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I am writing this article in the light of, and under the Protection of, the First Amendment that safeguards my right of freedom of speech in the Republic of the United States of America.

Most of the information below can be verified. Some links are also provided and are verifiable sources. And I also give my personal opinion and draw my conclusions, as such, they may be accurate or not, but they are what I believe conceivable and potentially correct.

Ever since the Anthony Weiner sexting story popped up on our daily news, attention was shifted to the real worrisome factor around the New York Congressman, his wife, Huma Abedin, the daughter of Islamic preachers, in Kalamazoo, Michigan and in Jedda, Saudi Arabia.

Much has been researched, found and written in the interim.

On the one side, interestingly, according to Wikipedia entries, back in “July 29, 2007, Weiner and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) objected to a $20 billion arms deal that the Bush Administration had negotiated with Saudi Arabia because they do not want to provide "sophisticated weapons to a country that they believe has not done enough to stop terrorism," also noting that 15 of the 19 hijackers of September 11, 2001 were from Saudi Arabia. Weiner made the announcement outside of the Saudi Arabian consulate in Washington, stating that "We need to send a crystal clear message to the Saudi Arabian government that their tacit approval of terrorism can't go unpunished." Weiner and Nadler intended to use a provision of the Arms Export Control Act to review the deal and pass a Joint Resolution of Disapproval. Weiner and several other members of Congress later criticized the Obama administration proposal to sell [the largest sale ever in the History of the United States of] over $60 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia. He said: "Saudi Arabia is not deserving of our aid, and by arming them with advanced American weaponry we are sending the wrong message", and described Saudi Arabia as having a "history of financing terrorism" and teaching "hatred of Christians and Jews" to its schoolchildren.”

So, was it “love” that united pro-Israeli Weiner and Huma with ties-to-radical-Islam? Let’s see beyond that.

Meanwhile, despite mentions by the Free Republic since 2007, that shed light over an infinite amount of facts, showing Anthony Weiner’s wife, close connection to radical Islam represented by a father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was born in India, in 1928. prior to partition, who was an Islamic professor living in Kalamazoo, Michigan and working at Western Universtiy, Michigan.

He got his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania and edited several books, such as “Communal violence in India: a case Study,” “The Muslim Minority in India,” “The future of South Asia,” and the videorecording of “The World of Islam.”

Her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, who received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, appears to have served as director and editor of the journal of her husband’s Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs in the UK -where you will find for the first time, Hassan Abedin, allegedly Huma’s brother, and to whom we will return in a couple of paragraphs.

Saleha Mahmood Abedi’s career continued as an associate professor of sociology at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah. Many end of year graduations seem to have been attended by the King, the heir to the throne, and at least one of the King’s wives.

As we mentioned above, Hassan Abedin, is found at the Oxford Center for Islamic Affairs in the United Kingdom, and which you can explore at your leisure.

The Centre was established in 1985 to encourage the scholarly study of Islam and the Islamic world. Patron of the Centre is none other than HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales. One of their most important activities is the Young Muslim Leadership Programme 2011.

It is important to note that “Since 1986, the University of Oxford and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies have accepted a combined total of more than £105m in donations from sources such as the Saudi royal family, the Malaysian government and even the Bin Laden dynasty, among others. In 1997, the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies received £20m from the now-deceased King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.”

In all of this, the fact that Huma Abedin is the wife Anthony Weiner, is almost irrelevant except for the fact that thankfully it has brought the light to this far more important issue of national interest.

Time Magazine chose her for their "40 Under 40" as part of what they called "a new generation of civic leaders is already at work trying to fix a broken system."

The recent, inexplicable decision of the American Administration to officially recognize the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, it does not erase their vicious agenda promoting the invasion of America and encouraging terror attacks on our soil and our people.

It should be, therefore, at the behest of the American people, as a question of national security and defense, that the Obama Administration must relieve Ms Abedin of her position as trusted Deputy Chief of Staff of the Republic of the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton -with immediate effect.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international political adviser, global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. She can be followed on Twitter and on her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook

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