s worse, that the world and what it contains is only waiting for those people to make some changes, like climatic adjustments or more, without realizing that absolutely everything is in G-d’s Hands.

The Erev Rav and the IDF

“The entire 974 generations (Hagiga 14.) which are `Erev Rav which are the souls from the world of chaos, G-d transplants them every generation, and they are the bold-faced of the generation. Our Sages said that in the period of "messiah's footsteps" impudence will become great... and the `erev rav will return to be the shepherds of Israel"

Such are the Jewish political and military leaders who, regardless of the fact that they may belong to the right wing conservative Likud or be among the highest ranking of generals in the IDF, they end up giving orders to demolish the homes of Jews, and they are the same ones that facilitate the brainwashing of young soldiers, especially the lone soldiers who are the actual warriors who abandon family and fortune in many cases, together with friends and comfort, to travel the whole world with the personal altruistic ideal of defending the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, which was given to the Jews by God Himself.

Some even question if the Government of Israel has the legal and moral right to order the IDF to destroy lawfully-created Israeli communities and exile Jews, just as they did in Gush Katif, and continue nowadays -and for which they employed brainwashing methods -so that they could get Jewish committed soldiers to do the damn job they were put in charge to do.

The Koran against Judaism

Non-Muslims are considered second-class citizens, therefore it is not surprising that deep anti-Jewish sentiments abound in the Koran, the Hadith or the Muslim traditions, and in the life of the Prophet, who had the men of the Jewish tribe of Banu Quraysa -between six and nine hundred individuals beheaded publicly.

A report by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies released in 2009 concluded that “the state of human rights in the Arab countries” had worsened compared to 2008.

After watching the Arab Spring unravel, why would anyone think that there is hope of positive change in the Muslim world?

Then, there is the perennial issue of Taqqiya within the Muslim world. Taqqiya is the doctrine of pious fraud or religious distortion of the truth or dissimulation, in order to advance the Muslim agenda of world domination.·

Thus, there is no possible reason here for the Israeli leadership to behave as ignorant neighbors in a region where all want their destruction and the annihilation of the tiny G-d Given Land of Israel.

Chillul Hashem

This is the Desecration of the Name (Hebrew: חילול השם‎ khillul ha-shem,) which means the desecration of the names of God in Judaism, and it is a term used in Judaism particularly for any act or behavior that casts shame or brings disrepute to belief in God, any aspect of the Torah's teachings, Jewish law, or the Jewish community.

Chillul Hashem in Israel is to raise Jewish children without the teachings of the Torah, it is also to elect inadequate candidates who abhor religion. It is also to allow all kind of godless behavior to prosper in the Land God gave to us as Jews.


In the name of righteousness, it is imperative that Israel get a God-abiding leadership that recognizes the enemy who wishes the destruction of the tiny country. It is imperative that the Government of Israel stops brainwashing and indoctrinating the young idealistic soldiers and uses them as their weapons against their own people -while taking all precautions to avoid shooting a terrorist and by doing so, endangering the lives of the young soldiers and of the Jewish population.

Soldiers don’t go to battle to talk or to protect the enemy. Soldiers’ jobs are to wage war and stop the enemy from attacking.

It’s imperative that the Israeli leadership stop cornering the IDF soldiers, forcing them into involuntary suicide.

Any soldier in the world joins the military to fight the enemy, and do whatever needs to be done to neutralize them.

The Real Enemy of the Jews and the Land of Israel

Jews in the Land of Israel and worldwide are under siege in a conspicuous, insolent, shameful way. What’s morally wrong is now morally right. The world is now standing upside down and walking in reverse mode.

Antisemitism is on the rise...

And yet, we Jews were brought to this world in order to aim for Tikkun Olam, be the light to the world which is willingly entering the longest darkness of their lifetimes. And, while the world’s indifference and animosity towards the Jews conspicuously grows by the day, the essence of our existence imposes on us a more strict moral standard of living in which God is our Light and our Rock.

We, God abiding Jews, have the responsibility to keep God’s Will, following His Commandments, and instructions to help make this a better world.

In Memoriam of the Fogels and All the Fallen

As we commemorate the first Yahrzeit of the brutal murder at the hands of sub-humans, it behooves us to pledge to keep the torch alive so that not one of us enters the darkness of darkness. And that, in the name and memory of all our fallen we promise, ourselves and those who believe and depend on us, that we will stand up to adversity and will transform it into God’s Victory, as we continue in our path of Tikkun Olam...

No matter how hard the tests that should come our way, it is we who must have emunah, faith in Him, for He holds us in His Mighty Fists...

The day we will never doubt that, there will never be enemy too big to destroy us, because, as G-d says in Psalm 50: "If I were hungry, I would not tell you; for the world is mine, and all that fills it."

So, let's have endless, infinite trust, faith in G-d, He is Our Shield, Our Rock, and no enemy will have the slightest opportunity to harm us and our people worldwide...

May God Bless the Land of Israel and His Children, the Jewish people, and our devoted and loyal friends worldwide.

We, Jews, are the light of this world, by God’s Will.·

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BENADOR: For Koran, Hussein Obama Silent as Taliban Murder American Troops

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?" Hillel, Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14

The liberal progressive government of Obama, at a moment when the country needed leadership at a world level, is once again failing America. The "Commander-in-Chief," has chosen to profusely apologize -just as have other members of his administration such as Peter Lavoy, the DoD acting assistant secretary of defense for Asia and Pacific security affairs, who also apologized to Muslims in Afghanistan. Lavoy has also said the military is investigating and that all troops are being retrained in the handling of religious materials.

At the same time, Americans seem oblivious of the situation, more preoccupied by the 2012 elections, assuming that “elections” will solve their Muslim terrorism problem with an imaginary magic wand that would miraculously make American-life-threatening problems disappear.

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan, our troops are being ambushed by both, the liberal progressive policies of Hussein Obama and the blood-thirsty Taliban that’s attacking our men as they are rallied back to their bases.

Courageous Restraint

What is the raison-d’etre of any country’s army?

It is to be as strong as it possibly can be, train their men as harshly as it possibly can be done, it is to give them the most sophisticated and efficient weapons and arms that they can possibly receive.

Such an army should also be given the utmost psychological support by their governments via their policy-makers and military strategic leaders.

However, things really turned for the worst for our men, in July 2011, when U.S. military chiefs [most certainly following orders received from the office of their Commander-in-Chief] ordered troops to exercise 'courageous restraint' and even warned them they could be charged with murder if they shot any Taliban without permission from above.

The orders went so far as to actually endanger the lives of our soldiers when they were ordered not to open fire on Taliban fighters planting mines so they do not disturb local people in their sleep...

In a war for survival of our civilization, something is definitely wrong when you hear a spokesman of our Defense apparatus say that: ‘The whole point of a counter insurgency operation is to protect the civilian population.’

These people dare say that our soldiers had to go through a series of training stages before opening fire and were sometimes asked to exercise ‘courageous restraint’ even when shots had already been fired...

‘It is all about winning hearts and minds and using the least force possible,’ the spokesman said.

Well then, if it is so, how about winning hearts and minds of those who have massacred our innocent civilians, by sending flowers and spreading petals, sweets and chocolates over the areas where Muslim terrorists undergo very strenuous training.

Soldiers are not in the job to talk. They are on a war mission to defend their country and to fight and kill the enemy before they can organize further and do more harm.

It is the corrupted mind of liberals worldwide that has come up with this version of military strategy that in the end has the same suicidal approach used by the terrorists -with the only difference that at least the suicidal terrorists attack their enemy, while our own officials perform psychological terrorism by undermining the minds and hearts of our own men, who join the army with good will and heart to defend their people -but end up defending more the enemy after all...

As one counter-terrorism commander once confided in me... “We are keeping them away from our borders...” If only... but, sadly, in the meantime, our borders have been made wide open to the Muslim invasion of America...

Some may argue that the military is being paid for their job. Sure they are, but truth be told, they could as well have chosen to do an office job somewhere else.

Sergeant Peter Rayner’s widow, Wendy, said her husband and his men, using night-vision goggles, had watched the enemy plant improvised explosive devices and were not allowed to attack them. He was allegedly told by one officer: ‘I am an Army Captain and you will do your job.’

Something is definitely rotten, when troops are refrained from behaving as real soldiers and instead receive orders to stand and watch when they spot a Taliban fighter -as the sound of shooting could 'wake up and upset the locals'. Really insane!

Attacks on American Troops

MSM is using all in their might to mitigate the impact of the news regarding the outrageous attacks on our troops. They are employing rarely used vocabulary, for instance, to say that angry Muslim mobs over Koran burnings by American troops “lobbed” grenades at a US base...

A day ago, a gunman managed to cowardly massacre two American military advisers shooting them to the back of their heads in what was supposedly a very heavily guarded ministry compound. The U.S. officers were found dead inside a locked office that can be accessed only by people aware of the combination to the lock. NATO ended up pulling out their advisers from Afghan ministries.

As of this writing, a few hours ago, a suicide attack took the lives of nine people, at the gate of a military and civilian airport in Jalalabad, Nangarhar province east of Kabul, Afghanistan.

