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RABBI MEIR KAHANE: Parashat Devarim - The Foundation of Torah: Emunah [Faith] and Bitachon [Trust]

Blessing before studying Torah (one needs to say this blessing only once in the day:)

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who has made us holy through Your commandments, and commanded us to actively study Torah.

May it be Your Will, Hash-m our G-d, to sweeten the words of Your Torah in our mouths and in the mouths of all Your people Israel. May we and our offspring, and our offspring's offspring, and all the offspring of Your people, the House of Israel, may we all, together, know Your Name and study Your Torah for the sake of fulfilling Your desire. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Who teaches Torah to Your people Israel.

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who chose us from all the nations, and gave us the Torah. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Giver of the Torah.

And, below, the Torah commentary by our beloved Rabbi Meir Kahane, O'BM, of blessed memory:  PARASHAT DEVARIM - The Foundation of Torah  : Emunah [Faith] and Bitachon [Trust]

And in the wilderness, as you have seen, Hashem bore you , as a man carries his son, on the entire way that you traveled, until you arrived at this place. Yet in this matter you do not have faith in Hashem, your G-d, Who goes before you on the way to seek out for you a place for you to encamp... (Deut. 1: 29-33)

Faith and trust (emunah ve'bitachon) in G-d are the foundation of the Torah. Our sages said (Makot 23b-24a): Six hundred thirteen mitzvot were given to Moses... David emphasized eleven of them... Isaiah emphasized six... Micah emphasized three... Isaiah returned and emphasized two... Habakuk emphasized one, as it says (Habakuk 2:4), “The righteous man shall live by his faith.”

Emunah, faith, means accepting and knowing clearly that G-d truly exists, that He created everything, and that He performed great miracles for Israel's sake. In other words, it is decisive knowledge regarding something in the past, i.e., that G-d indeed created the world and performed miracles for our ancestors in Egypt and at the Sea of Reeds, and everywhere else described in Scripture. Bitachon, on the other hand, is the direct result of emunah, and points to the future. It is the conviction that just as in the past G-d performed miracles and wonders, He will do so for us in the future, as well, as shall be discussed below.

[...] Faith, emunah, relates to the creation of the world and everything in it ; the other aspect of faith is the belief that G-d performed great signs and wonders for our ancestors. Neither aspect is based on blind or theoretical faith, but on seeing, on real testimony. In Egypt and the desert, the Jewish People were direct witnesses, because G-d's miracles were performed before the eyes of all Israel. The Torah instructs us that throughout the Exodus, the plagues that broke Egypt were performed openly, so that Israel would see the reality of G-d, would believe in Him, revere Him and cling to His attributes and commandments. The connection between the signs Israel saw and faith in G-d as Creator of the universe is alluded to in the Torah's starting out with Creation - “In the beginning G-d created the heaven and the earth” - and ending with the phrase, “all the mighty acts and great signs that Moses displayed before the eyes of all Israel” (Deut. 34:12). The mighty acts and the miracles and wonders performed before the eyes of Israel imbued them with the belief that G-d created heaven and earth, and that He is the One Supreme Power. The Torah's conclusion attests to its beginning. Such is faith.

Bitachon, trust, on the other hand, is the result of emunah. Since we believe that in the past G-d performed the things I have enumerated, we are certain that He is capable of doing so in the future as well, and that He will fulfill what He promised us. Whoever does not trust in G-d shows that he does not believe in G-d's power and ability, a sign that he does not really believe in G-d's existence. Bitachon, trust, includes also the idea that G-d is all-powerful and in charge of everything, as well as the central idea that we, lowly, weak and finite, are incapable of dealing alone with our adversaries and our troubles. Trusting in G-d means admitting that we are few and weak, that we need to raise our eyes to G-d for help. “Keep my soul and deliver me. Let me not be ashamed, for I have taken refuge in You” (Ps. 25:20); “Place your hope in the L-rd. Be strong and let your heart take courage. Yeah, place your hope in the L-rd” (27:14); and, “Be strong, and take courage, all ye that place your hope in the L-rd” (31:25). From the last two verses, we learn the secret of true bitachon: it is exceedingly hard to withstand crushing misfortune, to stand on the brink of despair, and to trust in G-d all the same. This requires enormous strengthening, and it was for this reason that King David said “Place your hope in the L-rd.” Beset by misfortune, place your hope in the L-rd and trust in Him. If you try and it is hard, then“Be strong and take courage.” Fortify yourself and you will find the strength to trust in Him, and then your trust will strengthen you on its own. The rule is this: Bitachon means a Jew's recognizing and acknowledging that he is a worm and not a man, dirt and dust, like a broken potsherd, weak and finite, and that only G-d can help him in times of trouble, because G-d is omnipotent and infinite, and none can stand against Him. The worse the situation looks, the greater the despair, the more one must strengthen himself with bitachon:“Many are the ills of the righteous man, but the L-rd delivers him from them all” (Ps. 34:20).

