Sunday, June 12, 2011


In life there is nothing such as moderate. Just as in the Torah teachings. You believe in G-d or believe in gods -such as money, luxury and convenience. You have emunah in Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu, You trust G-d or you don't. Being a moderate and wanting to compromise your life's principles, simply put is siding with darkness and evil. In this life, to have peace, you have to fight for your security and never let your guard down. That's life. And our responsibility.

Peaceful peace does not exist.

Peace is a state of nirvana just as happiness, lasts a few moments.

Whoever wants to compromise with evil is in for a good shakeup.

Evil pulls you to darkness and disarray.

Don't even think for a minute you will get away with anything good in dealing with evil and accepting its conditions.

Evil is only conducive of evil.

True heroes are those who believe in righteousness.

It's only the courage to face such reality and behave accordingly that makes a righteous man prevail.

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