Friday, July 29, 2011


I know who you are
I know what you have fought for
I know what you went through
I know what you were looking forward to...

I look at you
I see you in pain
I whisper in your ear
I say to you "wake up, before it's late..."

I am sorry
I am only one
I am so tiny
I am no giant to help you
I cannot put you up alone

I see you bleed
I see your blood pouring out
I see your pain
I call for others to come and help

I am sorry
I am only one
I am so terribly tiny

I see your eyes closing
I see your lips closing
I see your body go lose
I see you so fragile

I wish they would listen to me
I wish they would come and help
I wish their eyes would feel your pain
I wish their hearts would see you in pain

I am sorry
I am so terribly sorry
I am only one

I pray
I pray for you
I pray to the Only One who can help
I pray His Will will be to save you

I pray to G-d to save you, America...

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