Rabbenu Bechaye says (Kad haKemach, entry: Bitachon), “Bitachon must not be tinged with doubt. Even if many evils befall a righteous man, he should serve G-d valiantly and truly trust in Him.” Rabbenu Bechaye adds (Ibid.): If someone has bitachon, then we know that he has emunah as well. Bitachon is like the fruit of a tree, and emunah is like the tree. Just as the fruit's existence signifies the existence of a tree or plant on which it grew, but a tree' s existence does not signify the existence of fruit, as some trees, such as shade trees, produce no fruit, so too does the presence of bitachon guarantee the presence of emunah, but not vice versa.

We should reflect well on this holy man's ostensibly puzzling comment that “emunah is no guarantee of bitachon.” Surely, someone who believes that G-d performed miracles for our ancestors, created the world and everything in it, and controls, manages and directs everything, will be certain that G-d will fulfill what He promised us if we follow His path and keep His mitzvot. Surely such a person will act accordingly, despite all the difficulties. What then is the meaning of Rabbenu Bechaye's comment that emunah is no guarantee of bitachon? Is not bitachon a logical, necessary result of emunah? To our chagrin, it is not. Many fine Jews cry out heartfelt declarations of faith in G-d and in His omnipotence, yet few trust in Him and endanger themselves for the sake of His commandments and for the sake of sanctifying His name. How easy and pleasant is it to declare one's faith, to make loud speeches about G-d's power and might in the days of old!Who among the Torah-observant does not declare his faith that G-d performed miracles and wonders in Egypt, or that He appeared from Mount Paran to give Israel the Torah? Who does not recite in synagogue the psalms in morning prayers, which state (Ps. 146:3,5), “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, through whom there is no salvation... Happy is he whose help is the G-d of Jacob.” Yet how many of all those who are proud of their daily recitation immediately before the morning Shemoneh Esreh, that “G-d redeemed us from Egypt... delivered us from the house of slavery, slayed all their firstborn... divided the Sea of Reeds, drowned the arrogant but took His beloved ones across,” carry through on their faith in the past with trust in the future?

The prime blight of our day is lack of bitachon, hesitating to trust in G-d, whether due to uncertainty over His true ability to help, fear of mortal man, or fear of “reality” which destroys fear of G-d and our trust in Him. This is so both regarding the individual Jew and the whole Jewish People. It applies both as far as our fears and worries regarding our personal future and private troubles and our fear of enemies threatening the Jewish People. The same Jew who mumbles in his prayers, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we call upon the name of the L-rd our G-d” (Ps. 20:8), cannot understand how the Jewish People and their state will be able to hold out without chariots and horses. The banner of emunah, faith, which is so easy to wave and answer Amen to, demands nothing of a person. Not so, however, bitachon, trust in G-d. Bitachon demands of a person that he act, accomplish, give, sacrifice, risk his life, he, himself, right now, all the while trusting that ultimately things will turn out well. Not every believer has bitachon. A person's lack of trust in G-d ultimately proves the weakness of his faith, or , G-d forbid, its falsehood.

[Tracing this back to our Parasha, we know that] both Joshua and Caleb demonstrated [...] trust in G-d. Even so, when G-d swore that Israel would not enter the Land, it says, “The only exception will be My servant Caleb, since he showed a different spirit and followed Me wholeheartedly. I will bring him to the land that he explored.” Why was Joshua's name not mentioned here, when he, too, stood firm in his bitachon? It also says,“only Caleb son of Yefuneh will see the land... since he followed the L-rd wholeheartedly” (Deut. 1:36). Why, again, was Joshua omitted? The answer is inherent in G-d's comment, in both Num. 14:24 and Deut. 1:36, that Caleb “followed him wholeheartedly.” Here we learn once more the need to have full bitachon. Our bitachon must express itself in readiness to sacrifice our lives to sanctify G-d's name, and this was evinced by Caleb but not Joshua. After the ten spies issued their bad report about Eretz Yisrael and incited the people, it says,“Caleb quieted the people for Moses and said, 'We shall surely go up and inherit it'” (Num. 13:30). He silenced them and began to express ideas which ultimately opposed those of the majority. He did not hesitate, although he knew the people's mentality and was aware of their stubbornness and what they had done to Chur [who had been killed]. He – not Joshua – was the first to rise up and try to blot out the chilul Hashem, and in doing so, he took a risk and was ready to sacrifice his life. Caleb “followed G-d wholeheartedly",thereby surpassing Joshua and meriting to be mentioned alone by G-d.

