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We are confronted with another symptom of the decadence of the 21st century American society as the Left has surreptitiously undermined traditional values such as marital fidelity, honor, patriotism and religion that once united us. The licentiousness it promotes serves to advance the current administration’s three-fold goal:

1) Advance a socialist-Muslim agenda;

2) Promote and support minority groups that will provide votes to secure reelection in 2012;

3) Bankrupt America, breaking its population and paving the way to surrender to wealthy Muslims.


In an unexpected turn of circumstances for the Obama Administration, the Weiner case might end up inconveniencing the Administration plans.

Over several years, I have, in regular intermittent periods, lived and worked in several capacities in the Middle East Muslim world. I have seen first-hand the structure and functioning of the respectful nuclear families, as well as the absolute respect and surrender to the established authority of the royal families of the region.

In the Muslim world, there is no such thing as the disrespect of parents such as it is accepted, tolerated and promoted in our suicidal liberal society.

Huma Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, America. She and her family moved to Saudi Arabia when she was barely two years old. Her father was an Islamic scholar of Indian descent who died when she was 17 years old. Her mother, Pakistani-born Saleha Mahmood Abedin is a PHd and an associate professor of sociology at the Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

What’s interesting is that Dar Al-Hekma College was founded in September, 1999, on the advice of the Texas International Education Consortium. The TIEC is in turn an international, private, non-profit corporation founded in 1985, operating from Austin, Texas. It works with 32 public universities in Texas and is very influential in cooperation programs between international universities.

Since its inception, Dar Al-Hekma College has counted on the blessing of Saudi Arabia’s ruling elite. The King, the crown prince, and one of King Fahd’s wives, Princess Al-Jowhara bint Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim, attended the school’s graduation ceremony in 2005.

Arabic-speaking Huma returned to the US to attend George Washington University. In 1996, she landed an internship at the White House. Such prestigious internships are very coveted by the children of the powerful and the rich in America. For her first internship, Huma worked in the office of the First Lady.

Currently, Huma works at the U.S. State Department for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Less than a year ago, in July 2010, Huma Abedin married Jewish U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and former President Bill Clinton officiated at the ceremony, in the outskirts of New York.


Former Alinsky acolytes and Huma's best friends, the Clintons as well as Obama, George Soros and many others in power now, by their actions are signaling that they have in mind the takeover of America by socialism in America under Islamic rule.

And, adding to the mixture, Time Magazine listed Huma Abedin in its “40 under 40” list of new generation of civic leaders and “rising stars in American politics.”


Omar Abu-Namous, imam of the 96th Street Islamic Cultural Center-reputed to be the most prominent mosque in New York City has stated: “I would tell her [Huma] to be a little bit patient. In our book, if you think your wife, or husband, is doing something unacceptable, you start by counseling her.”


Those are words of compromise offered by a leading Muslim Imam, who probably believes we will forget that the Koran advocates stoning wives for adultery.

But we must not forget that observant Muslims practice Taqiyya which, as part of sharia, is the legal right and duty they have to distort the truth to promote the cause of Islam. They are not lying. They are practicing Taqiyya.


There are two possible factors to keep in mind:

In orthodox Islam, children of a Muslim man will be Muslim, just as in orthodox Judaism, children of a Jewish Mother are Jewish.

Given the articulated defense by the Imam, we must consider that Mr. Weiner *may* have converted to Islam or that there may be an agreement by which any children the couple may have will be raised Muslim.


The situation *could* point to a plan destined to groom someone to access leading political positions, subtly advancing the cause of Islam in America.


But, there is much more than meets the eyes.

Huma Abedin, a deeply observant Muslim, was born in the Midwest, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, of all places.

Kalamazoo has a “thriving, strong and growing Muslim community.” The Kalamazoo Islamic Center has served their needs since 1975.

The Weiner issue is turning our attention to examine what’s going on in Kalamazoo and its surroundings regarding Muslims’ silent presence not only there but throughout American territory.

Noteworthy is the advocacy and defense of sharia by Muslim Kalamazoo Students Association, that with seemingly regularity invite members of the Sharia Scholars’ Association of North America (SSANA) to speak at their events.


Pelosi, Wasserman, Schultz, among other high ranking democrats have realized the embarrassment is bringing too much attention to the case and they must move on now without him.

Wiener is to take a leave of absence despite growing calls for his resignation.


In this story, Anthony Weiner has become a negligible burden, as we can see from: "House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Monday tried to put fresh pressure on top Democrats to step up efforts to push Rep. Anthony Weiner out the door."

What's really important is that this case highlights the quiet development of the Muslim community in Kalamazoo, showing the underlying favorable eye with which various American Administrations look at the Muslim agenda, and which is particularly acute in the case of the current President.

Weinergate may prove to have been a blessing in disguise for Americans to open their eyes and wonder, if that happens in Kalamazoo -almost under the radar- what else is happening elsewhere in other small towns throughout America, because creeping sharia is alive and well -for those who want to acknowledge it.

Opinions are solely the author's.


Ms Benador is a national and international political analyst and global strategist and the former president of Benador Associates.

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