It seems that Mrs. Clinton has demanded that Afghan outrage and violence stop. However, America’s national security is threatened as a result of the soft and suicidal approach to deal with our enemies, and make Clinton’s message more of a password to continue the attacks on American military, bearing the invisible implicit seal of the temporary tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

American Casualties in Afghanistan

As a result of Obama’s military surge in Afghanistan in 2009, American casualty rates have significantly worsened.

610 of the 1,546 U.S. troop fatalities have occurred since 2009, and
6,260 of the 11,110 total wounded during the same time frame.

The following data, courtesy of the Department of Defense, shows the amount of U.S. troop casualties from Oct. 7, 2011 through May 2, 2011.

There were 6,000 U.S. troops killed while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

6,002 American soldiers have died.
43,270 American soldiers have been officially wounded.

An additional 55,007 have required medical evacuation out of the combat zones Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn.
And, while President Hussein Obama was establishing one of his charities, by kick off the Wounded Warrior bicycle tour, a conservative total of 104,279 American troops were being considered casualties of both long wars -but that does not included the walking wounded, those suffering from traumatic brain injury, attempted or successful suicides, or civilian contractors.

Why have over 76% of all casualties in Afghanistan have occurred during Hussein Obama administration's tenure?

As a reminder, those numbers include 933 of the 1,560 fatalities plus 8,561 of the 11,191 wounded.

The reason, simply, is courageous restraint, or how to make our men obey orders to commit involuntary suicide.

Courageous restraint is an outright attack against our National Security and it should be treated by our decadent corrupt politicians as the number one priority on their agenda, in order to defend and protect those who defend us.

Once in the military, our men “must” obey orders or else. They may be armed to their teeth, but are also the defenseless prey to our corrupt politicians’ ambitions.

Thus, it is up to the American people to stand up and show the spine needed to defend a list that keeps growing: the American Constitution, the American Military, American Values...

Case in Point: The Burning of the Koran

It appears that after all, Muslims inmates within the military compound were found sending incendiary messages in or with the Korans that were burned... Many are rushing to expand basically on Obama’s explanation, that it was a “mistake”. Maybe so. But, at this point, Americans in general should be fed up with the volatility of the situation.

Sending our troops to fight an enemy within a totally different culture, where after all, their most ‘holy’ book demands the our annihilation and the annihilation of those who are not following Islam, should in the end give expected unwanted results.

As it is, our men in the field now have to rally back to their bases, which places them in a guarded place yet not secure place, given that terrorists now have no boundaries and seem to get help from insiders.

When all is said and done, Americans seem to forget that, after all, it was the Obama Administration and its DoD that forced our men to burn Bibles back in 2009, not to “offend” Afghans Muslim sensitivity. And, back then, to the best of my knowledge, Americans never rioted, never even protested. It went smoothly by and sadly so...

It’s time for We The People to do what needs to be done and speak up for those who cannot speak up in the fight for our values. It’s time to do it, before waking up in the middle of an upcoming inescapable nightmare that will be your new reality.

American military comes from the core of our people. But they are on check mate because the American people are abandoning them, simply forgetting that when push comes to shove, American Military and American People are one.

In God We Trust.

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BENADOR: America Needs No President Apologizing to Muslims

A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality” Sir Winston Churchill

Elections 2012 are in the works. And soporific America is simply continuing their lethargic inaction as if they were not aware the time machine can no longer wait for them to jump in the bandwagon that’s leaving to save their country. By their inaction, their future and the future of many generations to come, and for which they are the primary responsible, is going to be in shambles while they look idly on.

Recently, the amount of attacks and betrayal against our country has continued at a steadily increasing rate.

In the aftermath of the Koran burning by our troops in Afghanistan, the current president of the United States, did not find anything better to do than write a letter apologizing for the “incident”.

To be clear, let’s lay down the sequence of events...

We were attacked on several occasions prior to the massacre of 9/11 perpetrated by Muslim terrorists, branding the malignant shriek of “Allah Hu Aqbar!”

As a result, we sent troops into the Muslim world with the purpose of fighting Muslim terrorists.... Now, that per se, has been an absurd: Send our legitimate troops, men trained to wage symmetrical war with matching methods, to deal and try to fight an asymmetrical war against Muslim terrorists, bred, trained, nurtured and hidden within their communities in the lands where terror has generated for many decades.

Under normal circumstances, after such an attack, which was equal to the bombing by an enemy, the normal procedure would have been to retaliate massively. In retrospect, President Bush should have also put pressure and demanded that the same Muslim countries of origin of the terrorists, should have implemented policies and the know-how necessary to eradicate their homegrown terrorism and stop exporting it to the world.

Instead of that, Bush sent our troops. During ten years, our courageous men have been fighting wars abroad, trying to catch those Muslim terrorists, even though at odds and unable to connect with the environment, because Arabic is a difficult language...

And, as anyone who knows the Arab Muslim mentality and traditions would testify, that it is a very close-knitted, family oriented society, who cares about their own, even if they look at one of their children knowing that one day soon that child might explode himself or herself in order to make the maximum casualties among innocent enemy civilians.

Now, why has all of this happened?


Totalitarianism is a political system or kind of rule where the state does not recognize any limits to its authority and strive to regulate every possible aspect of public and private life of its citizens.

Islam, the mother of all Muslims, is a totalitarian regime that imposes jihad, the holy war, whose ultimate goal is to conquer the world in order to submit it to the one true faith, the law of Allah as it is written in their Koran, where unequivocal mention is made of actual battlefields and in no case of metaphorical or moral crusades. And all those bloodthirsty demands, are nonetheless, written in their so-called holy book.

Dar al-Islam vs Dar al-Harb

In a nutshell, it is particularly interesting to begin to understand the territorial distribution of what is and what is not the Muslim world and its implications.

Dar al-Islam is the Muslim world, formed by communities (umma) and countries where the edicts of Islam are unhesitatingly, promulgated.

Dar al-Harb is the Land of Warfare, where the Harbi or non-Muslims, such as you and I, live. It is important here to explain that any country belonging to the infidels is destined to pass, sooner or later, into Islamic jurisdiction, either by conversion or by war (Harb). Once the Dar al-Harb has been conquered, the Harbi become prisoners of war and the Imam can do whatever he wants to them, as need be.

The Koran, though in name is a holy book, it does not hesitate to call for brutal violence against Non-Muslims and other religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, as day-in day-out, Muslims are indoctrinated in the uncontested knowledge that Allah knows best who their enemies are and only count on Allah, who also become their best helper.

Therefore, Jihad is aimed at world domination under the rule of Islam and its Koran, to impose sharia -their rule of law based on cruelty, sadism and unusual punishments as they are mentioned, and in detail described in the Koran.

From Bush to Obama

Simply put, elections in America are pure farce. Americans may feel good about holding elections as it will liberate their consciences, but in reality all are accomplices of wrongdoing to the country we are supposed to love.

President after president, maybe with the sole exception of President Reagan, have been slowly but surely serving our country on a silver platter for the Muslim invasion of America.

Bush became our president and was doubly loaded as an oil business partner of the Saudi royal family and made sure that the creation of masjid after masjid at every state would remained unnoticed. Masjid means mosque.

Obama had his own agenda as well, to establish Socialism combined with Islam, both being as totalitarian one as the other.

Obama apologizes for America

America’s Exceptionalism has been brought down by different factors, but one essential has been the fact that the current president wanted the job for his very particular agenda, as his wife said around the time of his swearing-in, “Barack will change America...” And he did not lose a minute and continues to apply his mastermind plan to destroy our country brick-by-brick. Time and again, this is a man who routinely only obeys those laws he personally deems fit, has violated the Constitution. His recess appointments, when there was no recess, have also been unconstitutional, but there is infinitely more.

What’s most serious is how this president has undermined our strong political and economic outlook, how he has been detrimental in the image projected by America abroad, one which painstakingly presidents and politicians since our Independence, have protected and nurtured.

Now, America’s military heroes have sent a signal to the American people when they burned the copies of the Koran, telling us that they need help -because without us, they cannot do anything whatsoever.

And, the current president, finds nothing better than send a letter to the Afghan president, “apologizing” for the incident.

One thing is that the president has his own agenda, but what about the people of America?

We are seeing that our leaders have been failing us all along. Why would they open the doors of our country and countries in the West, when they know that we are part of the Dar el-Harbi, the Land of War, that now that Muslims have been allowed to enter to America, their goal will be to conquer us, by conversion or by war.

Are our readers aware of what it takes to convert to Islam? There is an easy phrase that is repeated in front of an adult male -and, voila! people are converted in that easy, uncomplicated way.

By contrast, Islam’s nemesis, Judaism, does not proselytize. Judaism rather emphatically discourages any potential candidate to conversion -people who want to convert to Judaism, have to go out of their way to convince the rabbis that they are authentic and that they understand the seriousness of the choice. Then, they have to learn for almost eighteen months. And, a religious court tests them on a final test. That’s the difference.

Back to Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama and his team continue betraying our ideals, our country and are constantly jeopardizing our safety as our national security is attacked from every corner.