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BENADOR: Jews Worldwide observe a Minute of Silence for Massacred Jewish Olympians


In Memoriam 

To our Jewish Olympians massacred in Munich, September 1972... 

This is about respect and most of all about self-respect.

We, Jews, are G-d's Chosen Children... we absolutely 
MUST remember that at all times, whether it is in our personal lives, or regarding the Land of Israel.

As G-d's Children, we are special, but the ones who have to consider us special, first and above all, are ourselves.
I am a Bat Melech... The Daughter of the King...
And, I and we, shall never confound kindness with weakness and I, and we, shall never allow anyone to confound my kindness with weakness... 

Remember, we all are B'nei Melech, the Children of G-d...

We do not need to ask anyone, because we have He Who Gives Everything who will give us everything we need... because He knows everything about us, from our time that we are in our Jewish Mothers' wombs...
No, men cannot give us anything we need.
As righteous Jews, we should not expect anything from men.
We decide. There is no man on earth, under the world of Our Father, who can give anything to us.
The Only One Who can give us anything and all we need, want, aspire, dream, miss, there is Only One, and we must remember that and draw our strength and conviction from Him: Our Father, Our King, Our G-d....
Our Jewish Olympian martyrs may have been massacred but they were not killed. No one can kill G-d's Chosen Children.... No one can murder the Jewish soul...
May the Memories of the massacred Jewish Olympians be blessed in the beyond world of G-d, Our Father and Our King...
Now, let's have our Minute of Silence in the memory of those members of our family massacred by our enemies... 

BENADOR: Enemies of the Jewish People: In G-d's Name


To the enemies of the Jewish People:

I will mourn but not because of you.
I will mourn because it has been G-d's Will.

I will pray to G-d for justice
I will pray to G-d for revenge

I will remember what G-d ordered us
I will remember each of His Words
I will remind you of the Wrath of G-d
I will not allow you to forget
that We Are G-d's Chosen Children

The day you will feel G-d's Wrath
and His Sword will devastatingly pierce your hearts,
I will stand and look idly by,
with no pity and no compassion


Eliana Batsheva Benador
On the attack on Jews
Bulgaria, 18 July 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

BENADOR: In Syria, where is Assad?

On the heart wrenching, devastating Muslim Syrian conflict we should at all times remember that this is not our problem.  No matter how devastating it is, this is a problem that should be solved only Muslim countries and their armies.

Bashar el-Assad is now absent...  He may have been hit at the time of the suicide bomb...  But one thing is sure, after the attack, no president would have missed a television appearance to display strength among his people.

Now that Muslim terrorists are sending a full blown attack, we will certainly witness the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood also in Syria.

The time will come when Muslim populations may wake up and understand that if they do not want to be governed and abused by their radicals, only a bloody civil war will be what's needed to fix the problem.

We can only hope that if the president is still alive he may be able to gather his forces and launch a massive attack against the terrorist insurgent forces.  That will be the only way to save the Muslim Middle East to go completely rogue and stop them from becoming radical Islamists.

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RABBI MEIR KAHANE: Parashat Pinchas

Blessing before studying Torah (one needs to say this blessing only once in the day:)

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who has made us holy through Your commandments, and commanded us to actively study Torah.

May it be Your Will, Hash-m our G-d, to sweeten the words of Your Torah in our mouths and in the mouths of all Your people Israel. May we and our offspring, and our offspring's offspring, and all the offspring of Your people, the House of Israel, may we all, together, know Your Name and study Your Torah for the sake of fulfilling Your desire. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Who teaches Torah to Your people Israel.

Blessed are You, Hash-m our G-d, King of the universe, Who chose us from all the nations, and gave us the Torah. Blessed are You, Hash-m, Giver of the Torah.

