Tuesday, June 28, 2011


IN an unprecedented turnaround, in Holland, The Netherlands, the second chamber just voted 116-30 and 79-97 forbidding Jewish schechitah ritual, the kosher slaughtering by which kosher meat is gotten from animals that are slaughtered following the Jewish tradition of instant death of the animals so as to avoid the deadly toxins living bodies liberate if they are killed suffering. Jewish law prohibits any suffering when killing any animal, especially if its meat is to be considered kosher.

With this decision, Holland takes a firm stand to stop mostly the advance of Islam in their midst.

While it is a decision that affects its Jewish community, it is mainly directed to the increasing Muslim community whose slaughtering laws for hallal meat are less strict in regards to non-suffering of slaughtered animals.

It is, in this sense, that the renowned activist and Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, a friend of the Jewish cause, has signed for the prohibition of slaughtering of animals for religious reasons.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Appears that some brilliant minds are insisting that Israel establish a "dialog" with the Arab, no, it actually is the MUSLIM world.

But, the question is what is there anymore to speak about with those who want to make Israel disappear and exterminate the Jews?

Have the Israelis not yet realized those facts?

Actions speak louder than words.

As such, didn't the Israeli people as well as the Israeli leadership see the bodies of the Fogel family, all with their slit throats, including 3-month old baby Hadassah?

Let me explain this:

In the Muslim world, when they slit a throat, whether it is of an animal or a human, they do it slightly enough to make them bleed to death but at the same time they are making sure they will die with the utmost suffering agony.

So, some want Israel to talk "directly" to the Arabs?

I wouldn't even mention this but we are responsible for the fate of the innocent population -who because of the dangerous situation are put at the utmost risk.

To be clear, again, the problem is not with the Arabs, but with the Muslims.

Please, read "Israel urged to speak directly to Arab world"

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Below is the update that was sent to me yesterday by Dr. Terry Jones office regarding his visit to New York that began Thursday evening.

THIS is the state of affairs our country is in.

Recently an article of mine was censored and brought down by the Washington Times Communities as they gave in to unfounded attacks against me, distorting the premises of my article about Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin.

At that time, I was even asked by the editor, this blunt, racist, question: "Are you a Zionist?"

America is giving in to pressure from people whose goal is not to be our friends and live according to our standards, but by people who want to make us follow the new rules they are slowly and surely implanting among us -and, sad to say, with our tacit approval, as America does not wish, does not want, to wake up.

Dr. Jones Update:

As we arrived in New York, we were met by several police officers in plain clothes, detectives I assumed, and we were met by the police chief of the area. It was made very clear to us that they were not welcoming us to New York and they were not there for our protection.

They told us they would be watching us and that they would be with us the whole time, which they were, to make sure we would not do anything unlawful, which of course we had not planned.

We definitely felt very controlled. As I said, they made it clear to us that they were not there to protect us, nor to welcome us to the city. In fact we were very, very, unwelcome. This was our experience the whole time.

We were then informed that all of the meetings we had planned had been canceled. A meeting with the Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center, I believe set up by the State Department, had been canceled.

Next, we proceeded to a hotel where we were to have another meeting. As we were on our way there, that meeting was canceled.

We were, the next day, proceeding to a different hotel to do our interview with the Belgian film crew. As we arrived at the hotel, we were recognized and that appointment was immediately canceled.

A photographer with the Belgian film crew has a friend here in NY, and through this relationship we were finally able to do the filming on the top of a building. It was very, very clear that the whole thing had been very much controlled, in our opinion, by the government. Every single step we made was controlled. This is a very good example of the condition that our nation is in.

Dr. Terry Jones

Founder and President, Stand Up America Now!

Link to Stand Up America Now!

Friday, June 24, 2011


The Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin affaire has served as jumping board to a way more complex issue.
It has been found that the majority of connections around Huma Abedin take us closer to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi Royals.
This has also shown us that her immediate relatives' activities expand towards the Western world most likely as part of the so-called “dawah” or “the propagation of Islamic religion in the United States."
The collateral effect of all the above is to ambush our ally Israel as upheaval in Muslim Middle Eastern countries gives place to a more radical version of Islam.
Needless to say that the privileged position Huma enjoys as Deputy Chief of Staff of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and who is, by some accounts, her confidant, makes her also privy to potentially important and classified, sensitive, affairs of state of this American Administration.
It has been concluded that Huma's immediate relatives. are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Sisterhood.
This, “too-close-for-comfort” situation has incited me to analyze from close the situation of Muslims in our midst, throughout the US.
As the massacres of 9/11 happened, we learned that Muslim terrorists who had perpetrated the attacks had been in the US for some time and were able to gather information, prepare themselves and organize the attacks with a manu military corresponding to a highly sophisticated infrastructure.
Muslim terrorists attacking America have shown in both the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 under Mullah Omar and the suicide massacres of 9/11 that their goal has been to disrupt our lives and our economy.
However, the attack on America also caused collateral victims within the Muslim community and at the same time it provoked an aftermath bitter resentment against Americans from Muslim origin.
Therefore, and since then, it appears to be no coincidence that we have been able to thwart bomb attacks –no longer producing any more Muslim collateral casualties –but that showered enough uncertainty in the mind of Americans to live through a constant and collective psychological torture of knowing there is an enemy who wishes us ill, but not knowing when and where will the next terror attack could come from.
But, how did all this happen? As we did our research, it became obvious that a quiet invasion has been taking place –and no one has alerted America’s population of it.
The culprits of this lack of information are as much the different American administrations from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, as the thousands of needless (because only 10 of such could well do the job) anti-terrorism think tanks who make their bread and butter in the research of terrorism, but have only kept that information to their board members.
To be sure, the United States Constitution had in it the seed that Muslims were going to use to their advantage:
Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
As such, Muslims have been able to propagate and establish themselves throughout our territory without resistance at all, but rather with the tacit consent of our Constitution which guarantees government neutrality towards religion –and the tacit approval of the various administrations.
Thus, our system has been used to further facilitate and enable the establishment of Muslim, Islamist organizations, capable to disseminate their views and their goals. They have simply used our democracy-favorable-means at hand in order to develop their programs, especially in the 90s, prior to 9/11.
As a matter of fact, in the aftermath of 9/11, at an event I organized on behalf of the government of Kuwait in New York in an effort to show their goodwill to the people of America, a panel of Muslim parliamentarians presented their case to the media and the public –and one of the lady aspiring parliamentarian (at that point in that country women were not yet able to vote –they only got their right to vote in May 2005) commented: “We send our secular children to America and when they come back home, they have become radicals… in America!”
As such, we won’t be surprised to find, for instance, that the Islamic Society of North America, ISNA, is hosting the “largest Islamic conference ever” under the tempting, universal, themes of Loving G-d, Loving Neighbor, Living in Harmony, from July 1-4, 2011, in Illinois.
With all the above information, I initiated the arduous task of realizing, to the best of my abilities, my personal census on the existent Islamic, Muslim institutions called either “Islamic Centers,” “Mosques”, or what’s called “Masjid” but which is the other Arabic word for ‘mosque'.
What appeared to be, in the aftermath of 9/11, a far-fetched stretch from reality has now become a reality.
And, while perceiving the United States as the enemy of Islam and the Muslim world, Muslims have patiently, quietly and perseveringly managed to creep inside America society.
To review one of the best sources of information on the Muslim strategy, nothing like being ‘enlightened’ by the propaganda words of Islamist scholar, Shamim Siddiqi: “Methodology of Dawa.” Dawa means propagation of the religion –of Islam. Subtitle is: “Methodology of Dawah IlAllah in American Perspective.”

A look at the list of Muslim/Islamist organizations, associations, mosques or masjid [pronounced: ma-djid] throughout each one of the 51 states, will show the magnitude of the threat and how far have they gone –and how much Americans have been kept ignorant. Note: the list is being completed on a daily basis.
Islam is not a religion of peace that’s being implanted in our midst. And, its tentacles are widely spread in our territory where, as we could see, thanks to Anthony Weiner's indiscretions, they now have infiltrated the highest spheres of our government and leadership.
Time Magazine has included Huma Abedin among the promising and upcoming new leaders of America.
Regardless, no matter how civil they may look, the truth is that Islam and sharia rule through stoning, honor killing, mistreatment of women, abuse of children, mutilation, beheading and persecution of Christians, Jews and whoever will not convert to Islam.
It’s a political ideology of terror and bestiality (when Muslim terrorists slit throats of defenseless families including 3-months old babies, there is no other word for that.)
Such a political ideology, where so-called moderate Muslims do not stop the existence of radical views and terrorism being exported under their label, one can fear that if implanted in America, it could take us to the dark Middle Age that our History gracefully had skipped.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international political adviser, global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The abolition of marriage as it has been known since the independence of America -is about to take place, as the moral corruption of this government aims at the destruction of America by zapping its basic moral pillars as they were intended by the Founding Fathers who created the amazing, most achieving country, America.

An all-out war against the traditional American marriage is in place.

The, as of today, so-called "marriage equality" is just a cleansing verbal abuse to the traditions of this country, as this liberal government tries to destroy whatever is left of America.

Little by little, administration after administration, they have been betraying America, whether Republicans or Democrats.

Even morning prayers in our schools has been slowly abandoned. And yet, the notion of G-d is an alternative that should not be negotiable.

As we speak, two GOP members in New York are undecided on whether to support Governor Cuomo's plan to facilitate the destruction of the traditional American marriage, but how can this be, when in this respect there should be no doubt in the minds of Conservatives.

However, the collapse in the conservative leadership is surrendering to the liberal positions -for no true conservative should have any glimmer of a doubt in defending conservative values, that's as simple as that.

Obama and his Administration' will to zap America cannot be more obvious and what's worse, they are counting on the help of the collapsing conservative movement in America.


So, John Huntsman is launching his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

And he chose to be, just as Reagan, with the Statue of Liberty behind him.

Regardless, no magic will make Huntsman become a true conservative, as much as standing in front of Madame Liberty won't make him a Reagan.

His comment about Obama's announcement tonight on our troops withdrawal from Afghanistan as "a little cautious" was matched by Obama's camp, i.e., David Axelrod's comments that Huntsman's candidacy was "slightly bewildering."

