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BENADOR: Does America need Evolution or Revolution?

"...  if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win
without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure
and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to
fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for
survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as
slaves."   Sir Winston Churchill

Many of my readers have been shocked after reading my latest article. I understand.

What do Americans know about Freedom?

Freedom is a right which allows to do whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want.  Some assume freedom is boundless, without hindrance or restraint.  But that is a wrong assumption.  Freedom stops when the lives of people, and the existence of countries are endangered.  

How did we get “Freedom”?

We “had” Freedom from the beginning.  We did not fight for it.  

Independence is not freedom but the possibility to do everything by yourself.  And, the dictionary gives us a very specific meaning, “Independence, is the freedom from dependence.”  

The Independence of America gave Americans their independence but not their freedom, because they were free.  

That’s why, nowadays, in the most dire of circumstances our country is facing, Americans are impassive, counting on the results of an uncertain election, as they should.  But, there is more to it that meet the eyes.  

Liberals from the beginning

Some will argue that we have “conservatives”.  Only trouble is that those are liberals disguised under the label of Conservatism, as in the dramatic examples of Judge Roberts, Senator McCain, Speaker Boehner, and, it would be impossible to forget the two RINO Republican Senators from Maine, Susan Collins and Olympia Snow...  and so many others.

Getting freedom from Independence was a mere formality.  Instead of being English subjects, we became Americans.  The change was not like we were slaves and fought for freedom.  No.  Our men fought to be freed from the King.  That’s all.

Do we even realize when Freedom is in danger?

The latest, vicious attack against our Freedom came last week, spearheaded by treacherous Justice John Roberts who has complicated even more our already complex and tenebrous future.  He abused his powers, using them to legitimize Obamacare and thus he allowed that we be taxed for our personal choices and behaviour.   In one stroke, Conservative Roberts became Liberal Obama’s stooge and endangered the future of our generation and of many generations to come -unless the next government will be able to overturn it.  

Flagrant Roberts’ behavior was testimony of his hidden, liberal ingrained self.

Who is protesting? No one.

Another attack against our Freedom are the hundreds of executive orders this president has abused even to overstep Congress.  Executive orders are for cases “in extremis” but Obama is using it as a tyrannical tool to realize his ambitions.  

Who is protesting?  No one.

Obama and his “team” have decided to treat our troops as second class citizens or worse, as military sacrificial meat offered to Muslim terrorists.  With that sacrificial lamb offering to atone for our “mistakes”  our current political leadership in the shape of Clinton and Obama keep apologizing to countries such as Afghanistan -which has just been anointed by Clinton as our newest "major non-NATO ally."  Such statement represents an inordinate “support for the country's long-term stability and solidifies close defense cooperation after American combat troops withdraw in 2014.”  

In other words, political and government plans are being made as far as 2014.  

Who is protesting?  No one.

Obama, Clinton and the administration are promoting understanding with Muslim Afghanistan, at the risk of endangering our troops.  Recently, even the Department of Defense has issued a statement, saying they are ‘deeply concerned' by rash of 'insider' attacks in Afghanistan.  

By the same token, they classify the Fort Hood-Nidal Hasan massacre as “workplace violence.”  “The number so far this year is quickly approaching the tally for all of 2011. The Pentagon recorded a total of 19 attacks involving 26 deaths, 13 of them American, as of early July. In 2011, according to Kirby, there were 21 attacks and 35 deaths.”   Trouble is that when one of our soldiers flips, then they are considering the death penalty while Hasan may end up with a mild sentence.  

Bottom line, whatever evil Muslim terrorists do, our authorities will oversee and forgive.

But, whatever true Americans commit, a harsh sentence is in order.

Endangering the lives of our troops is a direct attack against our Freedom and our self-defense.

Who is protesting?  No one.

Homeland Security Department has recently developed an attraction to use unmanned drones -armed for the war on terror overseas- and recently drones have been used to help patrol along the country’s borders, helping look for “potential terrorist and illegal cross-border activity.”  Some have complained that drones are being used to surveil Americans, and some are concerned about ‘invasion of privacy.’  

Who is protesting?  No one.

The words “Muslim terrorism” have been eradicated from all official documents from FBI and other government organizations.  Al Qaeda terrorists are now called Al Qaeda insurgents, fighters, freedom fighters, and so on -anything but terrorists.  

God was not even mentioned at the 10th memorial of the 9/11 massacres committed by Muslim terrorists -and Islam and Muslim terrorism no longer appear as such.  

And the dry cleaning continues, with the whole world now calling Al Qaeda’ a “militant” Islamist organization and their terrorists have become gunmen, operatives...  anything to avoid calling them Muslim terrorists.   

Obama and his administration have made also sure to bring America down to the level of terrorists, as he has supported the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood inside his administration and within our country, allowing them to impose their pro-sharia views and policies in America.   

Now, in yet another stroke with which Hussein Obama shows his willingness to cultivate ties with the region's Islamists, he has invited the Muslim Brotherhood new Egyptian president, Mursi to meet him in the White House.

