Friday, June 17, 2011


President Obama is on his way to re-election and has made it clear he has set himself one goal: raise one billion dollars to be 'the' next man at the helm of America, or what will be left of the real America after this decisive 4-year first term.

Naturally, Obama is not mincing his words or actions in order to achieve it.

Policies are being made with the ultimate goal of getting also the necessary electorate to make that happen. Legislation facilitating the existence of unions, enabling illegal immigrants status towards acquiring American nationality, and so much more.

Barack Hussein Obama launched the bid for his second term last 4th April 2011.

Sources, on condition of anonymity, inform that the current President of the United States has already succeeded to raise, in roughly over 2 months, a whopping 500 million dollars from American bankers who wish to grant Mr. Obama a second term given the favorable position they enjoy since Mr. Obama took charge. Money has become cheap under Obama -so bankers love him and want him to stay.

The big question is: Is this what Americans want?


Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and interantional political commentator, analyst and a global strategist and the former CEO and Founder of Benador associates.

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