Monday, June 27, 2011


Appears that some brilliant minds are insisting that Israel establish a "dialog" with the Arab, no, it actually is the MUSLIM world.

But, the question is what is there anymore to speak about with those who want to make Israel disappear and exterminate the Jews?

Have the Israelis not yet realized those facts?

Actions speak louder than words.

As such, didn't the Israeli people as well as the Israeli leadership see the bodies of the Fogel family, all with their slit throats, including 3-month old baby Hadassah?

Let me explain this:

In the Muslim world, when they slit a throat, whether it is of an animal or a human, they do it slightly enough to make them bleed to death but at the same time they are making sure they will die with the utmost suffering agony.

So, some want Israel to talk "directly" to the Arabs?

I wouldn't even mention this but we are responsible for the fate of the innocent population -who because of the dangerous situation are put at the utmost risk.

To be clear, again, the problem is not with the Arabs, but with the Muslims.

Please, read "Israel urged to speak directly to Arab world"

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