So, his general and he sent “apology” letters... forgetting that they were the perpetrators to order with impunity, the burning of bibles a few years ago, forcing our army men as well.

Obama and his team’s cowardly attitude have already indirectly provoked the death of two of our troops due to this burning of Korans in Afghanistan.

How can our men feel secure when the president betrays them, when their own military leadership is cowardly accepting orders from a commander-in-chief who seems more a representative of an enemy that has never been accountable for their actions, than our president?

And, last but not definitely not least, how can our troops feel safe, when no one on mainland raise their voice to stop the destruction of our land.

Elections may be coming, but just imagine what if they don’t, or what if the outcome will not be the right one...?

Who will be the one to stop America’s free fall...? The people? Let’s hope so...

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

BENADOR: What's behind Obama's Tyrannic Anti-American Contraception "Mandate"?

"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will haveto fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." Sir Winston Churchill

The assault against America continues full speed

Whether it is the economy and our over fifteen trillion debt, an ever rampant unemployment, regardless of what the “official” numbers are; or if it’s about immigration, lifting barriers to accelerate Muslim immigration to, and assimilation in our country; or if it has been the mishandling of education at the progressive hands; followed by D.A.D.T. in the military, where there again, barriers were lifted to allow homosexuals openly participating, with our straight men, in military operations (a question comes to mind: did they ever get separated barracks to allow them for privacy...?) Then, skipping an interminable list of infractions, offenses and impeachable offenses, let us fast forward to 9/11 when officialdom forbade mention of Islam’s terrorists and forced it out of official records -and no mention was made of the perpetrators of those massacres during the ceremonies commemorating the tenth anniversary last year.

Meanwhile, the relationship between religion and politics has become murky in recent years. The effort of America's Founders to prevent the establishment of a state religion has been twisted and reinterpreted to create an increasingly large gulf between religion and public life. That gulf has worsened. During the 9/11 tenth anniversary ceremonies, no mention whatsoever was made of prayers, religion or, even less, G-d.

And the audacity of this president goes beyond anything seen until now, as he has committed, once again, another violation to our Constitution with the so-called President Obama Contraception “Mandate” Statement.

Nevertheless, with the exception of presidential candidate Rick Santorum and former vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, barely anybody else has risen their voice to defend American unborn babies -neither when they have been killed by the millions thanks to the permissiveness of abortion laws, nor now that the government is promoting and facilitating contraception and/or sterilization.

At this point, even some religious groups are trying to negotiate, instead of flat out refuse that the government interferes in the private lives of our citizens and imposes -by facilitating contraception and sterilization, but it’s not a question of “fine tuning”. America does not need to facilitate contraception and sterilization, we are not a third world country!

With the horrifying argument that “prevention of childbirth is cheaper than childbirth,” we are, once again, the silent accomplices of crimes against our Constitution, which is being violated by the progressive American government, the president and his machinery or Administration.

Health care is there to help prevent as well as to cure diseases.

American child birth is not a disease, it is a blessing.

And it is a curse to go against it and to promote irresponsible sex galore in all sectors of our society. And it is so, because it is simply a measure that's going to undermine further the fragile morals of this
already so corrupted, twenty-first century, Obama-progressive, American-made-Sodom-and-Ghomorre.

From Abortion to Contraception to Sterilization?

America needs her babies. Fetuses cannot talk, so it is up to a developed society to stand up and put their feet on the ground and stop this president from his evil will to continue the killing of or stopping the birth in one way or another of so many millions of innocent American babies, only to fulfill Obama’s evil purpose to transform our society and destroy our country at his will.

While the leadership of Catholic bishops are agreeable to discuss the president’s contraception plans and try to negotiate with him some details, the average American should stand strong and refuse flat out any interference in their lives and take a minute to bring back to memory some useful information:

A Pandora box was opened regarding abortion in the United States, back in January 1973, when the Supreme Court made history as they opted for the Roe v Wade decision overturning a Texas interpretation of abortion law and made abortion legal in the United States. The Roe v. Wade decision held that “a woman, with her doctor, could choose abortion in earlier months of pregnancy without legal restriction, and with restrictions in later months, based on the right to privacy.”

As a consequence of the Roe v Wade decision, during the period of 1973-2008, a total of 54,559,615 abortions have been perpetrated, based on numbers reported by National Right to Life using data from the Guttmacher Institute which also estimates that there have been 1,212,400 for 2009-2011. GI estimates also that there is a possible 3% under reporting rate which has been factored into the total.

But, the attack on America has a well structured strategy, and to be fair, Roe v Wade took place during the tenure of the Republican, Richard Nixon.

Meaning of State-Controlled contraception

It’s the corruption of the mind and the soul of the American society that this president and his ilk are promoting with the evil “mandate”.

As abortion is now succeeded by an active contraceptive and sterilization program and while many analysts and religious leaders want to negotiate, the bottom line is that the issue is not a problem of preference or intensity, the real problem is an ethical, philosophical, religious, existential one.

Many American Administrations throughout the years have been reluctant to accept euthanasia because it means to help terminate the life of a suffering person. Likewise, one could wonder why the fate of an embryo, is being treated with such disrespect, and they do not hesitate using it to advance the anti-American agenda of our evil leaders.

True, a human embryo does not look human yet, but it is nonetheless the first form of our humanity, the first sign in the many steps and transformations in our lives. We would never have become human beings had our embryos been killed from the onset. And, looked at it as such, it is therefore a crime to assassinate an embryo -unless there are extreme medical extenuating conditions.

It is so much so, that, for instance, in some beliefs, men are not supposed to masturbate, because it is considered that part of the soul may be found in the sperm.

Within the scheme of things, contraception is another, very useful, brick used to dismantle the Republic because it aims at disintegrating some fundamental columns of our society.

By making contraception readily available and at no cost, just as abortion and sterilization, the government intrudes in our homes and education.

The American youth, which is forced to leave home by their eighteenth birthday, is neither fully educated nor fully prepared for life -and at the peak of their hormones. The situation gets more complex when they find themselves in the promiscuity of college dorms, where they are increasingly surrounded by the official gaydom and a promiscuous heterosexual life alike.

And, along comes contraception, with which our progressive national leadership intends to give them the “freedom” needed to ‘live’ to their hearts content; thus, the government is found once more, not only promoting again, “free sex” but at the same token they are silently supporting same-sex relations and, furthermore, facilitating the exposure to sexually transmitted diseases.

Pro-Muslim Strategy

It’s about a simple formula: More Muslim immigration is being legally promoted and facilitated, Muslim Brotherhood people are taking leading roles in the Administration, Muslim cadets are studying at our top military academy, West Point. Muslims are becoming policemen, educators, and so on.

AND: Muslims have among the highest reproduction rates.

And, it is not among Muslims that the Administration tried to promote diabolic abortion programs, or now the evil Obama contraceptive “mandate”.

If Obama wants to impose contraception, there is one single thing he and his Administration could do: Close the borders to Muslim immigration altogether -give them the opportunity to get organized and chase their terrorists instead of allowing them to harass us with countless and needless threats- and give them the opportunity to continue giving birth by the dozens in their countries of origin where they already have all the Muslim settings needed to satisfy their needs.

But, it is rather against Christians that this president is targeting his venomous project -because that will be a way to accelerate the shrinking numbers among Christians, whose forefathers, the Founding Fathers were at the birth of our Republic.

The equation is simply transparent: With less Christians and more Muslims, means that Hussein Obama is not only violating the Constitution, but he is purposefully facilitating the ascent of his extremely prolific Muslim friends who have all the intention in the world to replace our Constitution with Sharia.

It’s time to stop Obama. America, wake up!

Opinion©ElianaBenador Art©StephenEHughes

BENADOR: Time of Truth: American Heroes Burn the Koran

“... it is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people” Sir Winston Churchill

As we received news of the burning of Korans yesterday at an American army base in Afghanistan and the subsequent rage it caused among the uneducated Muslim masses there, it is time for Americans to take conscience of our dire situation and do some soul searching to find the answers to so much injustice that’s being done to our values and the country we live in.

First and foremost, announcing an inquiry, the NATO Commander, US Gen John R Allen issued a profuse apology “to the president of Afghanistan, the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and most importantly, to the noble people of Afghanistan,” while confirming the episode, portrayed it as absolutely unintentional.

Let’s rewind a few minutes of History. Back at the beginning of Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure, in 2009, our soldiers in Afghanistan, precisely, were forced to burn “unsolicited” Bibles because of fear that Muslim locals would interpret it as intention to proselytize. After all, the Central Command General Order No. 1 specifically forbids “proselytizing of any faith, religion or practice.” But, what the Central Command General Order does not forbid is that our president and commander-in-chief orders those troops to burn Bibles country, case in point, and offend the American Christian population.

Unfortunately, at that time, no Christian voices were heard protesting the decision of the commander-in-chief and the military bosses that had allowed such an outrage.

What has just happened at our military base in Bagram Air Field in the administrative province of Parwan in northern Afghanistan, directly north of the Kabul province, should be seen by Americans as a blessing in disguise because of the role it could play in developments ahead.

