Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BENADOR: About Experts and Fauxperts

With the ascent of mostly less literate masses promoted by the current progressive rulers in our country, the anti-elite virus has been broadly widespread among Americans.

Throughout History, true experts have been valued and appreciated, those who have studied, who have learned, experimented and have a vast experience.

Beware the intellectual infiltration of leftist theories in our minds, they come silently and creep inside our values and opinions.

When we begin to doubt those who have the most knowledge in one topic, is the minute we can acknowledge that the leftist infiltration is getting the best of us.  That said, it goes without saying that experts are not perfect, they just know more and are more qualified than average Joe.

For instance, many so-called 'conservatives' are against what is called the "elites", while precisely those elites are the most learned, savvy, experienced, and so on.  They don't know that by criticizing and giving up on those "elites", the masses are having the doors of mediocrity wide open.

That's how nowadays we are witnessing what is being called a fauxperts epidemic.

Those fauxperts that especially pollute the arena of writing and speaking, the seemingly easiest areas where ignorant-in-the-field people are misleading to "feel" they can easily talk their way through the minefield of communications.

If it was only about reading, everyone would already have been an expert during the thousands of years of our existence.

But it's about studying different areas, analyzing, comparing, researching, having the first-hand contact with the field that gives vast experience... what makes an expert an expert...

In came the leftists, tearing down all barriers, with the falacy that everything could became possible to anyone at any time.

Along came the birth of the instant fauxperts virus, polluting the quality of information, communication and most of all, misleading gullible readers unaware that instead of the elites, now they are the slaves of mediocrity whose goal is to bring down the excellence that America used to strive for.

But, that's unacceptable especially if a country wants to continue developing not only in science and culture but also in literature, politics, business, and more.

The elites are there to inspire others to be ambitious and want to study and work and gain experience and become even better than their role models.

Being envious of the elites does not take anyone anywhere.

Elites are indispensable in all countries, and their existence does not exclude anyone who wants to enter in their realm -the price is hard work, hard study and a vehement perseverance in getting to be better than them, in getting to invent better products or find more black holes thousands of years light from this tiny Earth planet.

So, it's time to review in our minds and personalities and realize that what we are believing in, comes directly from the destructive, suicidal left, and that it's time to stop it so that we can own our thoughts and our feelings in order to become more useful protagonists in the theater of life.