But, other than those niceties exchange, the gist of the problem with Mr. Huntsman is that as a so-called Conservative, at simple first sight, he does not clearly stand for the defense of American values, particularly he is not definitive in his defense for those traditional American family values that are, together with G-d and Religion, the pillars of our country's existence itself.

And, as such, he comes through as a potential RINO-version of a GOP-President.

Do Conservative Americans need that? No way.

The XXIst century has highlighted the rotten situation of what I consider the real problem in American society, which is the almost total abdication by Conservatives of the principles that should help "conserve", keep, the American nation as it was created but are instead abdicating for personal reasons and interests to the fact that they want to keep it more "global", more "sensitive" to other versions of marriage as it has been so far.

The psycho-socio-anthropological ripple effect of such positions are conducive of real shock waves within our societies and the structure that has provided for a healthy existence -with some exceptions here and there.

Globalism, the brainchild of liberalism is still alive and kicking and we will soon see the results of some seeds that we never paid attention to in the past, but some that America will surely end up regretting.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The following is a non-exhaustive list of Muslim or Islamic institutions -they could be 'centers', 'organizations', 'societies', 'associations' -as well as mosques but under its other name: "masjid".

Because of its abundance, I decided to mention only the name of the organization, city, state and in some cases the zip code. But I suggest you verify on your internet searcher, as some may within days change location.

I publish this, to show the magnitude of the situation that not many among us, Americans, are aware of.

To be sure, there are many American organizations devoted exclusively to the study of terrorism and the expansion of Islam or Muslims in our midst. But their information is not made public because it is mostly available to their own devotees, those who fund them.

However, I believe that this is a matter of public interest, of national security, for you and everyone else to have readily available.

Were you aware of this? And, this is for now a partial list -and will be completed on a daily basis.




Masjid Al-Quran - Birmingham, AL
Birmingham Islamic Society - Homewood, AL
Masjid As-Saabiqoon - Birmingham, AL
Islamic Center of Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa, AL
Tuscaloosa Islamic Center - Tuscaloosa, AL
Masjid Al-Islam - Aliceville, AL
Islamic Society of Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa, AL
Huntsville Islamic Center - Huntsville, AL
Masjid Sajdullah - Huntsville, AL
Tuskegee Islamic Community/ Tuskegee Masjid - Tuskegee, AL
Masjid Qasim Bilal El-Amin - Montgomery, AL
Masjid An-Nur - Anniston, AL
Islamic Center of Dothan - Dothan, AL
Hartford Islamic Center - Hartford, AL
Masjid Baitul Haqq - Mobile, AL
Mobile Islamic Center/Masjid Al-Islam - Mobile, AL
Islamic Society of Mobile - Mobile, AL
Islamic Dawah Center of Prichard - Prichard, AL
Masjid Muhammad - Birmingam, AL
Mobile Islamic Center – Mobile, AL
Selma Islamic Center - Selma, AL
Muslim Center - Opelika, AL
Muslim Community Association (MCA) - Auburn, AL


The Islamic Center of Alaska, in Anchorage, Alaska (no website found)
Ar-Rashid Mosque, Anchorage, AK
Islamic Center Of Alaska Masjid Building Fund, Anchorage, AK
Islamic Society of Alaska (Fairbanks) - Ft. Wainwright, AK


Masjid Muhammad #32 - Phoenix, AZ
Islamic Center - Phoenix, AZ
Islamic Center - Phoenix, AZ
Islamic Community Center of Phoenix - Phoenix, AZ
Masjid Jauhartul-Islam - Phoenix, AZ
Masjid Jauharatul Islam - Phoenix, AZ
Islamic Community Center - Tempe, AZ
Islamic Cultural Center - Tempe, AZ
Muslim Community Mosque - Tempe, AZ
Islamic Center of Tucson - Tucson, AZ
Islamic Center of Flagstaff - Flagstaff, AZ
Masjid Ibrahim - Kingman, AZ


Muslim Association of Arkansas - Pine Bluff, AR
Masjid Ameen Zakariyya - Little Rock, AR
Masjid Al-Baiyina - Little Rock, AR
Islamic Center of Jonesboro - Jonesboro, AR
Masjid Hamzah - Fayetteville, AR
American Muslim Mission Center - Fort Smith, AR


Masjid Bilal, Bilal Mosque Association, Los Angeles, CA www.bilalmasjid.net
Masjid Umar Ibn Alkhattab, Masjid part of the Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation - Los Angeles, CA
Masjid Felix Bilal - Los Angeles, CA
Islamic Valley - Masjid Al-Huda - Los Angeles, Inglewood, CA
Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) - Los Angeles, CA 90010
WWW URL: http://www.mpac.org/welcome.html - Islamic Political Organization
Masjid Asabiqun - Los Angeles, CA
Masjid Felix Bilal - Los Angeles, CA 90011
Masjid Ibadillah, W Jefferson Blvd, LA, CA
Masjid Al Mumin, S Andrews Pl - Los Angeles, CA
Islamic Center of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA 90020
Hollywood Masjid - Hollywood, CA 90027
Islamic Foundation of Ibne Taymiah/ Masjid Ibne Taymiah - Los Angeles, CA 90034
Musalla Commerce - Commerce, CA 90040
Masjid As Salam - Los Angeles, CA 90043
Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah - Los Angeles, CA 90043
Masjid Al Rasol - Los Angeles, CA 90059
Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah - Los Angeles, CA 90062
Muslim Brothers of America - Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Islamic Center of Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Islamic Cultural Center - Compton, CA 90221
Masjid Ikhlas - Compton, CA 90221
Masjid A-Rashid - Compton, CA 90223
Islamic Society of West Los Angeles - Culver City, CA 90230
Islamic Center of Hawthorne - Hawthorne, CA 90250
Jamat-e-Masjidul Islam - Inglewood, CA 90301
Islamic Education and Research Center/Momin Lodge - Torrance CA 90504
Islamic Center of South Bay - Torrance, CA 90505
Masjid of Allah - Pico Rivera, CA 90660
Muslim Community - Cerritos, CA 90701
The Islamic Center of The South Bay - Lomita, CA 90717
Masjid Al Sharif - Long Beach, CA 90802
Masjid Al Shareef - Long Beach, CA 90810
Muslim Center - Altadena, CA 91001
Muslim Community Center - Altadena, CA 91001
Masjid Al-Taqwa - Pasadena, CA 91001
Masjid Qurtuba - Duarte, CA 91010
al-Fatiha Islamic Center - Monrovia, CA 91016
Fundraising for a larger center. Established by the Thai Muslim community
Fatima Islamic Society - Canoga Park, CA 91303
Islamic Center of Conejo Valley - Newbury Park, CA 91320
Northridge Islamic Center - Northridge, CA 91324
UAS Islamic Center of Reseda - Reseda, CA 91335
Islamic Center of Santa Clarita Valley - Saugus, CA 91350
Hilal Islamic Center - Sun Valley, CA 91352
Islamic Center of Corona and Norco - Corona, CA 91719
Islamic Center of Rancho Cucamonga- Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley - Rowland Hights, CA 91748
Islamic Center of Claremont - Pomona, CA 91767
Muslim Educational Society - Cal Poly- Pomona, CA 91768
The Islamic Center of Pomona, California - Pomona, CA 91768
Masjid Gibrael - San Gabriel, CA 91776
Islamic Education Center - Walnut, CA 91789
Islamic Information Center of the America - La Jolla, CA
Islamic Center of Lakeside - Lakeside, CA
Masjid Al-Taqwa - San Diego, CA 92102
Masjid Al-Noor/Islamic Association & Foundation of San Diego - San Diego, CA 92105
Islamic Madrassa of America - San Diego, CA
Islamic Center of San Diego - San Diego, CA 92111
The Islamic Center of Southern California (http://icsconline.org/)
The Islamic Center of Vallejo (http://www.islamiccenterofvallejo.com/)
The Masjid Annur Islamic Center
Muslim Community Association (http://www.mcabayarea.org/)
Masjid Quba, Alameda, California (no website)
Islamic Center of Alameda, Alameda, CA (no www)
Masjid Waretheen, Oakland, CA (no www)


Mountain State Islamic Association - Denver, CO 80205
Denver Islamic Society - Denver, CO 80210
An Nur Masjid - Denver, CO 80222
Denver Islamic Society - Denver, CO 80224
Dar Makkah Foundation - Denver, CO 80231
Colorado Muslim Society / Islamic Center of Denver / Masjid Abu Bakr (1/97) Denver, CO 80231
Denver International Airport Mosque - Denver, CO
Islamic Center of Boulder - Boulder, CO 80303
Islamic Center of Golden - Golden, CO 80402
Islamic Center of Fort Collins - Fort Collins, CO 80521
Greenley Islamic Center - Greenley, CO 80631
Islamic Society of Colorado Springs - Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Pueblo Mosque/ Pueblo Islamic Society - Pueblo, CO 81001


Daar-ul-Ehsaan - Bristol, CT 06010
The Islamic Association of Greater Hartford - Berlin, CT 06037
Islamic Center of Connecticut/ Masjid Madina - Windsor, CT 06095-0624
Masjid Muhammad - Hartford, CT 06120
Islamic Center of New London - New London, CT 06320
Islamic Community of Fairfield County (ICRC) Masjid (Jamia Karam) - Monroe, CT 06468
Masjid Muhammad - New Haven, CT 06511
Masjid Al-Islam - New Haven, CT 06511
Masjid Al-Islam - Hamden, CT 06514
New Haven Islamic Center - West Haven, CT 06516
Bridgeport Islamic Society - Bridgeport, CT 06601
Masjid Al-Aziz - Bridgeport, CT 06601
Masjid An-Noor - Bridgeport, CT 06605
University of Bridgeport Masjid - Southport, CT 06606
Albanian American Muslim Community - Waterbury, CT 06706
Albanian Community Center - Wolcott, CT 06716
United Muslim Masjid (Masjid Rahman) - Waterbury, CT 06722
Islamic Society of Western Connecticut - Danbury, CT 06810
Qadri Masjid - Norwalk, CT 06851
Islamic Community of Fairfield County - Norwalk, CT 06852-0106
Islamic Community of Fairfield County - Norwalk, CT 06852
Muslim Center - Stanford, CT 06902
Stamford Musallah (Jumah Only) - Stamford, CT 06906
Farmington Masjid - Farmington, CT