On another related note, Tuesday, at roughly 3: 18 PM EST, during his Fox News program “Studio B with Shepard Smith”, Shepard literally said: “... I mean, think of it, what if they burned the Bible? Some of you would be up in arms over there...” Wow... Really? When our own soldiers were forced by the Hussein Obama Administration to burn Bibles in Afghanistan, also *not to offend* Afghan Muslims... no one protested, here or anywhere in America. Christians are used to give their other cheek when they are threatened, it’s in essence who they are.

We would be remiss if we forget that Shepard Smith as well as all of those right now on Fox News Channel, are on a payroll that depends from Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

FBI and probe on “treatment” of Islam

In an unprecedented move that represents outright a threat to our national security, one cannot but wonder how does the FBI director Robert Mueller feel, when he’s committing blatant treason against our country?

For this man to remove hundreds of counter-terrorism training documents after a months-long review found inaccuracies and other problems in their description of Muslims, if he has any conscience and patriotism left, it must have felt at least awkward to remove documents under one of four categories of excuses, such as "poor taste," using Arab or Muslim "stereotypes," information missing "precision," and "factual errors," especially knowing all too well that there were 19 Muslim terrorists who viciously attacked and massacred, as they yelled “Allah hu Aqbar,” almost 4,000 innocent, unassuming Americans in times of peace, under instructions from their “holy” book, the Koran, which specifically requires from its adherents to forcibly convert dhimmis, or infidels, and proceed to world domination under the emblem of Islam and, subsequently, impose its sharia law.

FBI and Muslims review training materials

At first sight, this news may seem pretty isolated. But, they are not, and hopefully this analysis will help show the American public the magnitude and intensity of the complicity between the Obama Administration, the establishment of their socialist agenda and how they are facilitating America’s takeover by Islam and its adherents, Muslims, throughout the country, and how, strategically speaking, they are positioning Muslims at the highest political echelons of the current Administration.

That said, this is not only an effort by the Left, because for obvious reasons of business interests, conservatives such as the Bush family and their own people, to which Mitt Romney also belongs, have been also instrumental in facilitating Muslim immigration to our country. So far, no one has heard what are Romney’s plans to stop the Muslim invasion of America.

Recently, the FBI met with Muslim and interfaith groups that included the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Interfaith Alliance, and the Shoulder-to-Shoulder campaign. The goal of their meeting was to allow these groups to “come with ideas” on how to sweeten the pill to American public opinion when dealing on matters of terror and avoid any and all mention of Islam when speaking of Muslim terrorism and most definitely to the detriment of our national security.

And, now, after ten years of war, 440 billions of dollars later, and 1,700 casualties from our troops, it is obvious that our endeavor can be now called a tragic failure, thanks to the intervention of this president, and personnel such as Robert Muller, FBI director, among others.

But, Christian aid from the international community has also been sent to aid Afghanistan, a country where, according to the U.S. State Department, there is not one single, public Christian church left.

U.S. taxpayers to pay $11 billion ransom to Muslim Brotherhood?

Not only has the Obama Administration opened its doors to elements connected to the Muslim Brotherhood allowing them to access key jobs, thus representing a clear and present danger to our national security, but now, the Egyptian government is also asking for an eleven billion dollar aid from the West, which will end up most likely coming from our hard earned dollars and, no doubt, feeding the needs of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It is their way to impose a ransom for keeping the oil passing through the Suez Canal... And, in fact, Essam El-Erian, a high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker who also serves as chairman of the Egyptian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said that should aid from Washington be cut, the Brotherhood was putting us on blackmail notice, i.e., they could change the terms of Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

Our military burn the Koran, what does it mean?

The news that some of our troops may have burned the Koran in the military base of Afghanistan, can be taken in the submissive way that has been adopted by the US commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, who in the footsteps of our current president also apologised and ordered an investigation into a report that troops "improperly disposed of a large number of Islamic religious materials which included Korans.” Adding insult to injury, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also apologised for the "inappropriate treatment" of copies of the Koran and promised a swift investigation.

It is as if though, the American military defense and our authorities, beginning by the so-called president down to the last element of his administration do not have as first priority the safety and well-being of America -and have all but surrendered to the Islamic power.

American Military Men’s Message to American People

In this context, we must envision that the burning of the Korans by our men in Afghanistan is sending a message to us, American patriots, that our troops can no longer continue with this charade -when they are fighting the enemy on one front, while their commander-in-chief is sending them to ally with that same enemy on other fronts, such as in Libya, and while the president undermines our national security by opening the doors of our country wide open to a people that has never been made accountable for their own terrorism, but who are being treated as if they were the victims when in reality they are the perpetrators and accomplices of the crimes committed in the name of Islam.

Indeed, instead of having made Muslim countries accountable and deal with their terrorism threat, our various administrations have willingly allowed Muslims to play the victim card and have avoided putting pressure on their societies to mature and deal with their homegrown terrorism -which they have continued exporting our way.

Calling All the Clans Together

It’s time for American patriots to start getting organized, the Muslim invasion is here. But, whether it is here to stay, will only depend in the seriousness with which John and Jane Doe see this situation and if they are planning on organize and create a resistance -regardless of the potential upcoming elections, which after all, no one can be one hundred percent sure they will take place. Besides, even if the current president were to be replaced by any RINO-conservative candidate, the situation regarding Muslims in our midst would still be schizophrenic if we would continue to welcome wholeheartedly those who want us ill -as we allow them to get established in our midst.

If nobody would decide to organize a resistance all over the country, then everyone in good conscience should consider they have committed Treason, which according to the law, if committed during warfare it is the only crime for which a person can be sentenced to the capital punishment, death.

American Patriots, America the Beautiful cannot wait any longer, it’s time to stand in front of your city halls and in the nation’s capital, and peacefully put pressure on your representatives and let your civilized presence say it all, so that the world can receive your message that the indomitable American spirit is alive and ready to defend what belongs to the American people: Their beloved country.

As such, American Patriots must oppose any investigation of our heroes -who would otherwise be disciplined unjustly. This should be the first goal of the new movement. No man from the Bagram Air Field should be probed or investigated. Remember that our troops are supposed to obey orders and that they must obey their commander-in-chief. But the ones who gave the job to the man, it’s us, We The People.

And, what We The People gave, We The People must take back -if the outcome has turned to be deplorable, which is the case.

No more bowing to Muslim pressure. We are free men and women, and it is our duty to keep that responsible freedom and self-respect of which we are simple custodians, to transmit it to the many generations of Americans that will follow us.

In doing so, American Patriots will instill faith and courage, conviction and valor, not only in Americans, but also in the world at large, a world that’s leaderless and has lost its values to the godless corrupt liberal vision.

Once again, America must lead. This time, with the best weapon they have, the American Eagle, representing the strength and fortitude of this exceptional, formidable nation, our land, America.

American Patriots, America needs you now, not a second later.

Don’t fail her.

Opinion©ElianaBenador Art@StephenEHughes

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RABBI MEIR KAHANE: Parashat Teruma: The holiest object on earth


Blessing before studying Torah (one needs to say this blessing only once in the day:)

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who has made us holy through Your commandments, and commanded us to actively study Torah.

May it be Your Will, Hash-m our G-d, to sweeten the words of Your Torah in our mouths and in the mouths of all Your people Israel. May we and our offspring, and our offspring's offspring, and all the offspring of Your people, the House of Israel, may we all, together, know Your Name and study Your Torah for the sake of fulfilling Your desire. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Who teaches Torah to Your people Israel.

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who chose us from all the nations, and gave us the Torah. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Giver of the Torah.

Parashat Terumah – The holiest object on earth – Rabbi Meir Kahane OBM

“They shall make an Ark of acacia wood” (Ex. 25:10)
G-d established the whole framework of a holy Temple, holy objects and holy people (Kohanim and Levi'im) to create a miniature world, perfect and complete, holy and pure. It was meant to symbolize the larger world and to guide us in how our world is supposed to look. One of our most important principles is: “To the L-rd belongs the earth and everything in it” (Ps. 24.1). Everything belongs to G-d, and nothing that ostensibly belongs to man is really his. Rather, it is only given to him to use. The concept of holiness provides a concrete example to help us understand the essence of property here on earth – that it belongs exclusively to G-d and not to man.

The ark is the essence of the Tabernacle and the Temple, both of which were established for its sake. As Rashbam wrote (Ex 25:10), “For the sake of the ark, which is the essence of “they shall make Me a sanctuary”(Ex. 25:8), it was necessary to make a Tabernacle.”

This accords with Shemot Rabbah, 34:2: First it says, “Have them bring Me and offering” (Ex. 25:2), and then, “Make an ark of acacia wood” (v. 10). Just as the Torah preceded everything, so too, in the fashioning of the Tabernacle, the ark preceded all the other vessels.

The reason that the ark came first was that the two tablets and the Torah scroll were inside it. The ark was the only object standing inside the Holy of Holies behind the partition [parochet]. G-d made it the holiest object on earth, when He confined, so to speak, His Divine Presence, and spoke to Moses from between the two cherubs: “I will commune with you there, speaking to you from above the ark cover, from between the two cherubs that are on the Ark of Testimony”(Ex. 25:22); and, "Moses would hear the voice speaking to him from between the two cherubs on the ark cover over the Ark of Testimony. The L-rd thus spoke to him”(Num. 7:89).

