Monday, July 4, 2011


As Benador Associates was being created, the massacres of 9/11 took place. We became the leading neocon group privately owned and most efficient and best known in America and abroad.
Its success was a rare combination of first rate expertise, a daring approach and bold management of the media at the time.
In all, the success was result of been the most genuine platform where voices advocating policies to defend American borders and secure the safety of the American population were to be heard.
As we celebrate today the 235th year of America's Independence, and given the gravity of the situation our country faces, I have decided to create a similar group to the then Benador Associates.
I count with the incomparable confirmed participation of the most conservative Rabbi in America, Nachum Shifrin, candidate to the Senate in California.
We also welcome the courageous Pastor Dr. Terry D. Jones who everyone knows.
The three of us will be the Founders of Benador Associates II.
I am choosing that name because it is a name the liberals recognize well.
It is a name that stands for the Defense of American values.
Right now, at a time when everyone is compromising to accommodate an enemy whose goal is to kill us, none of us is ready to compromise.
And, I believe that this kind of leadership is what has been missing in America.
A rational group, knowledgeable and savvy, fearless and whose main goal is to save America.
Each of us has an impeccable track record.
We are indefatigable.
We know we are at war.
And, now the enemy has a formidable opponent in their face, because we know that we will be able to stir Americans in the right direction.
G-d is with us. G-d save America!

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