Masjid Ibrahim - Newark, DE 19711
Islamic Society of Delaware - New Castle, DE 19720
Muslim Center - Wilmington, DE 19801
Masjid uz Zumar - Smyrna, DE 19977


The Ansaru Allah Community - Washington, DC 20001
Masjid Muhammad - Washington, DC 20001
Washington Masjid - Washington, DC 20001
Islamic Community Mission - Washington, DC 20005
Tabligh - Washington, DC 20007-4101
Emerson Masjid - Washington, DC 20008
The Islamic Center - Massachusetts NW - Washington, DC 20008
Jazal Mosque - Washington, DC 20008
Jammat'ul Jihad (Dawah among the Deaf) - Washington, DC 20009
Masjid Baitullah - Washington, DC 20010
Hanafi Madhab Center - Washington, DC 20011
Masjid Muhammad - Washington, DC 20011
Masjid Al-Islam - Washington, DC 20019
Muhammad Mosque #4 - Washington, DC 20019
“Note: Warning: This is a Nation of Islam site.”
Masjid Ush Shura - Washington, DC 20032
Association Of Latin American Muslims/Sociedad Islamica Latino Americana - Washington, DC 20006
Islamic Affairs Programs located at the Middle East Inst. - Washington, DC 20036-2882


Islamic Center of Daytona Beach, FL 32015
Masjid Al-Salaam - Jacksonville, FL 32202
Jacksonville Masjid - Jacksonville, FL 32209
Islamic Center of Northeast Florida - Jacksonville, FL 32246
Al Ansar Mosque - Tallahasse, FL 32304
Masjid Muhammad - Tallahasse, FL 32304
The Cultural Society - Panama City, FL 32405
Islamic Center of Fort Walton Beach - Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
Mosque Al-Mujahideen - Laurel Hill, FL 32567
Gainesville Islamic Center - Gainesville, FL 32601
Islamic Center of Gainesville - Gainesville, FL 32601
Masjid Al-Muslimeen - Gainesville, FL 32608
Islamic Soc. of Central Florida - Orlando, FL 32807
Islamic Center of Orlando - Lobe Honorista, FL
Islamic Society of Brevard County - Melbourne, FL 32901
Bism Rabbik Foundation - Coral Gables, FL 33146-3038
Notes: An Islamic Da'wah and Information Organization (in Spanish and
English) Since / Desde 1982 “Dawah” means propagation of religion.
Islamic Center of S. Florida - Pompano Beach, FL 33060-6225
Masjid Al Ansar - Miami, FL 33127
Masjid Annour - Miami, FL 33174
Flagler Mosque (Masjid Miami) - Miami, FL
Masjid Mu'min - Miami, FL
Masjid/ Muslim Community Association of South Florida (MCA) - Miami, FL
Daar of Islamic Heritage, Inc. - Miami, FL 33283
Masjid Noor-i-Islam - Cooper City, FL
Masjid Nur Islam - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Masjid Tawhid - Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311
Sunrise Mosque - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
Islamic Center - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
Masjid Salahuddin - Dania, FL
Bismillah Islamic Center - Tampa, FL 33602
Masjid Al-Hamdulillah - Tampa, FL 33602
Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area - Tampa, FL 33610
Islamic Society of Tampa Bay - Temple Terrance, FL 33617
Islamic Dawah Center - Tampa Bay, FL
Muslim Center - Tampa, FL 33675
Islamic Comm. For Palestine - Tampa, FL 33682
Islamic Center of Daytona Beach - Daytona Beach, FL 33701
Mosque (9/96) 700 Bernel Road - South Daytona, FL
Muslim Center - St Petersburg, FL 33701
Masjid Al-Qaadir Mu'minun - St Petersburg, FL 33712
Center for Islam and Cultural Awareness - Fort Myers, FL 33901
Islamic Center of SW Florida - Fort Myers, FL33902
Islamic Center Munich - Naples, FL 33940
Islamic Center - Port Charlotte, FL 33952
Muslim Association - Brantford, FL 34206
Islamic Society of Pinellas County - Pinellas Park, FL 34664
Jami Al Salam - Dunedin, FL 34694
Islamic Centre of Kissimmee/Darul Uloom Florida - Kissimmee, FL 34746
Islamic Center of Northeast FLA (http://www.icnef.org/)
Leesburg Islamic Center (http://www.leesburgmasjid.com/)


Masjid An Nur - Lithonia, GA 30058
Masjid Al-Hedaya - Marietta, GA 30064
Note: Masjid provides five time daily salat, salatul Jumu'ah,
daily Qur'anic classes for children, Sunday Islamic school,
Friday night family Halaqa, sisters halaqa in Urdu and
English. We are currently looking into the possibility of
starting Boys and Girls Scouts troops.
Islamic Society - Powder Springs, GA 30073
Masjid Al-Momineen of Stone Mountain, Inc. - Stone Mountain, GA 30086-0984
Georgia website information on Islamic centers, mosques or masjids: http://www.holymosque.com/countries/north_america/united_states/ga/ga.htm
Masjid Al-Huda - Carrolton, GA 30117
Muslim Center - Griffin, GA 30223
Bilal ibn Rabah Islamic Center - La Grange, GA 30240
Masjid Bilal ibn Rabah - La Grange, GA 30240
Muslim Center - La Grange, GA 30240
Masjid Atlanta City - Atlanta, GA 30308
West End Community Masjid - Atlanta, GA 30310
Islamic Center - Atlanta, GA 30312
Masjid Al Muminun - Atlanta, GA 30315
Mujaheedin Islamic Propagation - Atlanta, GA 30315
Atlanta Masjid of Al-islam - Atlanta, GA 30316
Masjid al-Mujtahideen - Atlanta, GA 30316-1605
Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA 30318
Masjid Al-Hidayah - Atlanta, GA 30339
Chamblee Masjid - Carrollton, GA 30341
Iklas - East Pt, GA 30354
Gainesville Community Mosque - Gainesville, GA 30501
Medina Masjid - Commerce, GA 30529
Sunni Solutions Society - Athens, GA 30603
Al-Huda Islamic Center Inc - Athens, GA 30605
Al-Huda Islamic Center - Elberton, GA 30635
Dalton Islamic Center - Dalton, GA 30719
Masjid Muhammad - Augusta, GA 30901
Muslim Community Center - Augusta, GA 30901
Islamic Community of Fort Gordon - Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Islamic Society - Martinez, GA 30907
Islamic Center of Augusta - Augusta, GA 30907
Islamic Society of Augusta - Martinez, GA 30907
Islamic Center Middle Georgia - Macon, GA 31204
Muslim Center - Macon, GA 31204
Masjid Ma'un - Hinesville, GA 31313
Masjid Jihad - Savannah, GA 31401
Muslim Center - Albany, GA 31707
Masjid Al-Noor - Columbus, GA 31901
Masjid Muhammad - Columbus, GA 31906


Muslim Association of Hawaii/Islamic Center - Honolulu, HI 96822


Imam Almahdi Islamic Center - Boise, ID 83706
Islamic Center of Boise, ID 83706
Islamic Center of Moscow/Masjid Omar - Moscow, ID 83843
Muslim Community of Palouse- Moscow, ID 83843


Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs - Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Islamic Association of Des Plaines - Des Plaines, IL 60016
Islamic Foundation North - Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Muslim Education Centre (MEC) - Morton Grove, IL 60053
Islamic Cultural Center-Greater Chicago - Northbrook, IL 60062
Dar-ul-Islam - Palatine, IL 60078-1906
Islamic Center in Waukegan - Waukegan, IL 60085
Albanian American Islamic Center/Albanian Islamic Center - Berkeley IL 60103
Islamic Center of North America - Bellwood, IL 60104
Islamic Community of Illlnois - Bensenville, IL 60106
Muslim Society Inc, Bloomingdale - Streamwood, IL 60107
Islamic Society of Northern Illinois Univ - Dekalb, IL 60115
Islamic Community Center - Elgin, IL 60123-3213
Elmhurst Islamic Center - Elmhurst, IL 60126
Islamic Education Center - Glendale Heights, IL 60139-3371
Muslim Society Inc. - Glendale Heights, IL 60139
Islamic Society of Northern Illinois University (ISNIU) - Dekalb, IL 60155