G-d made the Ark “His place”, so to speak, in this world, thereby making it a symbol of His omnipotence, isolation and aloneness, a symbol that we must trust in Him alone, as Hezekiah said when he prayed to G-d to save the city from Sennacherib (II Kings 19:15): “O L-rd, G-d of Israel, Who sits upon the cherubs. You are G-d, alone, of all the kingdoms on the earth. You made heaven and earth.”

Indeed, the ark was the earthly seat of G-d, “Who sits upon the cherubs”, and it became a symbol of G-d's omnipotence and Israel's obligation to trust in Him. R. Shmuel bar Nachmani said (Pesikta DeRav Kahana 123a): Wherever Scripture uses the term “Master” [adon], it alludes to G-d's uprooting one group and bringing in another. The prototype is, “Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Master of all the earth” (Josh. 3:11). There G-d uprooted the Canaanites and brought in Israel. Thus the Ark is the symbol of the L-rd of all the earth, its Creator and Master, Who removes nations from lands – the Canaanites and Ishmaelites – and brings in other nations – Israel – and none can protest.

Yet the ark symbolizes more than that, for it also symbolizes G-d's ability to control and alter all the laws of nature, laws He established. Following is Bereshit Rabbah, 5:7: “Joshua said to the Children of Israel, 'Come hither'” (Josh 3:9): R. Huna said, “He made [the Children of Israel] stand between the two poles of the ark.” R. Acha bar R. Chanina said, “He made them lean between the two poles of the ark.” The Rabbis said, “He made them fit precisely between the two poles of the ark.” Joshua said to them, “From the fact that you all fit between the two ark poles, you know that the Divine Presence is among you.” G-d transformed the ark into the symbol of His control over the laws of nature, for here, the smaller contained the larger. Where was this? “Between the poles”, the poles with which the Levi'im carried the ark.

Our sages likewise said (Sotah 35a): As soon as the last Israelite ascended from the Jordan, the water returned to its place: “As the Kohanim who bore the ark of the covenant of the L-rd came up out of the Jordan, as soon as the soles of their feet were drawn up onto dry ground, the water returned to its place” (Josh. 4:18) [...] It turns out that the ark and its carriers and the Kohanim were on one side, and the rest of Israel were on the other. The ark carried its carriers, and it crossed... For this Uzza was punished, as it says, “When they came to the threshing-floor of Chidon, Uzza put forth his hand to hold the ark” (I Chron. 13:9). G-d said to him, “Uzza, if the ark carries its carriers, surely it can carry itself!” And the L-rd's anger was kindled against Uzza, and He smote him there for his error” (II Sam. 6:7).

Thus, here, too, the ark took control of the laws of nature when it carried its carriers, demonstrating to Israel the Law of Faith and Trust: G-d's ark does not need carriers. Rather, it carries itself as well as all those who ostensibly carry it. For this reason, it was forbidden to carry the ark in a wagon. Being able to carry itself, it needed no help. Yet, G-d decreed that the ark must be carried on shoulders to emphasize that if Israel “carried it on their shoulders” (i.e. accepted the yoke and burden of the ark), then the ark would carry them always. Whoever forgets this law and tries to “help” G-d is punished, all the more so that someone who thinks the ark and its Master lack the power to help, and instead trusts in the nations, commits an unbearable sin.

The ark is the symbol of G-d's place int the world, and the poles that carry it are the concrete symbol of G-d's unlimited power, His omnipotence, greatness and majesty.

G-d desired that these poles – symbolizing G-d's greatness and our duty to trust in Him infinitely – would be before the eyes of Israel always. He therefore decreed a wondrous decree: The Kohanim brought the ark of the covenant of the L-rd to its place, into the Temple sanctuary, into the Holy of Holies, even under the wings of the cherubs... The ark poles were so long that the ends of the poles were seen from the holy place, even before the Sanctuary, but they could not be seen outside. (I Kings 8:6, 8) Our sages comment (Menachot 98 a): “The ark poles were long”: I might think they did not touch the partition. It therefore says, “They were seen.” If they could be “seen”, I might think they tore through the partition to the other side. It therefore says, “They could not be seen without.” How can this be? They pushed and protruded against the partition like a woman's two breasts, as it says, “My beloved is unto me as a bag of myrrh that lies between my breasts” (Song of Songs 1:13) The Talmud's point is that G-d wished every Jew who came to the Sanctuary to always see the poles and remember what they symbolized: that we are obligated to have perfect, complete faith in G-d's omnipotence. Yet since the partition separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Temple, G-d established that the poles should stretch so far that they abut the partition, protruding like a woman's breasts. Thus, whoever passed by saw the protrusion and drew the lesson.

[...] Woman is the symbol of man's love and desire, for there is no love in man's nature greater than his love for woman. Precisely for this reason G-d created man and woman, so they would be bound together with fierce love and desire, ready to sacrifice for each other and to give of themselves to an extent unheard of in any other relationship. They would be willing even to sacrifice their lives for each other, so strong is that love. Being so fiercely bound to another human being is the apex of man's breaking down his selfishness, arrogance and evil impulse. G-d created this bond so that man would understand from it – at least in part – how powerful must be his love for G-d. Thus, if a husband is ever unfaithful to his wife, it constitutes betrayal of the true concept of love and a dreadful lie looming over the marital relationship. G-d decreed that this must be an exclusive relationship founded on mutual trust, a symbol of the prohibition against the dreadful sin of polytheism, worshiping idols as well as G-d (Ex.20:3).

Observe the fierce love between Israel and G-d, which is always compared to the love between a man and woman, the fiercest love man can imagine. G-d compared the ark poles to a woman's breasts. This would seem to be the reason that one of G-d's names is Shad-dai [Hebr. shad = breast]. Likewise, as we have written, the cherubs hug each other, like the love between man and woman.

How fortunate one would be to reach this level of love for G-d!

BENADOR: Trump's Reason to Attack Santorum is not America

So Trump came out on behalf of his "protege" Mitt Romney to attack Rick Santorum.

Well, let me keep this to the point, short and sweet.

Trump is a shrewd businessman. He knows perfectly well that, should Mitt ever win, they have more chances to facilitate each other more business deals than if it is Santorum who would win, simply because Santorum is not -at least, not yet, another businessman like both of them.

Trump's opinion anyway is of no importance in the scale of public opinion.

But, with this attack on Santorum, Trump is making clear that his goal is not, and probably has never been, the well-being of America but the well-being of the Trump empire.

Meanwhile, Americans must understand that of all these candidates that are being considered at the top of the list, it is probably Mr. Santorum who is the least corrupt for now, and most likely one who will take longer to be corrupted, because as we all know, power corrupts, and that's the law of politics, that's the law of life.


Trump takes hatchet to Santorum
Posted by
CNN's Gregory Wallace
(CNN) – Donald Trump demonstrated Monday that he has no qualms about going after one of Mitt Romney's chief rivals, Rick Santorum.

"There's nothing - there's no gift, no Christmas gift, that could be given better than Rick Santorum to the Democrats," Trump said in a radio interview which aired in Michigan. Democrats, he continued, "are just salivating at that. And, you know, I don't think they believe it's going to happen. But boy, would they like it to happen because that would be an easy election."

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Michigan votes one week from Tuesday, and Trump is scheduled to take to the state's airwaves daily this week to speak on Romney's behalf.

The perception of electability was a major factor in deciding to endorse Romney, Trump said, and Republicans would be foolish to put forward Santorum as their nominee because "he basically has no chance" of winning.

"Otherwise, what's the whole purpose, what's the purpose of working, working, working, going out voting, doing your thing if the person has no chance of getting elected," Trump said on WSGW Radio of Saginaw, Michigan.

Trump considered a presidential bid himself, then nixed the idea, and in January tossed his endorsement to Mitt Romney. If Santorum were to win the Republican nomination, Trump suggested Monday that he would consider a run.

"If he doesn't, and I hope that doesn't happen," Trump said of a Romney loss, "I would say there's a good possibility that I would do something, yes."

The two have not appeared in public campaigning together since the event announcing the endorsement, but made fundraising phone calls together last week.

Shortly after the endorsement, which took place at a Las Vegas hotel owned by Trump ahead of the Nevada caucuses, Santorum suggested his recommendation carries little weight.

"I'm sure he just wanted some publicity for his casino down in Las Vegas," Santorum said. "I think the people of Nevada are smart enough to figure out who they're going to vote for and it's not going to be based on what Donald Trump recommends."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BENADOR: The Justice of God...