And, below, the Torah commentary by our beloved Rabbi Meir Kahane, O'BM, of blessed memory:  Parashat Pinchas

Pinchas son of Elazar the Kohen turned My wrath away from the Children of Israel by zealously taking up My cause among them, so that I did not consume them in My own zeal [kin'ah]. Therefore say, “Behold, I give unto him My covenant of peace.” (Num. 25:11-12)

Precisely he who takes G-d's revenge merits an “everlasting covenant” and a “covenant of peace”. Zeal [kin'ah] is a Divine trait: “I, the L-rd your G-d, am a zealous G-d” (Ex. 20:5). Kin'ah is a Divine attribute, and it is the trait of any Jew who zealously takes up G-d's cause. It always involves revenge, as Rashi explains (Num. 25:11): “By zealously taking up My cause”: By executing My vengeance, by displaying the anger that I should have displayed. “Kin'ah” always denotes glowing with anger to execute vengeance for a thing. For this G-d praised Pinchas. Revenge is zeal for a good cause. By switching the order of letters, “lekanot”, to be zealous, becomes “lenakot”, to cleanse. Whoever is zealous on G-d's behalf cleanses the evildoer through his revenge. Until he does so, the evildoer remains unclean. G-d is also the “G-d to Whom vengeance belongs” (Ps. 94:1),and “a zealous G-d” (Ex. 34:14). Likewise, He is a G-d Who does not clear the guilty until He takes revenge on His enemies: “He will by no means clear the guilty” (Ibid., v. 7).

Yet besides fulfilling G-d's command, Pinchas also saved Israel from destruction. After all, Israel were duty-bound to take revenge and they did not do it. Following is S'forno (Num. 25:11): “By acting zealously in their midst for My sake”: He avenged Me for all to see, so that when they saw his deed and did not protest, they would find atonement for having seen the sinners and not having protested. In this way, he turned My wrath away from them. Ibn Ezra wrote, “He was zealous like his Maker, Who is described as being zealous on this earth. Had Pinchas not acted zealously, G-d would have annihilated Israel with a pestilence in His zeal.”Passing up the opportunity to carry our zealous, halachically mandated revenge is such a terrible sin that whoever refuses to do so deserves annihilation! Such was King David's intent in (Ps. 106:30), “Pinchas rose and wrought judgment, and the plague was stopped.” The avenger, Pinchas, merited not only a covenant of peace, but that the priestly gifts should be named after his deeds. Our sages say (Chulin 134b): Those who expound on unclear verses would say, “The shankbone corresponded to the hand [of Pinchas]: 'He took a spear in his hand' (Num. 25:7). The jowls corresponded to [his] prayer: 'Pinchas rose and prayed' (Ps. 106:30). The stomach corresponded to the belly in “[He drove the spear] through the woman's belly” (Num. 25:8).

Since G-d leaves it to good men to further the cause of goodness, after Pinchas took G-d's revenge against Zimri ben Salu and Kozbi bat Tzur, Moses appointed Pinchas leader when he sent G-d's hosts to take His revenge against the Midianites (Num. 31:6): “Moses sent forth the thousand men from each tribe as an army, along with Pinchas son of Elazar the Kohen.” Who won the “covenant of peace”, the everlasting reward of peace, if not Pinchas? Pinchas acted zealously on G-d's behalf, taking G-d's revenge, and becoming the first “mashuach milchama”, or Kohen anointed to lead the nation in war (Deut. 20:2-4). Yet G-d said (Num. 25:12), “Tell him that I have given him My covenant of peace”. Here we have a reward well-suited to the deed.Precisely he who gives up his peace and tranquility, devoting himself to G-d's battle and to taking G-d's revenge, merits everlasting peace. And precisely he who rebels against G-d, treating His command to fight and root out evil and evildoers with contempt , will never have peace, for there is no peace for the wicked, those who cast off their yoke.

Today, people have risen up to destroy us who are smitten with the alien [Western secular] culture.Tragically, these include even Torah scholars and learned Jews who have pronounced that, halachically speaking, there is no state of war between us and the Arabs in our land, hence we are forbidden to treat them as enemies. They have gone so far as to rule that if an Arab tries to attack or even to kill a Jew with a stone or weapon and flees, one may not kill him, but may only catch him and deliver him to the authorities, our impoverished regime which is better off ceasing to exist. If someone renders a halachic ruling that there is no state of war between us and the Arabs in our midst, that we are obligated to treat them with mercy, and that it is forbidden to kill one of them even after he tries to attack and kill a Jew, that person is nothing but a “rodef” [one who attacks with the intent to kill], who collaborates with the gentiles in the killing of Jews.
[As Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane puts it in his commentary on Parashat Pinchas]: Pinchas' act of killing Zimri and afterwards meriting the peace covenant teaches us that the Torah's way of bringing peace is by making the world a better place. The first step towards this goal is the uprooting of evil and evil-doers from the world.“Depart from evil” (Ps. 34:15) – this is the first step in making the world a better place. On the other hand,making peace with evil, or even worse, giving in to it, is the very opposite step that one can take if he wants to arrive at peace. 