Islamic Foundation - Villa Park, IL 60181
Midwest Islamic Center - Schaumburg, IL 60193
American Islamic Association Inc. - Frankfort, IL 60423
Al-Masjid ul-Ummat As-Salaam - Markham, IL 60426
Harvey Islamic Center - Harvey, IL 60426
South Suburban Islamic Ctr of Harvey - Harvey, IL 60426
Islamic Foundation Libertyville - Libertyville, IL
Muslim Association of Bollingbrook - Bolingbrook, IL 60439
Masjid Al-Islam - Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Muslim Center - Lockport, IL 60441
American Islamic Association - Mokena, IL 60448
Islamic Academy for Scientific Research - Bridgeview, IL 60455
Mosque Foundation of Chicago - Bridgeview, IL 60455
Fox Valley Muslim Community Center (in Church) - Batavia, IL
Mosque Foundation - Burr Ridge, IL 60521
Chicago Crescent: List of Islamic organizations in Greater Chicago
Islamic Foundation of Greater Chicago - Oak Brook, IL 60521
Islamic Center of Naperville - Naperville, IL 60540
Napervill Masjid - Naperville, IL 60540
Downtown Islamic Center - Chicago, IL 60604
Masjid Al-Asr - Chicago, IL 60607
As-Salaam Center - Chicago, IL 60609
Masjid/American Islamic College - Chicago, IL 60613
Nigerian Islamic Association - Chicago, IL 60613
Masjid Al-Fatir - Chicago, IL 60615
Islamic Center of Chicago - Chicago, IL 60618
Westside Muslim Center - Chicago, IL 60618
Masjid Muminun - Chicago, IL 60620
National Islamic Center - Chicago, IL 60620
Masjid-e-Dawah - Chicago, IL 60624
Masjid-e-Kausar - Chicago, IL 60625
Wallen Community Center/Al-Madina Islamic Center - Chicago, IL 60626
Mosque of Umer Inc - Chicago, IL 60628
Al Takaful - Chicago, IL 60629
Masjid Al-Anaak - Chicago, IL 60629
Masjid Al-Muhajireen - Chicago, IL 60629
Qassam Mosque & Cultural Center - Chicago, IL 60629
Midwest Ass. of Shia Organized Muslims - Chicago, IL 60634
Turkish American Cultural Alliance - Chicago, IL 60634
Masjid Al-Latif - Chicago, IL 60640
Masjid Al-Taqwa - Chicago, IL 60640
Institute of Islamic Information and Education (III&E) - Chicago, IL 60641
Islamic Community Center of Ilinois (ICCI) - Chicago, IL 60641
Muslim Community Center - Chicago, IL 60641
Masjid-e-Rahmat - Chicago, IL 60645
Masjid-e-Tahoora - Chicago, IL 60645
Masjid Al-Qadir - Chicago, IL 60649
Masjid Elijah Muhammad - Chicago, IL 60649
Muhammad Islamic Foundation - Chicago, IL 60611
Masjid Ar-Rahman - Chicago, IL 60651
The Islamic Community - Chicago, IL 60653
Northside Mosque - Chicago, IL 60657
Jamia Masjid - Chicago, IL 60659
Masjid Hameedia - Chicago, IL 60660
Masjid-e-Noor - Chicago, IL 60660
The Islamic Community Center - Chicago, IL 60680
As Salaam Masjid - Chicago, IL 60690
Masjid Al-Latif - Chicago, IL 60640
Masjid Al-Huda Al-Islami - Chicago, IL
O'Hare Airport - Chicago, IL
Islamic Information and Cultural Center - Chicago, IL
Muslim Community Center - Rockford, IL 61109
Islamic Center of Macomb - Macomb, IL 61455
Notes: Fundraising to build a new masjid.
Central Illinois Mosque & Islamic Center (CIMIC) - Urbana, IL 61801
Islamic Center - Champaign, IL 61820
Masjid Quincy - Quincy, IL 62301
Muslim Center - Decatur, IL 62521
Islamic Society of Greater Springfield - Springfield, IL 62705
Islamic Ctr of Greater Centralia - Central City, IL 62801
Islamic Center of Carbondale - Carbondale, IL 62901
Downtown Islamic Center www.dic-chicago.org
Muslim Community Center www.mccchicago.org
The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago
Islamic Federation http://www.netnavigate.com/if/
Islamic Community Center of Des Plaines, Des Plaines, IL http://www.islamiccommunitycenter.com/ICC/Home.asp
Islamic Center of Chicago, IL http://www.angelfire.com/il2/PltWater/
Chicago Muslims www.chicagomuslims.com
Islamic Center of Naperville www.islamiccenterofnaperville.org
Islamic Education Center of Greater Chicago www.iechusaini.org
Minaret of Freedom Institute, Bethesda, MD http://www.minaret.org/index.html
The Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago, Northbrook, IL http://www.icc-greaterchicago.com/
Chicago Islamic Center http://www.islamicfinder.org/getitWorld.php?id=285&lang=english
Mosque Foundation http://www.mosquefoundation.org/
At-Takaful Islamic Society http://www.at-takaful.org/
Devon Avenue (note there is an sharia finance Islamic bank called Devon Bank) http://www.devonavenue.com/religious/islam.htm
Directory of Mosques/Masjid
Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center http://www.cimic.org/
Jamia Masjid (Mosque) http://www.islamicfinder.org/getitWorld.php?id=11088
Islamic Foundation (“humbly celebrates 37 years of community service and success”) www.islamicfoundationvp.org


ISNA Headquarters/Masjid - Plainfield, IN 46168
Masjid Al-Fajr - Indianapolis, IN 46222
Daniel Mohammed Islamic Center - Indianapolis, IN 46226
North West Indiana Islamic Center - Merrillville, IN 46307
Masjid Muhammad - Michigan City, IN 46360
Muslim Center - Michigan City, IN 46360
The Islamic Center - Michigan City, IN 46360
Gary Muslim Center - Gary, IN 46401
Masjid Al-Amin - Gary, IN 46404
Gary Masjid - Gary, IN 46407
Islamic Society of Michiana - Notre Dame, IN 46556
Masjid Mujahideen - South Bend, IN 46619
Great News Islamic Center - South Bend, IN
South Bend Masjid Muhammad - South Bend, IN 46625
Angola Islamic Center - Angola, IN 46703
Islamic Center of Fort Wayne - Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Al-Fatihah Dawah Center - Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Al-Hidayaa Center - Fort Wayne, IN
Islamic Association of Indiana - New Albany, IN 47150-3320
Islamic Center of Muncie - Muncie, IN 47304
Bloomington Islamic Center - Bloomington, IN 47401
Muslim Center - Evansville, IN 47714
West Lafayette Al Masjid - West Lafayette, IN 47906
18 Mosques found in Indiana, USA


Masjid - Ames, IA 50010-3951
Masjid Dar-Ul-Argam - Ames, IA 50014
Masjid Muhammad - Des Moines, IA 50314
Islamic Center of Des Moines - Des Molnes, IA 50322
Masjid Al-Noor Islamic Center - Waterloo, IA 50701
Islamic Society of Iowa City - Iowa City, IA 52240
Islamic Association of Cedar Rapids/ Islamic Association Center -
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Islamic Council of Iowa - Cedar Rapids, IA 52406
Islamic Service Group - Cedar Rapids, IA 52406
IOWA Muslims
Abu Baker Mosque, Fairfield IA http://www.islamicfinder.org/getitWorld.php?id=38918
Al-Imam Center of Iowa (Iowa City Mosque), Iowa City IA 52246 http://www.islamicfinder.org/getitWorld.php?id=60902
Islamic Foundation of Iowa, Waterloo, IA 50701
Mosques/Islamic Centers in Iowa


Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS 66044
Muslim Community Association - Manhattan, KS 66502
Islamic Society of Wichita (Masjid An-Noor) - Wichita, KS 67208
Islamic Association of Mid Kansas - Wichita, KS 67213


Masjid Muhammad - Lagrange, KY 40032
Masjid Abdullah Muhammad - Louisville, KY 40203
Islamic Cultural Association - Louisivlle, KY 40207
Islamic Center of Louisville - Louisville, KY 40208
Islamic Cultural Association - Louisville, KY 40211
Muslim Center - Louisville, KY 40211
Masjid Muhammad - Louisville, KY 40211
Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah - Lexington, KY 40508
Islamic Center of Lexington - Lexington, KY 40508
Islamic Society of Lexington - Lexington, KY
Islamic Center - Elizabeth Town, KY 41042
Islamic Center of Eastern Kentucky - Prestonsburg, KY 41653


Masjid Abu Baker Al-Siddeeq - Metairie, LA 70003
Masjid Yaseen - Arabi, LA 70032
Masjid Taubah - Gretna, LA 70056
Jefferson Muslim Association Inc - Kenner, LA 70064
Masjid of Al-Islam - New Orleans, LA 70113
Bilal Ibn Rabah Center - Algiers, LA 70114
New Orleans Islamic Center - New Orleans, LA 70116
Masjid Rahmah - New Orleans, LA 70118
Masjid Al-Ghurba - New Orleans, LA 70148
Masjidur-Rahim - New Orleans, LA 70187
Masjid Muhammad - Slidell, LA 70458
Slidell Masjid of Al-Islam - Slidell, LA 70460-9361
Islamic Center of Lafayette - Lafayette, LA 70501
Islamic Society of Lake Charles - Westlake, LA 70669
Muslim Center - Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Islamic Center of Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Masjid Sabiqun - Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Islamic Association of Greater Shreveport - Shreveport, LA 71105
Masjid At-Taqwa - Shreveport, LA 71108
Masjid Muhammad - Shreveport, LA 71109
Islamic Association of Greater Shreveport - Bossier City, LA 71111
Masjid - Shreveport, LA 71118
Masjid Muhammad - Monroe, LA 71202
Islamic Ctr - N. Eastern Louisiana - Monroe, LA 71212
Islamic Center of North Louisiana - Ruston, LA 71270


Islamic Society of Portland, Maine - Portland, ME 04104
The Islamic Center of Maine - Orono, ME 04473


Masjid Abdul-Moghni, The LaPlata Mosque - LaPlata, MD 20646-0295
Masjid Taqwa An Nur - Glen Arden, MD 20706
Prince George's Muslim Association - Lanham, MD 20706
Islamic Community Center of Laurel - Laurel, MD 20707
Dar-us-Salaam - College Park, MD 20740
House Al-Touba - Hyattsville, MD 20783
Minaret of Freedom Institute - Bethesda, MD 20814
Dar-adh-dhirk Masjid - Bethesda, MD 20814
Muslim Community Center - Bethesda, MD 20814
Iran Freedom Foundation - Bethesda, MD 20817
Islamic Center of Maryland - Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Muslim Community Center- Silver Spring, MD 20905
Dar Al-Taqwa - Ellicott City, MD 21042
Muslim Intercommunity Network - Gambrills, MD 21054-0754
New Trend – Publication - Kingsville, MD 21087
Ummat Wasit - Baltimore, MD 21205
Islamic Society of Baltimore - Baltimore, MD 21244
Progressive Islamic Community - Baltimore, MD 21215
Masjid Walter Omar - Baltimore, MD 21216
Masjid Ul-Haqq - Baltimore, MD 21217
Notes: formerly the Baltimore Masjid. Wilson St renamed Islamic Way.
Masjid As-Saffat - Baltimore, MD 21217
Masjid Muminum - Baltimore, MD 21218
Muslim Community Services - Baltimore, MD 21228
An-Nur Foundation - Baltimore, MD 21234
Jamaatal-Muslimeen - Baltimore, MD 21234
Masjid Al-Inshirah - Baltimore, MD 21244
The Islamic Society of Del Marva - Salisbury, MD 21802
The Hurlock Muslim Center - Cambridge, MD


Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts Masjid - MA 01105
Islamic Center of West Massachusetts - Springfield, MA 01107
Masjid At-Tawhid - Springfield, MA -01109
Masjid Al-Baqi - Springfield, MA 01109
Islam Society of Greater Worchester - Worchester, MA 01604
Islamic Center of Boston - Wayland, MA 01778
Selimiye Jamii (Masjid) - Methuen, MA 01844
Islamic Center of New England - Sharon, MA 02067
Masjid AlHamidulillah - Boston, MA 02119
Masjid Al-Noor - Boston, MA 02119
Masjid Al-Quran - 35 Intevale St 02121
The Islamic Multi Service Organization - Allston, MA 02134
Islamic Society Of Boston - Cambridge, MA 02139
Muslim Prayer Room – MIT Cambridge, MA 02139
Islamic Association of Massachusetts (I.A.M.) - Everett, MA 02149
Islamic Center of New England - Quincy, MA 02169
Wentworth Islamic Society - Watertown, MA 02172
Jamaa Masjid of Boston - Boston, MA 02215
Mosque of New England - Seekonk, MA 02771
Islamic Society of Greater Lowell - Chemsford, MA


The Cultural Association - Franklin, MI 48025
Islamic Community Center - W. Bloomfield, MI 48033
Islamic Association of Greater Detroit - Rochester, MI 48063
Islamic Cultural Institute - St. Clair Shores, MI 48082
Islamic Council Detroit - Troy, MI 48098
Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor and Vicinity - Ann Arbor, MI 48105
American Muslim Society - Dearborn, MI 48120
Islamic Institute of Knowledge - Dearborn, MI 48126
Islamic Center - Inkster, MI 48141
Muslim Community of W Suburbs of Mich - Livonia, MI 48152
Islamic Center of Detroit - Detroit, MI 48201
American Muslim Society of Dearborn - Detroit, MI 48203
Masjid Al-Nur - Detroit, MI 48203
Masjid Muhammad - Detroit, MI 48206
International Muslim House - Detroit, MI 48208
Masjid un-Noor, Inc. - Detroit, MI 48212
Detroit Masjid - Detroit, MI 48219
Masjid Al-Haqq - Detroit, MI 48227
The Islamic Center of Detroit - Detroit, MI 48228
Al-Mumineen Mosque Inc - Detroit, MI 48232
Muslim Center - Detroit, MI 48238
Federation of Islamic Assoc. - Redford Twp., MI 48239
Tawheed Center - Farmington Hills, MI 48339
Masjid Al-Madrashah - Flint, MI 48504
Masjid Mu'min - Flint, MI 48504
Flint Islamic Center - Flint, MI 48505
Flint Masjid of Al Islam - Flint, MI 48505
Dyewood Islamic Society of N. America - Flint, MI 48532
Masjid Abdur Rahman - Saginaw, MI 48601
Islamic Soc of Greater Lansing - East Lansing, MI 48823
The Islamic Center - East Lansing, MI 48824
Islamic Center of Mt Pleasant - Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
Walim Mahmoud Islamic Center - Lansing, MI 48915
Jamaat Al Muslimeen - Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Din Al-Fitrah Islamic Center - Grand Rapids, MI 49507
The Islamic Center - Grand Rapids, MI 49507


Masjid Muhammad - Omaha, NE 68111
Islamic Center of Omaha (ICO) - Omaha, NE 68134
Islamic Foundation of Lincoln - Lincoln, NE 68501
Islamic Community - S. Sioux City, NE 68776


Masjid As-Sabur - Las Vegas, NV 89106
Islamic Society of Nevada - Las Vegas, NV 89121
Islamic Training Foundation - Sparks, NV 89432-0204
Islamic Center of Reno - Reno, NV 89512


Islamic Society of Merrimack Valley - Salem, NH 03079
Islamic Society of Greater Manchester - Manchester, NH 03103-1693
Islamic Society of Seacoast Area (ISSA) - Durham, NH 03824


Muslim Foundation Inc - Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Jami Masjid of Boonton - Boonton, NJ 07005
Islamic Center of East Orange at Masjid Ahlis Sunnah - East Orange, NJ 07017
Albanian American Muslim Society - Garfield, NJ 07026
Masjid Al-Wadud - Monclair, NJ 07042
Islamic Educational Center of North Hudson - N. Bergen, NJ 07047
Masjid Mohammed – Orange, NJ 07050
United Islamic Center - Paterson, NJ 07051
Masjid-ullah Muhammad - Plainfield, NJ 07060
Muslim Community Masjid, Newark - Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Muslim Community of New Jersey - Woodbridge (7/96)
P.O.Box 865
Woodbridge, NJ
Phone: 908-634-8968
Masjid Al-Haqq - Newark, NJ 07101
Islamic Cultural Center - Newark, NJ 07101
Daar Al-Hadeeth - Newark, NJ 07102
Irvington Islamic Center - Newark, NJ 07102
Masjid Mohammad - Newark, NJ 07103
Turkish Mosque of America - Newark, NJ 07104
Denullah Masjid Inc - Newark, NJ 07108
Baith Quraish - Newark, NJ 07112
Islamic Center Newark - Newark, NJ 07112
Masjid Newark - Newark, NJ 07112
Newark Community Masjid (Masjid Bayt-ul-Khaliq) - Newark, NJ 07112
Masjid Al Hadi - Elizabeth, NJ 07114
Muslim American and Dawah Center - Elizabeth, NJ
An Juman-e-Islamia - Jersey City, NJ 07302
Muslim Federation of New Jersey - Jersey City, NJ 07302
Jamaat Ibad Er Rahman - Jersey City, NJ 07304
Jersey City Mosque - Jersey City, NJ 07304
Masjid Al-Iman - Jersey City, NJ 07304
ElTaweed Center - Jersey City, NJ 07306
Islamic Center of Jersey City - Jersey City, NJ 07306
Islamic Center of New Jersey - Jersey City, NJ 07306
Masjid Al-Salaam - Jersey City, NJ 07306
Masjid As-Salaam/At-Tawheed Center - Jersey City, NJ 07306
Masjid Muhammad - Jersey City, NJ 07306
Masjid Al-Nas'r - Wayne, NJ 07470
Turkish Muslim Mosque (The Muslim Mosque, Inc.) - Paterson, NJ 07501
Islamic Center of Passaic and Patterson - Paterson, NJ 07501
Paterson Islamic Mission, Inc/ Masjid Al-Ferdous - Paterson, NJ 07302
United Islamic Center - Paterson, NJ 07503
American Muslim Association (New World Masjid) - Paterson, NJ 07503
Islamic Educational Society of NJ - Paterson, NJ 07503
Islamic Foundation (Masjid Jalalabad) - Paterson, NJ 07505
Masjid An-Nur - Paterson, NJ 07505
Jamaet Ibad El-Rahman Mosque - Prospect Park, NJ 07508
Masjid MSA-Passaic Community College - Prospect Park, NJ 07508
Karacay Turkish Mosque and Cultural Center - North Haledon, NJ 07508
Islamic Center of Passaic County - Paterson, NJ 07509
Masjid An-Nur Ahlus-Sunnah - Paterson, NJ 07524
Mosque Foundation - North Caldwell, NJ 07647
Masjid MSA-Bergen Community College - Paramus, NJ 07652
Islamic Teaching Center - Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
Darul-Islam Masjid (Muslim Community of Bergen) - Teaneck, NJ 07666
Admiral Family Circle Islamic Community - Teaneck, NJ 07666
ECI - Teaneck, NJ 07666
Islamic Center of Fairleigh Dicks - Teaneck, NJ 07666
Islamic Center of Asbury Park - Asbury Park, NJ 07712
Islamic Society of Monmouth County/ Masjid Al-Amaan - Middletown, NJ 07748
Oakhurst Masjid - Oakhurst, NJ 07755
International Institute of Islamic Research - Burlington, NJ 08016

Saut ul Islam - Burlington, NJ 08016
Masjid Al-Mubeen - Glasboro, NJ 08028
Masjid Al-Muhajireen - Hammonton, NJ 08037
Masjid Free Haven - Lawnside, NJ 08042
Masjid Shahada - Mount Holly, NJ 08060
Quba School & Islamic Center - Camden, NJ 08103
Admiral Family Community Center - Camden, NJ 08103
Masjidun-Nur Islamic Learning Center - Camden, NJ 08104
Masjid Al-Haqq - Pennsauken, NJ 08110
Masjid Muhammad - Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Masjid Muhammad - Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Masjid Muhammad of Al-Islam - Bordentown, NJ 08505
Islamic Society of Central Jersey - South Brunswick, NJ
Masjidul Taqwa - Trenton, NJ 08609
Masjid An-Nur - Trenton, NJ 08618
Masjid As-Saffat - Trenton, NJ 08618
Masjid Ul-Jihad - Trenton, NJ 08618
Islamic Center of South Jersey (ICSJ) - Palmyra, NJ
Majid BILAL - Muslim Society of Jersey Shore, Inc. - Toms River, NJ 08753
Islamic Society of Ocean County - Toms River, NJ 08754
Muslim Center of Middlesex County (Masjid An-Noor) - Piscataway, NJ 08854
Council of Masajid - Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Islamic Society - Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Muslim Center of Somerset County - Somerville, NJ 08876-0852
Kafala Community Services - New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Noor-ul-Islam - New Brunswick, NJ 08902
New Brunswick Islamic Center (Masjid-ul Huda) - New Brunswick, NJ 08903


Masjid As-Sabiqun - Albuquerque, NM 87105
Islamic Center of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM 87196
Masjid Muhammad - Albuquerque, NM 87106
Dar-al-Islam - Abiquiu, NM 87510
Masjid Al-Iman - Abiquiu, NM 87510
The Tent of Meeting - Tesuque, NM 87574-0447
Islamic Society of Socorro - Socorro, NM 87801
The Islamic Center of Las Cruces - Las Cruces, NM 88001
Al-Hilal Masjid and Portales Islamic Center - Portales, NM 88130
Islamic Center - Santa Fe, NM


Friday, June 17, 2011


President Obama is on his way to re-election and has made it clear he has set himself one goal: raise one billion dollars to be 'the' next man at the helm of America, or what will be left of the real America after this decisive 4-year first term.

Naturally, Obama is not mincing his words or actions in order to achieve it.

