Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The abolition of marriage as it has been known since the independence of America -is about to take place, as the moral corruption of this government aims at the destruction of America by zapping its basic moral pillars as they were intended by the Founding Fathers who created the amazing, most achieving country, America.

An all-out war against the traditional American marriage is in place.

The, as of today, so-called "marriage equality" is just a cleansing verbal abuse to the traditions of this country, as this liberal government tries to destroy whatever is left of America.

Little by little, administration after administration, they have been betraying America, whether Republicans or Democrats.

Even morning prayers in our schools has been slowly abandoned. And yet, the notion of G-d is an alternative that should not be negotiable.

As we speak, two GOP members in New York are undecided on whether to support Governor Cuomo's plan to facilitate the destruction of the traditional American marriage, but how can this be, when in this respect there should be no doubt in the minds of Conservatives.

However, the collapse in the conservative leadership is surrendering to the liberal positions -for no true conservative should have any glimmer of a doubt in defending conservative values, that's as simple as that.

Obama and his Administration' will to zap America cannot be more obvious and what's worse, they are counting on the help of the collapsing conservative movement in America.

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