Friday, June 10, 2011


So, we say we are conservatives. Let's test our Conservatism and see how much has liberalism infiltrated our mores and ways of life.

As you know, to test something, we have to be focused and follow a method. That in itself is a challenge, as we -thanks to liberal views- have been used in recent decades, to think that we are free -free to do as we wish, that is.

But, what is, truly, Freedom, that status for which we are ready to send our military to fight for in far away lands?

Freedom is not really an attribute included in any of the ten commandments which are also at the base of our American Constitution. The men who wrote the Constitution were profoundly Christian and many of them were freemasons -who in turn inspired by the Ten Commandments and a deep Judaic understanding and approach to life.

There is, however, a major difference between the approach of the Torah and our Constitution and that is that in the Torah everything begins with our "obligations", while in our Constitution, everything begins with our "rights".

As one can clearly see, the very first approach is defining, because one's obligations are put on the table and therefore we have limitations from the onset.

Why was that? The answer is simple, as you can see, we have not been too good at implementing our freedom of choice.

The very beginning of mankind was not too promising: Adam and Eve were told NOT to eat from the apple tree. And she did it and convinced Adam to do it as well. Cain and Abel did not fare well either.

We could make the right choice -but we seem unable to do it.

But, as you know, we MUST do it, because our existence and our children's fate is in our hands.

As a matter of fact, let's see what is this elusive concept of Freedom, which "is" mentioned at the very beginning of our Constitution.

However, Freedom is NOT mentioned or implied in the Ten Commandments.

WHY that?

It is because Freedom is a power that is in our nature.

The problem is that mankind has erroneously believed that if we have choice then we can apply that power that our freedom gives us -to choose "freely", namely, without thinking of consequences.

And, liberals did not lose a beat and grabbed that precise lenient notion to conduct our lives in that manner, so we have declined from freedom to licentiousness.

Such licentiousness is at the base of the moral decadence and the corrupting debauchery of our society.

And we live with it every single day, from sunrise to sunset.

Do we pray to thank our Creator that we are alive and well each morning?

Is our government allowing our children to be raised in schools where prayer is indispensable -as it has always been in our Judeo-Christian society- as it should be?

Are parents screening who they leave their children with while they go to work?

Or are they just leaving those young lives at the hands of ignorant, uneducated people who cannot possibly teach and guide their children and make them differentiate right from wrong?

Are we eating what is healthy? But, this is NOT a government issue. This is our own particular and personal interest in eating healthfully because it is important that we care for our bodies and keep them well functioning for as long as possible. And, this is none of the government business but it's ours. If we so decide.

Are we making sure to review with our children our American History and share with enthusiasm the prowess of our Founding Fathers and other true American heroes.

Are we faithful to our spouses? And, that's a tough one because human nature is so that one is tempted by the eyes. But, that's when self-discipline and self-control should kick in, because if we are married we are not free -not even to look.

Besides, and this is a new concept but when a couple is married, outsiders are to respect that institution.

I always told my beloved Son, when he was a little boy, if you see temptation coming your way, turn around and go away as soon as possible. Temptation is not to be looked at and is not to be tried, not even once.

At the same time, if a marriage is not what you had in mind and/or is not satisfactory as you'd wanted, then as a true conservative, you have to speak gently with your partner and maybe decide to go for couple counseling or to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a psychologist specialized in sexology. I know many couples that have had wonderful and enduring results.

Life is short, life is beautiful.

Liberalism has a suicidal approach to life and if we do not condone it, we must do something more than just talk.

I hope the above is food for thought, maybe we can initiate a basic survival agenda for us as conservatives.

Let's try it.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is US Representative of the Shomron Liaison Office, Samaria, Israel; former President of Benador Associates, and a national and international political analyst and global strategist.

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