Peace is not the mixing of good and evil and the attempt to create a co-existence between them, as we have been trained to think! The very opposite. 

There is no co-existence between good and evil, nor is there partnership between good people and evil people! 

The Master of the Universe demands of the righteous that they burn out the evil from the world - “and you shall burn out the evil from thy midst”, the Torah commands us in so many places, for only in such a way will peace reign in the world.

[See also Peirush HaMaccabee on Shemot, Chapter 1]: To burn evil out of our midst – this is the greatest compassion for the world, for all who are compassionate to the cruel will eventually be cruel to the compassionate (Tanchuma, Metzora 1); because this convoluted compassion allows the wicked to continue to commit evil. Can clay say to he who forms it, What are you doing?! (Isaiah 45:9); rather, we willingly accept upon ourselves the yoke of His Kingdom in love, in understanding and faith that He is indeed truth, and all His words are truth and justice. 

On the commandment to walk in all His paths and to cleave unto Him (Deuteronomy 11:22), the Ibn Ezra comments: And cleave unto Him – ultimately; and this is a great secret.The Avi Ezer (super-commentary on the Ibn Ezra, written by the Gaon Rabbi Shlomo ha-Cohen of Lissa) explains: The words of the Rav [i.e. the Ibn Ezra] are true, for Hashem's secret is given to those who fear Him (Psalms 25:14), who cleave unto His attributes, as Chazal said: Cleave unto His attributes. And in the cleaving itself there is a great secret: not to confuse one person’s task with another’s, to show compassion in a place where one must be angry (for instance against a student or a sinner), or to be humble in a place where one must garb himself with pride or vengeance, as with the actions of Pinchas. And few indeed are the people of greatness who cling to the attributes in truth and do not stumble in them. Are these not the greatest people in the world…? Engrave these words deep on your heart.

Compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from 'The Jewish Idea' and 'Peirush HaMaccabee on Shemot' of Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY"D, and from 'The writings of Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, HY"D'.

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BENADOR: Does America need Evolution or Revolution?

"...  if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win
without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure
and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to
fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for
survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as
slaves."   Sir Winston Churchill

Many of my readers have been shocked after reading my latest article. I understand.

What do Americans know about Freedom?

Freedom is a right which allows to do whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want.  Some assume freedom is boundless, without hindrance or restraint.  But that is a wrong assumption.  Freedom stops when the lives of people, and the existence of countries are endangered.  

How did we get “Freedom”?

We “had” Freedom from the beginning.  We did not fight for it.  

Independence is not freedom but the possibility to do everything by yourself.  And, the dictionary gives us a very specific meaning, “Independence, is the freedom from dependence.”  

The Independence of America gave Americans their independence but not their freedom, because they were free.  

That’s why, nowadays, in the most dire of circumstances our country is facing, Americans are impassive, counting on the results of an uncertain election, as they should.  But, there is more to it that meet the eyes.  

Liberals from the beginning

Some will argue that we have “conservatives”.  Only trouble is that those are liberals disguised under the label of Conservatism, as in the dramatic examples of Judge Roberts, Senator McCain, Speaker Boehner, and, it would be impossible to forget the two RINO Republican Senators from Maine, Susan Collins and Olympia Snow...  and so many others.

Getting freedom from Independence was a mere formality.  Instead of being English subjects, we became Americans.  The change was not like we were slaves and fought for freedom.  No.  Our men fought to be freed from the King.  That’s all.

Do we even realize when Freedom is in danger?

The latest, vicious attack against our Freedom came last week, spearheaded by treacherous Justice John Roberts who has complicated even more our already complex and tenebrous future.  He abused his powers, using them to legitimize Obamacare and thus he allowed that we be taxed for our personal choices and behaviour.   In one stroke, Conservative Roberts became Liberal Obama’s stooge and endangered the future of our generation and of many generations to come -unless the next government will be able to overturn it.  

Flagrant Roberts’ behavior was testimony of his hidden, liberal ingrained self.

Who is protesting? No one.

Another attack against our Freedom are the hundreds of executive orders this president has abused even to overstep Congress.  Executive orders are for cases “in extremis” but Obama is using it as a tyrannical tool to realize his ambitions.  

Who is protesting?  No one.

