Monday, August 10, 2009


We live in difficult times and it's true all over, but walking down Madison Avenue in New York City these days has become an increasingly disturbing view, as one finds store after store closing and going out of business. Stores that have barely set up shop less than a year ago, have already packed and left. One more recent case has been the store a block past the Carlyle Hotel, which barely had unpacked its merchandise composed of baby clothing, and within one single day decided to pack everything up and leave, thus cutting its losses. One cannot stop but think 'which one will be the next store to go...'

The situation in the US is disastrous. There is no other way to say it.

Naturally, in the middle of this disaster, there are going to be the lucky ones who will be able to build their empires because they are the only ones who will be terrificly positioned to purchase and acquire, for instance, buildings and residences at very inexpensive prices, among other areas, though I tend to think that probably the only one area to invest in, within one or two years, once the real estate market has gone completely down, will indeed be real estate.

Friends are no longer friends, the dire economic and financialsituation is giving place to further greed, not to further understanding and compassion.

No matter which the religion, people are now not thinking of how they can help their friends and their loved ones to go over this very critical situation, but they 'wash their hands' purposelly oblivious of their moral obligations and unwilling to accept the social responsibility that lies upon each of us to be there for the loved ones in need.

This society has produced a serial of criminals, like Madoff, that are the result of the lax morals that inadvertently is taught to its citizens. People no longer have time for discipline, parents are negligent in raising children who are, instead, placed at the mercy of uneducated nannies. And, this situation has deteriorated tremendously with the inexorable passage of time. Thus, as one could expect it, that laissez-faire has produced this generation where leaders are almost nowhere to be found.

Sadly, my only thought right now is, "Quo vadis, America...?"

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