How long are Americans going to put up with liberals (democrats and republicans alike) bringing down our country?  

Would you let your children be friends with thugs, criminals...?  I wouldn’t and I have not.  And, my results have been exceptional.  Authority in raising children is imperative.  Authority by We The People, is also imperative to reign in a leadership class gone rogue.

Who is protesting?  No one.

And the list is endless.

Do Americans have Passion for their country?

From all the above, we can see that under normal circumstances, ANY other normal society would have already began to protest.  But, not us.  Why?

A few factors have combined from the beginning of our history to become an impediment to react in a normal manner in the face of national life-threatening situations, case in point.

Our lack of historical development and growth has made it impossible for us to be able to see imminent “danger” and act upon.  Most Americans believe that this situation will be solved only in the ballots, but unfortunately everything indicates that the opponents are setting their pieces in place, just in case.  For instance, Mr. Obama has given himself the power to declare martial law even “in times of peace.”  And no one has sneezed.  

Indifference is a result of the lack of passion for our country by which we see no imperative necessity to defend it, given that average Americans are unable to realize what loss of freedom means.  

The word, “passion,” comes from the Latin patior, which means, “to suffer or to endure."  It also comes from the Ancient Greek verb πάσχω (paskho) which also means “to suffer.”   Passion is described as an intense emotion or a compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for someone or something, so badly that if you don’t get it or you lose the object of your passion, for sure you will suffer, hence the root in both, Greek and Latin. Normally, passion pushes people to fight for what they want, or to fiercely fight to protect what they want.  

In essence, the soul of America, is liberal, simply because a true, real conservative movement never was given birth -deprived of the fight against feudal lords, American conservatives had no real opportunity to come into existence.

In America, liberalism is a daily reality while conservatism is a daily delusion.

Even the lack of political leadership may be connected to the “lack of passion for America.”  Some rare business leaders enter politics -and we all know that their interest in the nation is not separated from their own business interests.  On the other hand, political leaders who do not come from the business world, upon beginning their political jobs, soon enough end up adopting businesses and interests.  

Now we know that America’s last recourse will be We The People.  

Does America need Evolution?

Evolution, is change over time; the gradual sequence of events in nature or in history.

Driven by his quest of reason and debate, Americans strategize for the future on evolutionary terms.  The vision of a crude reality is never dealt with honesty and decisiveness.  Liberalism to the nth power is in place in this land of the free and there is no hope for smooth change with people who want to destroy the fabric of America.   

In all, Americans have hard times understanding the deep meaning of freedom.  Nor they know how it is to fight oppression.  They can talk about it, even with a certain violent determination but, beware this evolutionary path, Americans count on reason and debate as tools to conquer all obstacles ahead.  And the ultimate piece de resistance, are the sacrosanct elections.  

Does America need a Revolution?

America is under attack, we are at war and the enemy is within and also without.  But, it is the enemy within the most perilous.  

2012 is being witness of an undeclared civil war in America.  The attack against America and our Constitution is veiled and yet it is frontal and is being spearheaded by democrats and republicans alike.  

When a president uses and abuses executive orders to make them tools of a nascent tyranny, it is unconstitutional.  And yet, no one has opposed it.

When a president and his administration have allowed our men to be entrapped in Afghanistan and as a result yesterday six U.S. soldiers were murdered in a roadside bomb attack in Eastern Afghanistan, then that’s civil war in our midst.  Imagine now the families of those soldiers...  Imagine the pain and the loss...  

Their loss is our loss.  Their pain is our pain.

Liberalism is making friends with our mortal enemies.  Liberalism is defending the lives of our enemies and could not care less about our men in the military and their families, whose well-being and protection are our responsibility.

America has being corrupted by the liberal vision of moral decrepitude.  This is
an appeal to those remaining righteous Americans to rise and to raise above and before the ashes of servitude, slavery and destruction will bury us and many, many generations to come.  

Does America need a revolution?  The short answer is YES.

Everything is possible in life.  So, our kind of revolution should be a peaceful one, but a determined one.  

When we will be back in action in September, Americans should mobilize toward each of their City Hall, and march together.  Make a display of unity and moral strength.  

IF we get 50 to 80 million Americans gather and massively raise their voice loud and clear that no more corruption of the soul or of the country will be tolerated, the message will be heard and we will have began to reign in our morally corrupt leadership, democrats and republicans alike.


In life, we are given tests by God Almighty.  It is up to us to make the decision on how to handle those tests.  Either we will toughen up now and solve the problem or as History has witnessed in the past, those tests will crash our children and their children and many more generations of Americans to come.

A peaceful revolution is something feasible.  And for those who are worried or scared of a simple march, there is something even worse than that:  You should be scared to death of doing nothing, because tomorrow the sun will rise but we never know what the tide will bring.

May God give American Patriots wisdom, strength, resilience and determination to defend our country.

God bless America!


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Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates.  

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