Policies are being made with the ultimate goal of getting also the necessary electorate to make that happen. Legislation facilitating the existence of unions, enabling illegal immigrants status towards acquiring American nationality, and so much more.

Barack Hussein Obama launched the bid for his second term last 4th April 2011.

Sources, on condition of anonymity, inform that the current President of the United States has already succeeded to raise, in roughly over 2 months, a whopping 500 million dollars from American bankers who wish to grant Mr. Obama a second term given the favorable position they enjoy since Mr. Obama took charge. Money has become cheap under Obama -so bankers love him and want him to stay.

The big question is: Is this what Americans want?


Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and interantional political commentator, analyst and a global strategist and the former CEO and Founder of Benador associates.


It is with enthusiasm that we can read some uplifting news today.

I've been writing all along that after all our military efforts, the time had come to accept that the problem of radicalization and extremism in the Muslim world will never be solved with 'manu militari' but by the solemn decision that Muslims themselves will make to simply not put up anymore with vandals roaming the world spreading evil and devastating terror in the name of an ideology disguised as religion.

Even in such a case, real transformation of their society will take most likely 500 years given the deep, entrenched feeling of hate transmitted in the teachings.

Reportedly, in Newport, South Wales, UK, a community of Muslims have decided to unite to protest and stop the spread of terrorism in their midst as well as the influence they could have on their children, as you can read here. This is a first but extremely important step.

Scotland: Glasgow districts boycott Israeli books

However, the litmus test for these "anti-terror", "anti-radicalization-of-Islam" Muslim activists, is if they will also include protests against the unfair boycott against Israeli books as mentioned here: "Several districts in southwest Scotland expand boycott on Israeli products, bar stores from carrying English translations of Israeli books. 'A place that boycotts books isn't far from a place that burns them,' says Ambassador Ron Prosor"

Israel is the paradigm case in Western civilization, any attempt against and to eliminate radicalization within the Muslim world, will be futile if prejudice and bias against Israel continue.

So, progress in South Wales may be promising, but has to be closely followed to see if it is a profound change they are intending to, or just a cosmetic and short-lived repair.

Monday, June 13, 2011


We are confronted with another symptom of the decadence of the 21st century American society as the Left has surreptitiously undermined traditional values such as marital fidelity, honor, patriotism and religion that once united us. The licentiousness it promotes serves to advance the current administration’s three-fold goal:

1) Advance a socialist-Muslim agenda;

2) Promote and support minority groups that will provide votes to secure reelection in 2012;

3) Bankrupt America, breaking its population and paving the way to surrender to wealthy Muslims.


In an unexpected turn of circumstances for the Obama Administration, the Weiner case might end up inconveniencing the Administration plans.

Over several years, I have, in regular intermittent periods, lived and worked in several capacities in the Middle East Muslim world. I have seen first-hand the structure and functioning of the respectful nuclear families, as well as the absolute respect and surrender to the established authority of the royal families of the region.

In the Muslim world, there is no such thing as the disrespect of parents such as it is accepted, tolerated and promoted in our suicidal liberal society.

Huma Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, America. She and her family moved to Saudi Arabia when she was barely two years old. Her father was an Islamic scholar of Indian descent who died when she was 17 years old. Her mother, Pakistani-born Saleha Mahmood Abedin is a PHd and an associate professor of sociology at the Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

What’s interesting is that Dar Al-Hekma College was founded in September, 1999, on the advice of the Texas International Education Consortium. The TIEC is in turn an international, private, non-profit corporation founded in 1985, operating from Austin, Texas. It works with 32 public universities in Texas and is very influential in cooperation programs between international universities.

Since its inception, Dar Al-Hekma College has counted on the blessing of Saudi Arabia’s ruling elite. The King, the crown prince, and one of King Fahd’s wives, Princess Al-Jowhara bint Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim, attended the school’s graduation ceremony in 2005.

Arabic-speaking Huma returned to the US to attend George Washington University. In 1996, she landed an internship at the White House. Such prestigious internships are very coveted by the children of the powerful and the rich in America. For her first internship, Huma worked in the office of the First Lady.

Currently, Huma works at the U.S. State Department for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Less than a year ago, in July 2010, Huma Abedin married Jewish U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and former President Bill Clinton officiated at the ceremony, in the outskirts of New York.


Former Alinsky acolytes and Huma's best friends, the Clintons as well as Obama, George Soros and many others in power now, by their actions are signaling that they have in mind the takeover of America by socialism in America under Islamic rule.

And, adding to the mixture, Time Magazine listed Huma Abedin in its “40 under 40” list of new generation of civic leaders and “rising stars in American politics.”


Omar Abu-Namous, imam of the 96th Street Islamic Cultural Center-reputed to be the most prominent mosque in New York City has stated: “I would tell her [Huma] to be a little bit patient. In our book, if you think your wife, or husband, is doing something unacceptable, you start by counseling her.”


Those are words of compromise offered by a leading Muslim Imam, who probably believes we will forget that the Koran advocates stoning wives for adultery.

But we must not forget that observant Muslims practice Taqiyya which, as part of sharia, is the legal right and duty they have to distort the truth to promote the cause of Islam. They are not lying. They are practicing Taqiyya.


There are two possible factors to keep in mind:

In orthodox Islam, children of a Muslim man will be Muslim, just as in orthodox Judaism, children of a Jewish Mother are Jewish.

Given the articulated defense by the Imam, we must consider that Mr. Weiner *may* have converted to Islam or that there may be an agreement by which any children the couple may have will be raised Muslim.


The situation *could* point to a plan destined to groom someone to access leading political positions, subtly advancing the cause of Islam in America.


But, there is much more than meets the eyes.

Huma Abedin, a deeply observant Muslim, was born in the Midwest, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, of all places.

Kalamazoo has a “thriving, strong and growing Muslim community.” The Kalamazoo Islamic Center has served their needs since 1975.

The Weiner issue is turning our attention to examine what’s going on in Kalamazoo and its surroundings regarding Muslims’ silent presence not only there but throughout American territory.

Noteworthy is the advocacy and defense of sharia by Muslim Kalamazoo Students Association, that with seemingly regularity invite members of the Sharia Scholars’ Association of North America (SSANA) to speak at their events.


Pelosi, Wasserman, Schultz, among other high ranking democrats have realized the embarrassment is bringing too much attention to the case and they must move on now without him.

Wiener is to take a leave of absence despite growing calls for his resignation.


In this story, Anthony Weiner has become a negligible burden, as we can see from: "House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Monday tried to put fresh pressure on top Democrats to step up efforts to push Rep. Anthony Weiner out the door."

What's really important is that this case highlights the quiet development of the Muslim community in Kalamazoo, showing the underlying favorable eye with which various American Administrations look at the Muslim agenda, and which is particularly acute in the case of the current President.

Weinergate may prove to have been a blessing in disguise for Americans to open their eyes and wonder, if that happens in Kalamazoo -almost under the radar- what else is happening elsewhere in other small towns throughout America, because creeping sharia is alive and well -for those who want to acknowledge it.

Opinions are solely the author's.


Ms Benador is a national and international political analyst and global strategist and the former president of Benador Associates.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Usually I prepare myself to write my articles. Those on Israel and the Jewish people, however, I do from my heart, because the media is plagued with endless attacks against us, whether it is in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and so on, seemingly virulent anti-Semitic ranting showers our everyday.

But what's wrong with the world?

Are they going insane?

The famous three "Ds" are increasingly in action as we speak: Demonization, double standard and deligitimation are sweeping the four corners of the Earth to assure the destruction of Israel.

When Barack Hussein Obama flatly told Israel in front of the whole world that he was expecting them to go to borders prior to 1967, he actually meant: We need you out, so why don't you help us?

Whoever studies world History, knows that the connection between German Nazis and Muslim Arab regimes blossomed and has left imprints that are easily traceable until now.

It's only with men of the stature of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that we can say there is hope, as he says "Canada will stand by Israel regardless of the cost."

It all starts with the safe-hate from Jews themselves, and it goes on with the devilish surrender by our rabbinical leaders in their perennial quest to 'conquest' the enemy and in the end, they are the ones conquered.

Leniency rules and its unavoidable result is licentiousness.

So, others like the Scots and Swedes, and many others, feel they can allow themselves to behave like savages and boycott precisely the people who has given so many wise men, inventors, discoverers, scholars, doctors, physicists, nuclear physicists, IT techs, chemists.

Even artists that have made this a better world: Chagall, Arthur Rubinstein, Natan Milstein, Vladimir Horowitz. The lists are endless.

And, yet, so-called Civilization decides to side with the barbarians, those who perform stoning, beheading, honor killing, dismember limbs, slit babies throats when they and their parents sleep defenselessly.

And, has anybody realized the kind of psychological terrorism that's inflicted on the Israelis and Jews on a daily basis?

Because we do have feelings, you know.

We help cure the wounded enemy.

We help their children if they are in danger.

Israeli hospitals treat Muslim Palestinians and cure them until they heal and they do not charge anything.

In the army, our kids who are soldiers, are taught not to shoot unless completely and absolutely indispensable.

And, what does that do to us, Jewish Mothers...?

Does anyone think about that?

It tells us that Israel worries more about the enemy than about their precious soldiers, our own children.

When Muslims threaten Israel with their Naksa and Naqba days -it's torture not only for Israel but also for us Jews in the diaspora.

As it is, Israelis feel compelled to rise above the challenges that terrorism sends their way.

Whenever, G-d forbid, a terror attack has occurred, they all rush to clean up and the other day, someone very proudly said to me: "The next day everything is as if nothing had happened."

I said that I found it wrong.

Those attacks should be there for a few days so the world can see the violence and virulence of the intensity of those deadly Muslim terrorist attacks.

This is what I call the psychological torture of the Israeli people and the Jews.

Can you imagine so much pressure put even on the United States?

Israel is tiny. A tiny giant, just as King David was.

But this psychological torture is cruel to all involved, including and especially our children.

First thing that should be addressed is the rise of liberalism among Jews and Israelis.

We need to get back to our sources, read Torah and our traditions.

That will give our leaders the strength to have an iron will and stamp their feet and tell the world:

We have enough. Enough torturing our people. Stop behaving like beasts!