Very good morning and a wonderful day, my darling friends...
My thought today is about Justice. Justice is blind. And so it should be, because what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong.
For instance, at the end of the day, no matter where a president is born, if we speak of a good president who we feel in our guts is someone who would give his or her life for our country, whichever country we want to speak about.
Justice is to stop without remorse and with decisiveness those who want us ill and want to annihilate us or annihilate any of our like-minded friends, because that's what loyalty and justice are about.
Justice is to want to stop any and all inside our own systems who want to undermine us and sell us to their own agendas.
If you watch the world around us, on a personal basis or on a universe basis, you will see Justice, the Justice of G-d manifest itself all over, because there is order and no abuse... it's only us who are messing this beautiful world G-d gave us, so we must correct that by beginning with each of us...
Justice is a sign of strength and fearless defense of what is ours, because life is only possible if we are fearless to stop, brutally if need be, anyone who wants to harm us or our family or our country, our values.
That's Justice. That's what I believe in.
The our of Truth and Justice is coming...
G-d bless you, my friends, with His Blessings of wisdom and strength...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RABBI MEIR KAHANE: Parashat Mishpatim – Slave of G-d or slave of man?

Blessing before studying Torah (one needs to say this blessing only once in the day:)

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who has made us holy through Your commandments, and commanded us to actively study Torah.

May it be Your Will, Hash-m our G-d, to sweeten the words of Your Torah in our mouths and in the mouths of all Your people Israel. May we and our offspring, and our offspring's offspring, and all the offspring of Your people, the House of Israel, may we all, together, know Your Name and study Your Torah for the sake of fulfilling Your desire. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Who teaches Torah to Your people Israel.

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who chose us from all the nations, and gave us the Torah. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Giver of the Torah.

Slave of G-d or slave of man?
By Rabbi Meir Kahane, OBM

“But if the bondsman shall say, “I love my master, my wife and my children- I shall not go free;” then his master shall bring him to the court and shall bring him to the door or to the doorpost, and his master shall bore through his ear with the awl, and he shall serve him forever.” (Ex. 21:5-6)
The Jew is commanded to ascend via humility and lowliness and to break down his own egotism. He is obligated to liberate himself from his enslavement to himself and to be a free man vis-a-vis everyone but G-d. To be a slave to mortal man or to oneself is a profound sin. If the slave of a Jew does not wish to go free [after six years], his ear is pierced with an awl, and our sages explain (Kiddushin 22b):

How is the ear different from all other parts of the body? G-d said, “If one's ear heard Me say on Mount Sinai (Lev. 25:55), 'The Children of Israel are slaves to Me', slaves to Me, not slaves to slaves, and he still went and acquired a master for himself, that ear must be pierced.” R. Shimon ben Rebbe's exposition on this verse was like a gem: How are the door and the doorpost different from all other parts of the house? G-d said, “They were witnesses in Egypt when I passed over the lintel and the two doorposts, saying, 'The children of Israel are my slaves', and not slaves to slaves, and I took them out of bondage. And this person went and acquired a master for himself? Let his ear be pierced in their presence.

A man of flesh and blood should not take another human being as his master, neither should he be a slave to himself. He is G-d's slave. The Torah commanded us to keep laws and statutes which conceptually serve as a constant reminder of how abominable is conceit and how essential humility. In actual fact, the first commandment given to Israel when they ceased their bondage to mortal man was one intended to imbue them with humility; namely, the commandment to burn one's chametz [bread and other forms of leaven] before Pesach (Ex. 12:19; 13:7). Chametz, with its yeast which causes dough to expand, is a symbol of conceit which inflates a person's ego, enslaving and destroying him. The person enslaved by his pride and lust, the arrogant man who rebels against his task here on earth, rebels against the purpose of his and the world's having been created. He rebels against his Creator. By contrast, someone who suppresses his evil impulse, overcoming his pride and lust, fulfills his task in the world.

This is man's whole purpose, the reason for his having been formed: to know G-d, cling to His attributes and fulfill His commandments. Within this very process, itself, comes self-effacement, subjugation of the evil impulse and a declaration: “The L-rd is G-d and there is no other – surely not myself – besides Him.” Therefore, precisely during our season of freedom and national pride, when we celebrate liberation from the arrogant Egyptians and when exaltation would have been befitting and proper, G-d commanded base humility so Israel would remember that vis-a-vis G-d, they would always remain slaves, serving Him forever. As our sages said (Sifri, Shelach 115):

When G-d redeemed the seed of His beloved Abraham, He redeemed them not as sons but as slaves. Whenever He made a decree and they rejected it, He would say, “You are My slaves”. When they wnet out to the desert, He began to decree a few severe commandments and a few lighter ones... and Israel began to rebel. He said to them, “You are My slaves. I redeemed you on condition that I be able to decree and have you obey.”

Now, instead of being slaves of G-d, a title which is no disgrace, but the greatest praise a person can receive, we have become slaves of slaves. Observe what our sages said (Sifri, Vezot HaBerachah, 357): “Slave of the L-rd” (Deut. 34:5): The Torah is not defaming Moses but praising him. We find that the first prophets were called slaves, as it says, “For the L-rd G-d does nothing without revealing His counsel unto His slaves the prophets” (Amos 3:7)

[Similarly we find in Rabbi Kahane's “Peirush haMaccabee” on Shemot, Chapter 2, regarding the Kohen:] The Kohen is the one who serves and obeys, like a slave before his master. The Torah says: And Malchizedek, king of Salem, brought out bread and wine; and he was a Kohen of G-d, the Most High [which the Targum Onkelos renders: “and he served before G-d Most High”]. And he [Malchizedek] blessed him [Abram] saying: Blessed be Abram to G-d, the Most High, Possessor of Heaven and Earth (Genesis 14:18-19). Here we see that a Kohen of G-d is the person who begins with the understanding that Hashem is indeed the Possessor of heaven and earth – space, time, everything. And what exactly does the word koneh (“possessor”) really mean? – He is the Owner and the Master, because He has acquired everything by having created everything (as Rashi puts it: By having made them, He acquired them as His own). And this Kohen is a slave of G-d, and he is called by His Master’s Name because what the slave acquires his master acquires, because the slave is no more than his master’s hand. The Kohen in Israel is the one who has been sanctified to serve G-d in His Holy Temple, and only someone like that is worthy of placing Hashem’s Name on the nation, as the Torah says: And they [the Kohanim] will place My Name on the Children of Israel, and I will bless them (Numbers 6:27). The Torah also says: And you [Moses], draw close to yourself Aaron your brother and his sons with him, from among the Children of Israel, to minister to Me (Exodus 28:1). ...Aaron and the Kohanim were chosen to minister to Me, to be the slaves who would serve and obey Hashem in ministering to Him. They have been acquired as slaves to G-d the Most High, the Possessor of Heaven and Earth, and every day they testify to His omnipotence, and that He is Hashem, L-rd of Legions.

A slave of G-d is obligated to accept the yoke of his Master in heaven. He is lowly and belittles himself out of fear and reverence for his Master, the L-rd, and he esteems and praises Him as much as he can, as great, mighty and awesome. Precisely of all these reasons, precisely due to his fear of G-d, his fear of flesh and blood falls away. Any slave of G-d will never be a slave to a slave, i.e., to flesh and blood. Whoever truly stands in fear and trembling before the exclusive power and might of G-d will never fear mortal man, who comes from dust and returns to dust. Such is the fear of G-d: Whoever stands in fear and trembling before G-d's majesty, astonished at His power and might, greatness and omnipotence, is at once seized with fear and reverence for his Maker and King; yet at the same time, all fear of flesh and blood leaves him, for of what importance is man?

Woe to us that, due to the curse of the exile, we have violated G-d's terrible prohibition which states, “The children of Israel are My slaves. They are My slaves because I brought them out of Egypt. I am the L-rd your G-d” (Lev. 25:55). Due to our fear of the nations, we have become slaves to them of our own doing. We, thus, deserve the punishment of the slave whose ear is pierced: “He shall then serve his master forever” (Ex. 21:6).

Whoever takes a flesh-and-blood master because he fears him and relies on him and leans on his strength and kindness, denies the existence of G-d, the Supreme Master. Not only does he do this, but he profanes G-d's name (Torat Kohanim, Behar, 9): “The children of Israel are My slaves... I am the L-rd your G-d” This teaches that whenever Israel go into slavery here on earth, Scripture treats it as if G-d is going into slavery as well.” The simple meaning of this is that G-d took Israel out of Egyptian bondage to sanctify His name by showing the nations His power and might. Hence, when Israel once more become enslaved, where is G-d's power and where is His might? There is no greater Chilul Hashem than this. It is as though G-d is being enslaved by the nations, so to speak. Now if it is so when a nation attacks Israel and enslaves them, what can we possibly say when a Jew fearfully enslaves himself to the non-Jew? Could any Chilul Hashem be greater? We must don sackcloth and ashes!