Obama and his “team” have decided to treat our troops as second class citizens or worse, as military sacrificial meat offered to Muslim terrorists.  With that sacrificial lamb offering to atone for our “mistakes”  our current political leadership in the shape of Clinton and Obama keep apologizing to countries such as Afghanistan -which has just been anointed by Clinton as our newest "major non-NATO ally."  Such statement represents an inordinate “support for the country's long-term stability and solidifies close defense cooperation after American combat troops withdraw in 2014.”  

In other words, political and government plans are being made as far as 2014.  

Who is protesting?  No one.

Obama, Clinton and the administration are promoting understanding with Muslim Afghanistan, at the risk of endangering our troops.  Recently, even the Department of Defense has issued a statement, saying they are ‘deeply concerned' by rash of 'insider' attacks in Afghanistan.  

By the same token, they classify the Fort Hood-Nidal Hasan massacre as “workplace violence.”  “The number so far this year is quickly approaching the tally for all of 2011. The Pentagon recorded a total of 19 attacks involving 26 deaths, 13 of them American, as of early July. In 2011, according to Kirby, there were 21 attacks and 35 deaths.”   Trouble is that when one of our soldiers flips, then they are considering the death penalty while Hasan may end up with a mild sentence.  

Bottom line, whatever evil Muslim terrorists do, our authorities will oversee and forgive.

But, whatever true Americans commit, a harsh sentence is in order.

Endangering the lives of our troops is a direct attack against our Freedom and our self-defense.

Who is protesting?  No one.

Homeland Security Department has recently developed an attraction to use unmanned drones -armed for the war on terror overseas- and recently drones have been used to help patrol along the country’s borders, helping look for “potential terrorist and illegal cross-border activity.”  Some have complained that drones are being used to surveil Americans, and some are concerned about ‘invasion of privacy.’  

Who is protesting?  No one.

The words “Muslim terrorism” have been eradicated from all official documents from FBI and other government organizations.  Al Qaeda terrorists are now called Al Qaeda insurgents, fighters, freedom fighters, and so on -anything but terrorists.  

God was not even mentioned at the 10th memorial of the 9/11 massacres committed by Muslim terrorists -and Islam and Muslim terrorism no longer appear as such.  

And the dry cleaning continues, with the whole world now calling Al Qaeda’ a “militant” Islamist organization and their terrorists have become gunmen, operatives...  anything to avoid calling them Muslim terrorists.   

Obama and his administration have made also sure to bring America down to the level of terrorists, as he has supported the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood inside his administration and within our country, allowing them to impose their pro-sharia views and policies in America.   

Now, in yet another stroke with which Hussein Obama shows his willingness to cultivate ties with the region's Islamists, he has invited the Muslim Brotherhood new Egyptian president, Mursi to meet him in the White House.

How long are Americans going to put up with liberals (democrats and republicans alike) bringing down our country?  

Would you let your children be friends with thugs, criminals...?  I wouldn’t and I have not.  And, my results have been exceptional.  Authority in raising children is imperative.  Authority by We The People, is also imperative to reign in a leadership class gone rogue.

Who is protesting?  No one.

And the list is endless.

Do Americans have Passion for their country?

From all the above, we can see that under normal circumstances, ANY other normal society would have already began to protest.  But, not us.  Why?

A few factors have combined from the beginning of our history to become an impediment to react in a normal manner in the face of national life-threatening situations, case in point.

Our lack of historical development and growth has made it impossible for us to be able to see imminent “danger” and act upon.  Most Americans believe that this situation will be solved only in the ballots, but unfortunately everything indicates that the opponents are setting their pieces in place, just in case.  For instance, Mr. Obama has given himself the power to declare martial law even “in times of peace.”  And no one has sneezed.  

Indifference is a result of the lack of passion for our country by which we see no imperative necessity to defend it, given that average Americans are unable to realize what loss of freedom means.  

The word, “passion,” comes from the Latin patior, which means, “to suffer or to endure."  It also comes from the Ancient Greek verb πάσχω (paskho) which also means “to suffer.”   Passion is described as an intense emotion or a compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for someone or something, so badly that if you don’t get it or you lose the object of your passion, for sure you will suffer, hence the root in both, Greek and Latin. Normally, passion pushes people to fight for what they want, or to fiercely fight to protect what they want.  

In essence, the soul of America, is liberal, simply because a true, real conservative movement never was given birth -deprived of the fight against feudal lords, American conservatives had no real opportunity to come into existence.

In America, liberalism is a daily reality while conservatism is a daily delusion.