G-d is with us.


Opinions are the author's exclusively.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is US Representative of the Shomron Liaison Office, Samaria, Israel; former President of Benador Associates, and a national and international political analyst and global strategist.


In life there is nothing such as moderate. Just as in the Torah teachings. You believe in G-d or believe in gods -such as money, luxury and convenience. You have emunah in Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu, You trust G-d or you don't. Being a moderate and wanting to compromise your life's principles, simply put is siding with darkness and evil. In this life, to have peace, you have to fight for your security and never let your guard down. That's life. And our responsibility.

Peaceful peace does not exist.

Peace is a state of nirvana just as happiness, lasts a few moments.

Whoever wants to compromise with evil is in for a good shakeup.

Evil pulls you to darkness and disarray.

Don't even think for a minute you will get away with anything good in dealing with evil and accepting its conditions.

Evil is only conducive of evil.

True heroes are those who believe in righteousness.

It's only the courage to face such reality and behave accordingly that makes a righteous man prevail.

Friday, June 10, 2011


So, we say we are conservatives. Let's test our Conservatism and see how much has liberalism infiltrated our mores and ways of life.

As you know, to test something, we have to be focused and follow a method. That in itself is a challenge, as we -thanks to liberal views- have been used in recent decades, to think that we are free -free to do as we wish, that is.

But, what is, truly, Freedom, that status for which we are ready to send our military to fight for in far away lands?

Freedom is not really an attribute included in any of the ten commandments which are also at the base of our American Constitution. The men who wrote the Constitution were profoundly Christian and many of them were freemasons -who in turn inspired by the Ten Commandments and a deep Judaic understanding and approach to life.

There is, however, a major difference between the approach of the Torah and our Constitution and that is that in the Torah everything begins with our "obligations", while in our Constitution, everything begins with our "rights".

As one can clearly see, the very first approach is defining, because one's obligations are put on the table and therefore we have limitations from the onset.

Why was that? The answer is simple, as you can see, we have not been too good at implementing our freedom of choice.

The very beginning of mankind was not too promising: Adam and Eve were told NOT to eat from the apple tree. And she did it and convinced Adam to do it as well. Cain and Abel did not fare well either.

We could make the right choice -but we seem unable to do it.

But, as you know, we MUST do it, because our existence and our children's fate is in our hands.

As a matter of fact, let's see what is this elusive concept of Freedom, which "is" mentioned at the very beginning of our Constitution.

However, Freedom is NOT mentioned or implied in the Ten Commandments.

WHY that?

It is because Freedom is a power that is in our nature.

The problem is that mankind has erroneously believed that if we have choice then we can apply that power that our freedom gives us -to choose "freely", namely, without thinking of consequences.

And, liberals did not lose a beat and grabbed that precise lenient notion to conduct our lives in that manner, so we have declined from freedom to licentiousness.

Such licentiousness is at the base of the moral decadence and the corrupting debauchery of our society.

And we live with it every single day, from sunrise to sunset.

Do we pray to thank our Creator that we are alive and well each morning?

Is our government allowing our children to be raised in schools where prayer is indispensable -as it has always been in our Judeo-Christian society- as it should be?

Are parents screening who they leave their children with while they go to work?

Or are they just leaving those young lives at the hands of ignorant, uneducated people who cannot possibly teach and guide their children and make them differentiate right from wrong?

Are we eating what is healthy? But, this is NOT a government issue. This is our own particular and personal interest in eating healthfully because it is important that we care for our bodies and keep them well functioning for as long as possible. And, this is none of the government business but it's ours. If we so decide.

Are we making sure to review with our children our American History and share with enthusiasm the prowess of our Founding Fathers and other true American heroes.

Are we faithful to our spouses? And, that's a tough one because human nature is so that one is tempted by the eyes. But, that's when self-discipline and self-control should kick in, because if we are married we are not free -not even to look.

Besides, and this is a new concept but when a couple is married, outsiders are to respect that institution.

I always told my beloved Son, when he was a little boy, if you see temptation coming your way, turn around and go away as soon as possible. Temptation is not to be looked at and is not to be tried, not even once.

At the same time, if a marriage is not what you had in mind and/or is not satisfactory as you'd wanted, then as a true conservative, you have to speak gently with your partner and maybe decide to go for couple counseling or to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a psychologist specialized in sexology. I know many couples that have had wonderful and enduring results.

Life is short, life is beautiful.

Liberalism has a suicidal approach to life and if we do not condone it, we must do something more than just talk.

I hope the above is food for thought, maybe we can initiate a basic survival agenda for us as conservatives.

Let's try it.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is US Representative of the Shomron Liaison Office, Samaria, Israel; former President of Benador Associates, and a national and international political analyst and global strategist.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


WASHINGTON, June 9, 2011 - As a sleeping America ignores a silent Muslim invasion, a knight is rallying forces to save the country from the spread of sharia.

We still see tremendous violence coming from the Muslim world, despite President Obama’s assurances that the death of Osama bin Laden would cripple al Qaeda and slow the violence.

It has not.

The news is filled with terror coming from Muslim countries, but here in America, headlines like “The Islamophobia Machine ...” fill the popular media in an abhorrent attempt to accustom Americans to the idea that Islam is the victim, and we are the aggressors against innocent Islam.

Pastor Dr. Terry Jones has become a voice rising loud above the crowd, which has been deaf to all but the media message.

He and his wife spent 30 years working for his church in Cologne, Germany. During that time they witnessed the slow but sure blossoming of Islam and the increasing numbers of Muslims in their midst, to the point that they were forced to close shop. Who were their most adamant adversaries? Their own co-religionists, who could not or would not see and understand the danger ahead.

The Joneses moved back to their native America, where Dr. Jones, now based in Florida, is becoming one of the most vocal activists for what he calls the defense of American values.

In preparing this article, I came across the concept of Free Speech Zone. I had been under the impression that everywhere in America, freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Those zones are specific areas that regulate the time, place, manner, but not content of speech in public spaces.

Critics argue that the use of Free Speech Zones allows authorities to put pressure on activists, keeping them away from the mass media and the public.

Free Speech Zones in Dearborn, Michigan, are the result of a 1989 ordinance requiring 30 days advance request for demonstrations. Dearborn has a population of 98,000 which includes 30,000 Muslims, the largest concentration of Muslims in any American city.

Dearborn denied a permit to Dr. Jones to protest sharia and jihad last April on public property in front of the Dearborn mosque. Dr. Jones and his associate, Pastor Wayne Sapp, ended up in jail but were subsequently freed after posting a $1 “peace bond.” They were ordered to stay away from the mosque and adjacent property for three years.

I contacted their legal representatives, the Thomas Moore Law Center. Their senior trial counsel, Robert Muise, told me, “We are challenging the whole peace bond proceedings against Dr. Jones and Mr. Sapp because those proceedings themselves directly violated their constitutional rights."

Dearborn Mayor John “Jack” O’Reilly Jr., in an open letter to Dr. Jones, ridiculed his contention that sharia law had any influence in Dearborn, and urged the preacher to stage his protest in one of the city’s "free speech zones.”

“Our commitment to the Constitution is unwavering, not merely convenient, which makes your hyperbole about Sharia Law being practiced in the courts or civil law of Dearborn nonsensical," wrote O'Reilly.

"So, you are coming to protest against an imaginary threat that doesn't exist in our community. Not in our courts, not at our City Hall, not on our streets and not in any of our places of worship."

The mayor’s argument is easily derailed.

If what O'Reilly says is true, if Dearborn is just like any American city, then this is a non-issue. Why, then, the need for Dr. Jones to address his rally from a Free Speech Zone?

I asked Dr. Jones about the March 20 Koran burning. He explained that it had not been a random act of rage or protest. Rather, he and associates conducted a trial of the Koran.

It was found guilty and sentenced to be burned. Asked whether he had any intentions to continue burning Korans, Dr. Jones categorically responded, “No.”

What are Dr. Jones’s goals?

In order to save America from Muslim takeover, Dr. Jones wants the American government to implement a five-point plan. It will allow the country to escape the darkness, obscurantism and negative energy that, he says, are being implanted in America.

The elements of Jones's "Five-fold Plan to Save America and Create A Better World" are:

1. Demand freedom of speech, civil and human rights from all Muslim countries, or require their immediate removal from the U.N.

2. The immediate end of Muslim immigration and the removal of all illegal aliens from the United States.

3. Monitor mosques to ensure that they are places of worship, not of Islamic propaganda.

4. Positions of authority and decision making in US embassies in Islamic countries must be held by non-Muslims.

5. A ban on sharia everywhere in the United States.

At 1PM on June 17th, Dr. Jones will be the main speaker at the "SAVE AMERICA RALLY" at the Dearborn city hall, hosted by his organization.

He hopes that freedom-loving Americans will join him to defend their First Amendment rights.

Rally participants will march to Dearborn's Arab Festival, where they will gather to speak at their Free Speech Zone. Dearborn's Muslim community has called for a counter-protest, and thousands are expected to oppose the Jones rally. Rally organizers have requested that the National Guard be called out to preserve their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.

Dr. Jones has first-hand knowledge and vast experience with the spread of sharia. He gets it. He’s standing up to defend America and American values on American territory.

The question is: Will America stand with him?

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is US Representative of the Shomron Liaison Office, Samaria, Israel; former President of Benador Associates, and a national and international political analyst and global strategist.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Where do our ever-increasing society problems come from?

On a daily basis and worldwide, we are waging an untold war of survival.

And it’s about the survival of our species that we are speaking about.

And our battles are liberalism vs. conservatism; globalism vs. patriotism; polytheism vs. monotheism; tradition vs. agonism, and the list goes on.

However, there is an underlying common denominator.

It is the main war within our species between survival and self-destruction.

The question here is:

WHY do we have to survive?

Let’s look at the outer world first:

See all those stars, planets, galaxies?

They look pretty harmoniously distributed and coordinated. Sure there are collisions now and then out there, but thanks already to Ptolomei, Aristotle, Copernicus who led the way to show that the Universe has a pre-established system, we can say that in all the cosmos functions in an amazing order.

