Thursday, July 19, 2012

BENADOR: In Syria, where is Assad?

On the heart wrenching, devastating Muslim Syrian conflict we should at all times remember that this is not our problem.  No matter how devastating it is, this is a problem that should be solved only Muslim countries and their armies.

Bashar el-Assad is now absent...  He may have been hit at the time of the suicide bomb...  But one thing is sure, after the attack, no president would have missed a television appearance to display strength among his people.

Now that Muslim terrorists are sending a full blown attack, we will certainly witness the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood also in Syria.

The time will come when Muslim populations may wake up and understand that if they do not want to be governed and abused by their radicals, only a bloody civil war will be what's needed to fix the problem.

We can only hope that if the president is still alive he may be able to gather his forces and launch a massive attack against the terrorist insurgent forces.  That will be the only way to save the Muslim Middle East to go completely rogue and stop them from becoming radical Islamists.

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