Even the lack of political leadership may be connected to the “lack of passion for America.”  Some rare business leaders enter politics -and we all know that their interest in the nation is not separated from their own business interests.  On the other hand, political leaders who do not come from the business world, upon beginning their political jobs, soon enough end up adopting businesses and interests.  

Now we know that America’s last recourse will be We The People.  

Does America need Evolution?

Evolution, is change over time; the gradual sequence of events in nature or in history.

Driven by his quest of reason and debate, Americans strategize for the future on evolutionary terms.  The vision of a crude reality is never dealt with honesty and decisiveness.  Liberalism to the nth power is in place in this land of the free and there is no hope for smooth change with people who want to destroy the fabric of America.   

In all, Americans have hard times understanding the deep meaning of freedom.  Nor they know how it is to fight oppression.  They can talk about it, even with a certain violent determination but, beware this evolutionary path, Americans count on reason and debate as tools to conquer all obstacles ahead.  And the ultimate piece de resistance, are the sacrosanct elections.  

Does America need a Revolution?

America is under attack, we are at war and the enemy is within and also without.  But, it is the enemy within the most perilous.  

2012 is being witness of an undeclared civil war in America.  The attack against America and our Constitution is veiled and yet it is frontal and is being spearheaded by democrats and republicans alike.  

When a president uses and abuses executive orders to make them tools of a nascent tyranny, it is unconstitutional.  And yet, no one has opposed it.

When a president and his administration have allowed our men to be entrapped in Afghanistan and as a result yesterday six U.S. soldiers were murdered in a roadside bomb attack in Eastern Afghanistan, then that’s civil war in our midst.  Imagine now the families of those soldiers...  Imagine the pain and the loss...  

Their loss is our loss.  Their pain is our pain.

Liberalism is making friends with our mortal enemies.  Liberalism is defending the lives of our enemies and could not care less about our men in the military and their families, whose well-being and protection are our responsibility.

America has being corrupted by the liberal vision of moral decrepitude.  This is
an appeal to those remaining righteous Americans to rise and to raise above and before the ashes of servitude, slavery and destruction will bury us and many, many generations to come.  

Does America need a revolution?  The short answer is YES.

Everything is possible in life.  So, our kind of revolution should be a peaceful one, but a determined one.  

When we will be back in action in September, Americans should mobilize toward each of their City Hall, and march together.  Make a display of unity and moral strength.  

IF we get 50 to 80 million Americans gather and massively raise their voice loud and clear that no more corruption of the soul or of the country will be tolerated, the message will be heard and we will have began to reign in our morally corrupt leadership, democrats and republicans alike.


In life, we are given tests by God Almighty.  It is up to us to make the decision on how to handle those tests.  Either we will toughen up now and solve the problem or as History has witnessed in the past, those tests will crash our children and their children and many more generations of Americans to come.

A peaceful revolution is something feasible.  And for those who are worried or scared of a simple march, there is something even worse than that:  You should be scared to death of doing nothing, because tomorrow the sun will rise but we never know what the tide will bring.

May God give American Patriots wisdom, strength, resilience and determination to defend our country.

God bless America!


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Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates.  

BENADOR: At 236, America needs a Revolution

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”  
              The Constitution of the United States of America, 1776

Imagine a precocious newborn baby, who becomes an adult at age five.  Our reaction would be of astonishment.  And, after a while, when that precocious adult enters real life, works, has a family, etc. one can observe that some unusual events are happening or not happening that should be happening -and some of us start wondering what’s going on.

In the beginning

The age of the Earth has been calculated at around four billion years. By comparison, today, our beloved country, America, is celebrating its 236 years of existence.  One billion years are 1,000 million years.  And, civilizations began appearing after the year 3,500 before the common era.

To mention only a few countries, France is approximately 1,400 years old.  Germany was originally founded on January 18, 1871, but the cold war split Germany into two countries, and Germany reunited again, on October 3, 1990.  On the other hand, medieval Russia was founded in the year 800 or 860 according to other sources.  In 1721, Peter the Great converted Russia into an empire and he anointed himself as  emperor. It was only after 1991, that the Russian Federation. appeared.
Numbers speak for themselves.  This is how old those countries are: France, 1,400, Russia,1,212, and  Germany,1871.   Today, America turns only 236 years old.

What's missing in America?

Since our independence back in 1776, our existence has been marked with “... and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity...” Notice that it says "secure the Blessings of Liberty..." It does not say "fight for the Blessings of Liberty..."