Likewise if you take a microscope and look at atoms and all its microscopic elements, neutrons, protons, etc., they are equally set with an extraordinary precision.

Now, let’s look at our bodies. Those of us who know anatomy couldn’t be more in awe at the beautifully well-set machine that is our body –and so it goes for the Regnum Animale, Regnum Vegetabile, the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

Again, there is ONE single common denominator in the whole universe, live or inert, whether one believes in Gd or not, and it’s that everything has come with a definite element of harmony and order to protect the survival of the existent.

In life, every living organism has been given an inner code called the “survival mode” which is most heightened at the level of human beings.

A brand newborn human baby is the most defenseless living creature.

Sure, animals are also defenseless but on another level because a newborn baby animal does not need to be nurtured and fed by the parents during one year to get him walking –animals walk generally, almost right away and that alone changes the whole name of the game.

Unlike ‘all’ other patterns, whether the stars in the sky, as the microscopic world or Regnum Animale or Regnum Vegetabile, which function with a seemingly well-imposed and well-followed synchronicity, there is indeed only one species that has ‘free-will’, the possibility of choice, and that’s “us”, human beings.
We, obviously, have chosen not to acknowledge that “message” left for us to see:

Either we follow the same universal harmonious and hierarchical “order” or we will auto-destruct.

Since its inception, when cavemen discovered that to survive they needed to associate, it has been difficult to deal with the very common human flaws of envy, greed, jealousy and so on.

All of that has become a liability for our future and is getting worse by the day.

Since mankind appeared so did the seeds of revolt against authority and the establishment, naturally beginning with disobedient Eve, following with Cain and Abel. Such a tiny first nuclear family of homo sapiens and so many human flaws already…

On the other hand, maybe it has been because as humans watched animals in the wilderness they were brought to think that those animals are free… Why not we as well?

Nothing farthest from reality and, sorry to break this news, no animal is free.

All animals are born with a definite pattern that they are unable to break. They “are” slaves to their own pattern. To give one of abundance of examples: Birds flock north or south according to the season, they can’t choose to inverse their route. They eat what they are supposed to eat. They mate when they are supposed to mate. And so on.

The vegetable kingdom is just the same. Cactus appears in the desert. Flowers blossom from spring to summer and in autumn their colors change until they are gone for winter.

We, poor humans or maybe arrogant humans, have believed that we can get away with insubordination against the expectations the Universe has from us.

But, it’s obvious the universal pattern is refusing our system –and is allowing us to get it our way, but it’s telling us it’s the way to self-destruction.

When children do not respect parents, when citizens of a country desecrate it, when brothers turn against brothers, the Universe is telling us loud and clear that it is not, and cannot be, right.

And, those of us who recognize it, maybe we still have the time to stop the countdown and reverse the destruction machine, make a difference and go back to those universal values which will allow us to survive and, furthermore, to thrive in this lifetime –for us and generations to come.


It will not happen if mankind continues to surrender to suicidal policies promoted and supported by positions that defend enemies in our own territories, whether we are in the United States or in any country in the world.

Accepting, for instance the right to freedom of speech being used to attack one’s own country, is an abuse of that right especially when one sides with the enemies of the country and that position could end up jeopardizing the safety of its inhabitants. But, alas, that’s just one example in so many.

These are our only weapons to survive:

The defense of our value system, family values, authority, patriotism, religion, loyalty, solidarity, compassion.

No military weapons can ever defeat what lies in the minds and souls of human beings.

An enemy has to be defeated in their field to make victory irreversible.

And, Liberalism and its accompanying symptoms will only be controlled –if not eliminated altogether, if men and women who realize the danger are ready to create an army of souls filled with strength and righteousness to fight not only for survival but for a better life in this world altogether –knowing that otherwise, they will be jumping willingly on a free fall led by the well intentioned yet misguided liberal minds of this world.

Only you can decide, as Churchill said: “If you will not fight for Right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.

There may even be a worse case.

You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

The choice is yours.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is US Representative of the Shomron Liaison Office, Samaria, Israel; former President of Benador Associates, and a national and international political analyst and global strategist.


WASHINGTON, June 3, 2011 - Thomas Friedman has gone from "nice Jewish boy" supporter of Israel to apologist for anti-Semites. He's gone from supporting Israel to supporting its destruction. How did this happen?

A Jewish Boy

In his book, From Beirut to Jerusalem, Friedman describes his high school years as “one big celebration of Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War.” Yes, the 1967 war.

It is striking to learn that the author was a bar mitzvah-ed Jewish boy who, after visiting Israel in December 1968, fell in love with the country and spent three summers living in a Kibbutz near Haifa.

As recently as 2006, in an interview he gave to Debate Link, Friedman delivered a strong defense of Israel regarding collateral civilian casualties, and also comments on anti-Semitism:

“You’re dealing with an enemy [Hezbollah] that has embedded itself in the civilian population (on the Lebanese side) … but at the same time, it was the only way from the Israeli point of view to exact a price on Hezbollah’s constituency that ultimately Israeli hoped – and I don’t think this was a crazy thing – would deter Hezbollah the next time, with people saying “wait a minute, I don’t want to go through this again. So, I don’t think Israel “snapped,” I don’t think it behaved in a particularly irrational manner. It was brutal, but it was an ugly war, and one that Israel didn’t invite.”

"And so the point is, you can’t argue from emotion. You have to argue from facts. And one can simply point out those kinds of contradictions because there is only one way to explain those contradictions, sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes, and that’s anti-Semitism….”

What Is anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism refers exclusively to anti-Jewish feelings, feelings of prejudice specifically against Jews. It also has more complex meaning, referring to an aversion which includes the feeling that the Jews actually represent a threat to the world.

Hence, Jews are feared proportionally to their wish to succeed politically and economically. Conspiracy theorists see their economic and political ambitions as the goal "to conquer the world.”

Anti-Semitism in the Muslim World

In the 1930s and 40s, the Nazis made sure to approach the Muslim world and shared with it their anti-Semitic methods and approach. At this time they established close bonds with leading political figures of Egypt, Iran and Iraq, among others.

After viewing Jews in their midst as dhimmis, or protected minorities, it was probably a huge blow to their pride that those same dhimmis, in 1948, managed to get their own land: Israel.

Thus, conspiracy theories among Muslims against Jews were exacerbated, supported by the economic success of oil producing countries like Libya and Saudi Arabia, which promoted anti-Semitism and justified it with such documents as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which helped them make their case against the Jews and Israel.

Strategist of Evil

Move forward to this year. Friedman accepted an honor from Howard University. He chose not to notice that earlier in the month, on April 2, Howard hosted the notorious and virulent anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan, always true to himself, did not miss that opportunity to target Jews and the Israeli Zionist movement with vicious attacks.

Thomas Friedman and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad at the Aspen Institute, 2009. (Photo: The Aspen Institute (Flickr))

Now Friedman puts his name to an article containing his recipe to facilitate the Palestinians’ victory over his own people and Israel. In his "Lessons from Tahrir Square," he sees Muslim democracy where most experts see Egypt's deconstruction to a sharia-based state.

The whole Middle East is in uproar, and by all accounts things do not seem to be going towards democracy American style after all. It's in this context we must view Friedman's talk of Palestinian "pacifism" and democracy.

In his article, Friedman in veiled fashion walks a virulently anti-Semitic path trod mostly by Muslims who hide nothing of their hatred and violence toward Israel and the Jews.

Friedman Attacks Israel

Friedman’s veiled anti-Semitism comes bottled for public consumption under the label, "goodwill." Goodwill, all right, but for Israel's attackers. He abandons himself to the most monumental and dangerous single attack against Israel currently found in the media.

What is Friedman thinking when he defends people who are either the perpetrators of crimes of terrorism worldwide, or who stand silently by while terrorists kill innocent civilians?

What is he thinking when he advises the enemies of Israel on the best ways to succeed at destroying Israel and killing Jews?

What is he thinking when he advises the enemies of Israel to stage peaceful demonstrations, when a few months ago those enemies cowardly entered an undefended home and slaughtered a family of five in their sleep?

What does he think he will achieve with the monsters that massacred the Fogels, that slit their throats, including the throat of three-month-old Hadassah?

What does he think he can achieve with Palestinians who rejoiced over those bestial murders, even distributing candies and dancing in celebration?

What is he thinking when he suggests that Palestinians should stage a “peace day?”

Friedman knows all too well that they sleep, dream, and live-for the destruction of Israel; they make no secret of that.

He is out of his mind when he writes, “If Palestinians peacefully march to Jerusalem by the thousands every Friday with a clear peace message …”

We know what Muslim Palestinians want. No peaceful march is in their minds.

Hasn’t three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Friedman ever looked at a map of how Palestinians envision their country after they’ve had their way with Israel?

It is a simple yellow area. And there is no Israel there.

Why not? Because their one goal is to destroy Israel.


Under international law, it is illegal to attack another country. One could argue that all attacks on and incitement against the security of any country are wrong. They should never be tolerated.

I cannot give a pass to Friedman when he uses his rhetoric to incite Muslim terrorists against Israel. His piece is ammunition to Israel's enemies, the enemies of Israeli children, men and women, old and young. Every Jew in Israel is threatened by Friedman’s writings.

His words are worse than a bomb exploding in a crowd. A bomb is bad enough, but its effects are limited to the immediate victims and the suffering of their families.

In the age of cyber-space, when the internet lets news go viral, the negative effects of an attack like Friedman’s will be amplified, endlessly used to fuel terror attacks, endlessly jeopardizing the safety of civilians.

Our Western democratic tradition ensures freedom of speech, and Friedman has the right to avail himself of it. But his is an irresponsible use of that freedom. It endangers innocent lives, and it should be punishable.

This is not about freedom of speech. This is about accepting the consequences of its abuse.

Thomas Friedman is dangerous. He is spreading anti-Semitic rhetoric in an irresponsible way, and no one in the civilized world should condone it. If attacks like his were aimed at France, Australia, China or Kuwait, they would be intolerable.

They are aimed at Israel and are intolerable.

What’s wrong is wrong. And anti-Semitism is wrong.


Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is US Representative of the Shomron Liaison Office, Samaria, Israel; former President of Benador Associates, and a national and international political analyst and global strategist.