Our times constitute the beginning of the redemption and the footsteps of the Messiah. G-d in His kindness, in preparation for speedy redemption, presently demands of us Kiddush Hashem of the sort based on faith and trust in Him. Yet we, our children and our elders have sunk in the mire of exile, and have raised up on a miserable banner the fear and degradation of “It is forbidden to provoke the nations”. This theme, whose sorrowful conception and birth are in the exile, constitutes a humiliating affront to our people, and worse, a profanation of the great name of the Supreme King. If it suited the lowliness of the exile, when we were unwilling slaves to the nations, powerless to raise ourselves up to defend ourselves, how dare we bring that same disgraceful concept into the holy land, the land of G-d. While G-d has afforded us the greatest, most powerful miracles since the Hasmonean victories, we have remained that same exilic product, that same slave to the nations and slaves to slaves, with that same base spirit which led G-d to decree what He decreed against our ancestors in the desert.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BENADOR: Iran, There Comes a Time When There is No More Time

“I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who curse Israel” בראשית - Bereishit

Ever since the fall of the Shah of Iran, as a result of the Islamic revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini and his colleagues, figures like former Prime Minister Amir Hoveyda were summarily beheaded. Others, such as Prime Minister Chapour Bakhtiar and Ambassador Fereydoun Hoveyda, Amir’s brother, managed to escape to the safety of Paris... But on 7 August 1991, Bakhtiar was murdered in his home, along with his secretary, Soroush Katibeh, by three assassins, agents of the Islamic regime.

As time went by, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadh took power since August 2005. Ever since then, he has been vociferous in his venom against America, the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.

But it was on December 14, 2005, that he went above and beyond his previous rhetorical attacks against America and Israel, when he suggested that the Holocaust was a myth, causing many European leaders, who were among Iran’s most lucrative business partners, to be outraged.

Since then, the world could hear Ahmadinejad or some of his colleagues, such as Larijani, in violent rhetoric against the big satan, America, and the little satan, Israel. I had once heard Larijani, Iranian chief nuclear negotiator, address a crowd in Dubai, exciting the people when he vociferously attacked “Israel” and the “Jews”.

The Quran (Albaghara 2:191-193) says: “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers] … and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

Recently, an article written by an analyst and strategist from Khameini’s camp, Alireza Forghani, has been posted on most state-owned sites, including the Revolutionary Gard’s Fars Agency -showing the official endorsement of the regime.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has called Israel a danger to Islam and is reported to have said that they should not miss the opportunity to remove “this corrupting material because there is “legal justification” to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel and that Iran should take the helm for that endeavor.

Israel has been threatened time and again by the Iranian regime. The world has been successively and endlessly negotiating and sanctioning Iran. And, according to scientific reports, Iran seems to be very advanced in their quest to have a nuclear bomb.

The above declarations are not from a few year ago, but from a few days ago. The West is used to listen to dictators’ threats without wanting to believe in them. But, the time has come to listen to Ahmadinejad.

As such, one can no longer heed to the argument that “if anyone would attack Iran, the whole population would turn against their aggressor...” It’s a fair position, but, we have been waiting for the Iranian population or the Iranian student movemet to develop an organized resistance, but it has been in vain.

We have been told from the beginning that the Iranian people are the most Westernized in the region and a new regime in Iran would transform them and the world, ending terrorism; Iraq and Afghanistan could become much more stable, as would other countries in the region and beyond. Sure, but on the condition that we support the Iranian people in their aspirations for freedom, without appeasing or negotiating with their leaders.

We have often been told that anything else short of helping the Iranian resistance, would backfire as it would create Nationalism in Iran and destroy the resistance. Indeed, Iranians are patriotic as the world could see when Saddam decided to attack a weak Iran, who had no spare parts and whose leaders had been executed, yet the Iranians fought fiercely for 8 years . This was despite the fact that the US, USSR, Britain, France and all the Arab money were backing Saddam.

However, the problem is that the Iranian people and student movement, for whatever reason, have not gotten their act together, while the nuclear is moving forward. Many have had faith and have counted on them to start a counter-revolution, but for when, what are they waiting for...?

It is clear that roughly eighty million people can decide to overturn an evil regime; as we have seen throughout history, revolutions have happened.

Saying that "The Iranian people are the most Westernized in the region and a new regime in Iran will transform the world" sounds great, but the big question is for WHEN?

Being too westernized, too pro-democracy is proving to be counterproductive in the end... When push comes to shove, there is a lot of talking from the Iranian 'resistance'... but the nuclear is making progress in Iran -and the world cannot wait forever.

So the time has come to realize that one can no longer wait for the Iranian population to remove their evil regime.

Virulent speeches must be heard and kept in mind, because words reflect a state of mind. And actions, that speak louder than words, can make possible to turn that state of mind into a reality.

Israel is being attacked by the whole world; at this point, world opinion can be relegated behind the only One force that counts, that has always and will always stand by the Land of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide: God.

Friday, February 10, 2012

RABBI MEIR KAHANE: Parashat Yitro - Holiness and Mitzvot

Blessing before studying Torah (one needs to say this blessing only once in the day:)

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who has made us holy through His commandments, and commanded us to actively study Torah.

May it be Your Will, Hash-m our G-d, to sweeten the words of Your Torah in our mouths and in the mouths of all Your people Israel. May we and our offspring, and our offspring's offspring, and all the offspring of Your people, the House of Israel, may we all, together, know Your Name and study Your Torah for the sake of fulfilling Your desire. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Who teaches Torah to Your people Israel.

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who chose us from all the nations, and gave us the Torah. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Giver of the Torah.

Parashat Yitro, Commentary by our beloved Rabbi Meir Kahane, OBM

“You shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”
“Everything that Hashem has spoken, we shall do!”
(Ex. 19:6, 19:8)
G-d is holy. He is the climax of kedusha, the well from which kedusha flows to the world. In the world He created, He fixed the extent of kedusha and separateness. He gave kedusha to Israel, as it says, “be holy people to Me “ (Ex. 22:30), “You must be holy” (Lev. 19:2), and, “Your camp must be holy” (Deut. 23:15). S'forno comments on this last verse, “From impurity and loathsomeness”. G-d decreed that Israel must sanctify themselves. He, therefore, further decreed separation from the nations and from the profane, because without it, kedusha is impossible, as it states explicitly, “You shall be holy to Me, for I, the L-rd, am holy, and I have separated you out from among the nations to be Mine” (Lev. 20:26). We also learn (Torat Kohanim, Shemini, 12), “Just as I am holy, so are you holy. Just as I am set apart, so must you be set apart.” Here we find kedusha defined: It means separating oneself from the abominations, impurity and bestiality of the world, and instead clinging to purity and spiritual loftiness, goodness and the yoke of Heaven, intent on ascending and becoming holier.

Kedusha is the foundation of the world, because kedusha is perfection and purity, without a trace of abomination, spiritual baseness, selfishness, or bestial lust. Kedusha involves preparation, readying oneself to become holy, to fill one's soul with kedusha, as was said, as was said at Sinai, “Go to the people and sanctify them” (Ex.19:10), and Rashi comments, “Ready them, so that they can prepare themselves”. Kedusha means being ready for holiness and purity to enter the heart and soul.

Our sages said (Torat Kohanim, Kedoshim, 1): If you sanctify yourselves, I will credit you as having sanctified Me. If you do not sanctify yourselves, I will treat you as not having sanctified Me... Abba Shaul says, “Israel are the King's retinue, and they are required to emulate the King. In other words, Israel, as G-d's retinue, have the task of imitating Him, of being as similar to Him as it is possible for a man to be similar to G-d, and of coming close to Him. If they do so, then, so to speak, G-d as well, ascends spiritually and becomes holier. G-d decreed this upon Israel: "Remember and keep all My commandments and be holy to your G-d” (Num. 15:40). The Sifri comments (Shelach, 115), “This is the kedusha of all the mitzvot.” In other words, through all the mitzvot, Israel become holier; and this is their task, because it was for the sake of this that G-d took them out of Egypt.

Mitzvot open up for man the way to holiness. They refine his senses and his soul so that he differentiates between a sin and a mitzvah, between good and evil, between holiness and impurity. The more holy and pure he becomes, the more refined his senses become; and he begins to distinguish, naturally, between truth and falsehood. G-d imbued Israel with natural holiness that all other nations lack. Every mitzvah a Jew performs adds to his holiness, whereas every sin blunts and defiles the soul. Our sages said (Mechilta, Mishpatim, 20). “Every added mitzvah increases Israel's holiness.” Every mitzvah purifies and refines the soul, sanctifying and elevating man. The Torah's goal is to create a person who diminishes himself, who bridles his arrogance, breaking down and negating his ego, who suppresses his evil impulse and liberates himself from covetousness and haughtiness, which are the root of evil and impurity.

Breaking down one's passions is Israel's task. That is why kedusha was commanded so many times in the realms of life fraught with lust and desire; namely food and conjugal relations. G-d brought us out of Egypt only in order to be our G-d, so that we would accept His sovereignty, attributes and mitzvot, for these make us holy. Our sages further said (Torat Kohanim, Shemini, 12) “I am the L-rd, and I brought you out of Egypt”: I brought you out of Egypt on condition that you accept the yoke of mitzvot, for whoever acknowledges the yoke of mitzvot acknowledges the Exodus from Egypt, and whoever denies the former, denies the latter.

