Friday, June 17, 2011


It is with enthusiasm that we can read some uplifting news today.

I've been writing all along that after all our military efforts, the time had come to accept that the problem of radicalization and extremism in the Muslim world will never be solved with 'manu militari' but by the solemn decision that Muslims themselves will make to simply not put up anymore with vandals roaming the world spreading evil and devastating terror in the name of an ideology disguised as religion.

Even in such a case, real transformation of their society will take most likely 500 years given the deep, entrenched feeling of hate transmitted in the teachings.

Reportedly, in Newport, South Wales, UK, a community of Muslims have decided to unite to protest and stop the spread of terrorism in their midst as well as the influence they could have on their children, as you can read here. This is a first but extremely important step.

Scotland: Glasgow districts boycott Israeli books

However, the litmus test for these "anti-terror", "anti-radicalization-of-Islam" Muslim activists, is if they will also include protests against the unfair boycott against Israeli books as mentioned here: "Several districts in southwest Scotland expand boycott on Israeli products, bar stores from carrying English translations of Israeli books. 'A place that boycotts books isn't far from a place that burns them,' says Ambassador Ron Prosor"

Israel is the paradigm case in Western civilization, any attempt against and to eliminate radicalization within the Muslim world, will be futile if prejudice and bias against Israel continue.

So, progress in South Wales may be promising, but has to be closely followed to see if it is a profound change they are intending to, or just a cosmetic and short-lived repair.

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