Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So, John Huntsman is launching his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

And he chose to be, just as Reagan, with the Statue of Liberty behind him.

Regardless, no magic will make Huntsman become a true conservative, as much as standing in front of Madame Liberty won't make him a Reagan.

His comment about Obama's announcement tonight on our troops withdrawal from Afghanistan as "a little cautious" was matched by Obama's camp, i.e., David Axelrod's comments that Huntsman's candidacy was "slightly bewildering."

But, other than those niceties exchange, the gist of the problem with Mr. Huntsman is that as a so-called Conservative, at simple first sight, he does not clearly stand for the defense of American values, particularly he is not definitive in his defense for those traditional American family values that are, together with G-d and Religion, the pillars of our country's existence itself.

And, as such, he comes through as a potential RINO-version of a GOP-President.

Do Conservative Americans need that? No way.

The XXIst century has highlighted the rotten situation of what I consider the real problem in American society, which is the almost total abdication by Conservatives of the principles that should help "conserve", keep, the American nation as it was created but are instead abdicating for personal reasons and interests to the fact that they want to keep it more "global", more "sensitive" to other versions of marriage as it has been so far.

The psycho-socio-anthropological ripple effect of such positions are conducive of real shock waves within our societies and the structure that has provided for a healthy existence -with some exceptions here and there.

Globalism, the brainchild of liberalism is still alive and kicking and we will soon see the results of some seeds that we never paid attention to in the past, but some that America will surely end up regretting.

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