Sunday, June 12, 2011


Usually I prepare myself to write my articles. Those on Israel and the Jewish people, however, I do from my heart, because the media is plagued with endless attacks against us, whether it is in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and so on, seemingly virulent anti-Semitic ranting showers our everyday.

But what's wrong with the world?

Are they going insane?

The famous three "Ds" are increasingly in action as we speak: Demonization, double standard and deligitimation are sweeping the four corners of the Earth to assure the destruction of Israel.

When Barack Hussein Obama flatly told Israel in front of the whole world that he was expecting them to go to borders prior to 1967, he actually meant: We need you out, so why don't you help us?

Whoever studies world History, knows that the connection between German Nazis and Muslim Arab regimes blossomed and has left imprints that are easily traceable until now.

It's only with men of the stature of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that we can say there is hope, as he says "Canada will stand by Israel regardless of the cost."

It all starts with the safe-hate from Jews themselves, and it goes on with the devilish surrender by our rabbinical leaders in their perennial quest to 'conquest' the enemy and in the end, they are the ones conquered.

Leniency rules and its unavoidable result is licentiousness.

So, others like the Scots and Swedes, and many others, feel they can allow themselves to behave like savages and boycott precisely the people who has given so many wise men, inventors, discoverers, scholars, doctors, physicists, nuclear physicists, IT techs, chemists.

Even artists that have made this a better world: Chagall, Arthur Rubinstein, Natan Milstein, Vladimir Horowitz. The lists are endless.

And, yet, so-called Civilization decides to side with the barbarians, those who perform stoning, beheading, honor killing, dismember limbs, slit babies throats when they and their parents sleep defenselessly.

And, has anybody realized the kind of psychological terrorism that's inflicted on the Israelis and Jews on a daily basis?

Because we do have feelings, you know.

We help cure the wounded enemy.

We help their children if they are in danger.

Israeli hospitals treat Muslim Palestinians and cure them until they heal and they do not charge anything.

In the army, our kids who are soldiers, are taught not to shoot unless completely and absolutely indispensable.

And, what does that do to us, Jewish Mothers...?

Does anyone think about that?

It tells us that Israel worries more about the enemy than about their precious soldiers, our own children.

When Muslims threaten Israel with their Naksa and Naqba days -it's torture not only for Israel but also for us Jews in the diaspora.

As it is, Israelis feel compelled to rise above the challenges that terrorism sends their way.

Whenever, G-d forbid, a terror attack has occurred, they all rush to clean up and the other day, someone very proudly said to me: "The next day everything is as if nothing had happened."

I said that I found it wrong.

Those attacks should be there for a few days so the world can see the violence and virulence of the intensity of those deadly Muslim terrorist attacks.

This is what I call the psychological torture of the Israeli people and the Jews.

Can you imagine so much pressure put even on the United States?

Israel is tiny. A tiny giant, just as King David was.

But this psychological torture is cruel to all involved, including and especially our children.

First thing that should be addressed is the rise of liberalism among Jews and Israelis.

We need to get back to our sources, read Torah and our traditions.

That will give our leaders the strength to have an iron will and stamp their feet and tell the world:

We have enough. Enough torturing our people. Stop behaving like beasts!

G-d is with us.


Opinions are the author's exclusively.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is US Representative of the Shomron Liaison Office, Samaria, Israel; former President of Benador Associates, and a national and international political analyst and global strategist.

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