We learn a profound lesson here. There are two types of yoke. The first is the yoke of Heaven; the second is the yoke of mitzvot. Many claim that they accept the yoke of G-d's sovereignty, proclaiming faith in the existence of a Higher Power and in His greatness and kindness, but that they reject the yoke of mitzvot. They claim that the Torah of Moses is not the word of G-d, and they, thus, cast doubt on the mitzvot. Here, out sages teach that these are nothing but hypocrites, for whoever rejects the yoke of mitzvot, as recorded in the Torah of Moses, written and oral, shows that he does not really believe in the Exodus from Egypt, G-d's existence, or His ability to have saved Israel from there.

For a person fulfilling the mitzvot to achieve the goal of negating his ego, thereby achieving spiritual ascent and growth, he must be observing them because G-d commanded them. If he is fulfilling them only or chiefly because he “agrees” with them, then he is not at all fulfilling G-d's command, but only submitting to his own whims. Not only does he fail to negate his ego, but quite the contrary, he strengthens it. Suppose then, that someone who denies that the Torah's commandments originated with G-d performs a mitzvah, such as honoring one's parents or giving charity, doing so not because it is a decree of the King, a Divine edict from Sinai, but because he finds it morally agreeable. His blessings are not blessings and his mitzvot are not mitzvot – but blasphemy. Thus, before a person accepts upon himself the yoke of the mitzvot, he has to know that they are commandments. That is, he should perform them by dint of G-d's being Supreme King of kings, not because of his own intellect of feelings. Such was our sages' intent when they said (Kiddushin 31a), “One who is commanded to act and does so is greater than one who is exempt yet does so.” Seemingly the opposite is the case. Should not the highest praise go to the person who, although exempt from doing a mitzvah still does so voluntarily?

Once again, our sages are teaching us that one who volunteers to do a mitzvah is not doing so because it is a mitzvah, or because of any Heavenly yoke. After all, he is exempt! Rather, it is his own decision to perform it, freely arrived at, hence he fulfills no mitzvah (see Tosafot on Kiddushin 31a).

The rule is this: a mitzvah is conceived with a man's accepting the yoke of Heaven and born when he fulfills it because he was commanded to. Therefore, man's first undertaking must be, “Hear O Israel, the L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is one” (Deut. 6:4). This constitutes a declaration of unconditional submission to and acceptance of G-d's sovereignty. Then and only then can a Jew accept upon himself the yoke of mitzvot found in the second paragraph of the Shema, having the clear knowledge that the mitzvot he fulfills are based on an acceptance of the yoke of Heaven.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BENADOR: The Ambush of America: Muslims and the 2012 Elections

In America, the countdown has begun. And the country, in sharp free fall, finds herself with no savior in sight. True, presidential contender after presidential contender are fighting to grab the leadership, yet none of them seems convincing enough, even to the shrewd home-made political experts that nowadays abound. With the excuse that America is a baby country in the context of the creation of the world, America’s guarantors refuse to grow up and acknowledge that the world has received history lessons throughout millennia which include revolutions galore to straighten things whenever the going gets tough.

Muslim Ambush

By all accounts, Muslim immigration in America has dramatically increased throughout the last decades, suffice to look around and see the many Muslim women head-to-toe dressed in black burqas, while their men are dressed in a more dissimulated manner. What’s less so, are the multiple mosques or masjid that are now to be found in every state, but that's a problem that has developed throughout the various administrations.

Good Americans are for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, as per our sacrosanct Constitution that nowadays serves as jump rope for the president and his acolytes.

However, there is no where written in the Constitution that freedom of religion is supposed to be given to a community whose terrorists caused the massacre of our civilian population in times of peace, in the name of their god, Allah, and especially when their countries of origin have not even had the decency to disavow terrorism and had not sent their troops to hunt and kill their own terrorists.

Therefore, this is not Islamophobia, but our legitimate right to be concerned, especially when we know the chaos that reigns in the Muslim world at any and all times.

A recent Pew Research study claims that over the next two decades, the Muslim population in our country will more than double, from a Muslim population representing currently 0.8 percent to 1.7 percent predicted by 2030. The same report shows a Muslim population increasing worldwide by almost a billion people in the next 20 years which means that if it actually happens, Muslims will soon enough represent more than a quarter of the world population.

With the tacit and official approval of our authorities, whether it is Hussein Obama or Mr. Bloomberg and others, Muslims have never actually been made accountable for the acts of terror that have come our way, instead they were given a pass as our own Administration has conspicuously removed the term Muslim terrorism from official documwnts in relation with the massacres of 9/11 and, among others, has also facilitated their immigration, and continues to do so, as we will see below.

To crown the whole, the Pew Research Center finds “no indication of increased alienation or anger among Muslim Americans in response to concerns about home-grown Islamic terrorists controversies about the building of mosques and other pressure on this high-profile minority group in recent years, nor does the new polling provide any evidence of rising support for Islamic extremism among Muslim Americans. On the contrary...” Right. It's as if though it has been our people who have done something to them and not the other way around. Please, note the mention of “home-grown Islamic terrorists...”

Politically speaking, seems that Muslim Americans, who lean strongly Democratic, are much more satisfied than they were four years ago and, unsurprisingly, 76% approve of Barack Obama’s job performance; while, at the same time, in 2007, about as many (69%) had disapproved of the way George Bush handled his job as president.

Most may not be aware that in the aftermath of 9/11 the number of Saudi students who immigrated to the United States jumped more than fourfold and that trend has continued.

By the end of the 2011 fiscal year, the American missions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced that they have issued 121,296 visas for Saudis, up 32 percent over the previous year. Interestingly, "some 48,000 Saudi students are on scholarship, currently studying in various universities and colleges in the United States,” according to Mofid Deak, press attaché at the mission in Riyadh.

C.A.I.R. Ambush

While their numbers in our country are not precise, 3-5 million Muslim population seems to be quite a conservative estimate.

Last December, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced their 2012 “Muslims Vote” campaign, making available their Presidential Voter Guide, their “guide” to the intricate American electoral system. CAIR has an active social networking system and one should not expect them to be shy in their “guide” to elections, especially if in some circles Arabic is their mother tongue.

It is worrisome to find an increasingly larger Muslim population in key swing states such as Florida, Ohio and Michigan, which the majority of American conservatives seem to dismiss, though it is a mistake to do so, because after all, this is also the reason why CAIR wants to encourage Muslim participation in elections.

Obviously, a massive Muslim democratic vote could be critical in the scheme of things and as such, it could also be one of the reasons that this Administration has been removing obstacles to Muslim and, particularly, Saudi immigration to our country.

It’s as if though the fact that Muslim terrorists have committed 18,393 deadly terror attacks world wide since 9/11, is unimportant. Wherever Muslims are established, there is terror and chaos, just look at the news. Indeed, terrorism and trouble follow Muslims wherever they go. Why would anyone even think that it could be different in America, once they will be well established here?

The Obama and Co. Ambush

Obama may not have only facilitated Muslim immigration, among others, to help his re-election, but also other kind of manipulations to help his re-election are being committed on a daily basis, so it is not surprising that he has announced, on behalf of his reelection campaign, their strategy to court African-American voters, a voting bloc that he heavily secured during his 2008 run. Obama received 95% of the black vote. Thus, he has created the African-Americans for Obama, which in all likelihood, will end up inciting more divide in our country.

The list of impeachable offenses and of violations against the Constitution are countless and constitutional experts know that, in other circumstances, those excesses could have lead to the replacement of any other president and his administration.

The Conservative ambush

In that line, we would be remiss if we would oversee that all the above and more could only have been made possible thanks to the spineless, lethally lethargic American conservative movement.

GOP and Tea Party are hosting a Conservative Political Action Conference and, sadly, there is little they can achieve. As a key indicator, we have the first item on their agenda: How to Raise Money…the Easy Way – Sponsored by the Leadership Institute, and it’s "Open to all CPAC attendees." Another session is: "Do We Still Hold These Truths?”: The Future of the Conservative Movement.

For all it’s known, the future of the American Conservative Movement is bleak, it has been non-existent and almost under anesthesia during Obama’s deplorable first tenure. And, it has been in deep contrast with the very busy, very intent, and very organized, Left and their Occupy Movements, as well as the Unions. It’s like comparing day and night.

The Ambush of America by Americans

One thing is that corrupt politicians consider themselves above the law and more particularly, this president who, in his pre-tyranny moments, places himself with ease above the American constitution.

But, it is something else when John Doe, Joe the Plumber and all the American Annie Oakleys actively work in front of their computers and let the world feel their outrage tweeting or facebooking, when they see and feel the country collapsing -but fail to get ready for the worse, hoping for the best.

In our country, there was something about which we were always proud of, and that was American exceptionalism, which used to be the rule and now is, sadly, the exception.

Exceptionalism was to give the best of our best. Where has it gone?

Americans are feeling the change, and they know it is a change taking us far from our values and traditions, to a place with no God, with no love of country, with no essence of the family nucleus.

In case of Obama’s defeat, it is most likely that the liberal left will not accept with grace losing the elections, so it is important to remember how the NCAAP picketed some voting venues, plus those leftist radicals who love violence.

Whatever happens to America, it will be on the conscience of each and all Americans who have not stood up to defend her.

America depends on the American people and while our Constitution is violated and our country disintegrates, it’s the time to remember this one precious treasure in our lives:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

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