Who were those who did all they could to achieve independence?  They were British subjects whose intention was to win autonomy and thus avoid needlessly paying taxes to a far away monarch.  Theirs was not a revolutionary movement.  

According to Alexis de Tocqueville: "The great advantage of the American, is that he has arrived at a state of democracy without having to endure a democratic revolution and that he is born free without having to become so."   

Indeed, such was the mentality inherited from the war of independence,  from which we received “freedom” as an inalienable right, and instead of a conqueror attitude, we received freedom, which undermined our feisty spirit, making Americans used to the fact that freedom was a birthright.

Skipping feudalism and revolution

History teaches us the geo-political transformations of societies.  In the premature development of America, we can recognize that by skipping the regular social evolution in our socie, we ended up adopting liberalism as part of our birthright.  

Feudalism is the legal and social system that evolved in Europe in the 8th and 9th centuries, in which vassals were protected and maintained by their lords, usually through the granting of fiefs, and in exchange, they  were required to serve under them in war.”

The feudal structure consisted not only of the warrior aristocracy bound by vassalage, but included also the peasantry bound by allegiance to the Lord of the Manor, and the estates of the Church, making the entire society bound by feudalism.

Ignoring the feudal system did not provide a structure of reference which could have injected in the spirit of Americans the appropriate reaction, including the passion to make a revolution, if need be.  .

Responsible Democracy

The flaws of Democracy are beginning to weigh heavier than the advantages.

The main objection should be the boundless license to free speech -practiced in an irresponsible way because there are instances when one puts at stake the lives of many innocent people.

Responsible Democracy, which means that instead of allowing “Democracy” to set the rules, we the people must set them.  For instance, no endangering anyone’s life.

As such, Freedom of Speech would be acceptable provided that at no time that speech will put lives in danger, because that would be the red light to stop.

Some will argue that Freedom of Speech must be “free” regardless of the repercussions.

Well, no.  There is nothing that’s totally free in life.  So, Freedom of Speech simply must have limitations.  Needlessly endangering lives, is the red light to stop.

Liberalism in America

The fight for human rights throughout the world, has been one of those liberal causes advocated by America.

Throughout American history we can see how liberalism has encroached in our society, bringing down its bricks, one by one.  

And, especially now, that Americans have put at the helm the Obama Administration, they have not lost a beat and have open the gates to licentiousness, i.e., the abolition of “Don’t ask don’t tell” in the military, the slow and sure advance of gay marriage, promotion and encouragement of abortion, and so much more, are definitely the signs that the progressive agenda is advancing.

The blurred line where Conservatism joins Liberalism

The perfect example that conservative Americans are mostly one entity with the liberals is the case of the conservative Judge Roberts, who voted in support of Obamacare, supporting the most anti-American president in our entire history.  Roberts overstepped his allegiance and betrayed the people who chose him as a strong conservative voice in the Supreme Court.  

In comes McCain, flip flopping to accommodate the liberals’ agenda.

Last but not least, Speaker Boehner, who said he did not want to ‘antagonize politically speaking”’.  So, we can ask why on earth is he there where he is.  


It is, therefore, with incredulity that we must acknowledge that the more a politician is a conservative, soon enough he/she will cross the lines.

Liberals and conservatives are currently obstructing the American people from realizing that the time for talking is coming to an end.    Obama and his Administration are even using the Constitution to serve their evil projects.

The American people have forgotten that when everyone fails America  -from the president, to the Supreme Court, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, to the democratic and conservative representatives-  there is only one group in charge of saving Country and Constitution:  We The People.

Truthfully, we are at a crossroads.  

Obama and his associates have only one priority: bring down America.  And they are doing it.  We, the American people, must make sure that theirs is only a one-term affair.

And, for that, we must vote Romney in.

That said, at this point, it is imperative that We The People start going on the streets -the time for talking at home and the internet is over.  Now, we need to gather.  And we must allow that absolutely all our politicians AND candidates alike, feel the weight of the American people, silently letting them know that enough is enough.

Their priority number one to ten, must be to defend the Country and the Constitution.

And, if they don’t get it, we will continue standing up, marching to let them know that America has someone who is looking after her.  When politicians will see fifty million Americans or more, on the streets, only then they will understand and only then we will be on our way to recovery.  

True American conservatives have only one choice: Wake up and get ready to defend America, with a revolution if need be.  

This should be our Patriotic determination on this day as we celebrate our beloved country, America’s Independence Day.

May God give the American Patriots wisdom, strength, resilience and determination to defend our country.

God bless America!


Note: This article was originally published in the Right Side News last July 4th, 2012

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates.