Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We are about to commemorate ten years since the barbaric attacks of 9/11 committed against our country -not in an act of war between two prepared armies, but as an act of terrorism.

It happened a warm, beautiful sunny Tuesday, when unsuspecting, innocent civilians, were arriving to their workplaces after they’ve left their homes expecting to come back, as usual, later in the evening that same day.

Little did they know what fate had in storage for them.

A few moments later, by 8:30 AM EST, in the name of Islam, beasts wrecked havoc.

Now, we are going to commemorate ten years of those terrible events that did not only impacted our lives but most of all will certainly be seen by History as the defining first page of a new chapter for mankind. But, will it be a turn for the better or for the worse? That, still has to be seen. Yet, all signs indicate that the direction taken ever since then is not a promising one for generations to come.

First of, there were almost 4,000 victims who perished that day!

Comparatively, Saddam Hussein’s chemical gas attacks on the people of Fallujah in Kurdistan, massacred 5,000 people throughout one single day -and here, almost 4,000 of our people died within one hour.

In both cases, it was not about only the people who died. Each person who died had a family who brutally lost a loved one. That per se, is a traumatic, terrible experience in the life of human beings, especially if they are children, as so many of the murdered victims were bread-winners and had families and children -who for the rest of their lives were to be marked by the horror lived that day.

The attack was planned with an incredible, mathematical precision.

The perpetrators, obviously, counted with an enormous infrastructure established within our country -they had communities around, they were able to attend college, study, and day after day, in teams most likely, they had the leisure to set up their diabolic plan with *no one* suspecting anything... How come?

Every milestone demands a progress report, to see if progress has been made, if issues that caused the problem have been resolved. We need to make sure the danger is gone, after all, ten years seems like a lot of time to solve a problem.

Let’s analyze first of all, the elements of this vicious act against our civilian population.

What happened: Massacre of Innocent Civilians in times of Peace

How: Terrorism

Who were the perpetrators: Muslim fanatic terrorists

Were they alone? No. For such an endeavor, they needed a huge infrastructure

If not, WHO helped them? All Muslims helped and help in this endeavor, they give their tacit approval by their silence

Why: Because of Jihad, which is the Islamic obligation of Muslims at large to wage war against the enemy to advance the cause of Islam

What for? To, in the name of Islam, invade and conquest the world

To Implement What? The Islamic law and legal system: Sharia

After ten years, what has been the outcome of the 9/11 attacks? Were they successful? YES!

Intermittently, I have lived and worked in the Muslim Middle East. I have seen how they function. I have seen the hordes of men, dressed as Osama Bin Laden -for instance, are you aware that together they roam the cities, airports? It is so impressive. When you look at them, you know they are those men who study in madrassas, where they learn that they have to hate us and are expected to kill us.

Likewise, Muslim women from the middle class up, are experts in the art of pleasing their men, and yet get away with some Western style, provided they dutifully hide it under their black cloaks -unless you are in Turkey, but then again, Turkey, just as Lebanon, were never thought of, like the other Muslim countries.

For instance, I once had interviewed the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Ryad Salameh for a column I had with a major newspaper in the region -when I presented my piece, the editor-in-chief simply said, well.... it’s Lebanon! They simply were not interested.

The progress that has been now done is mostly within the Muslim world, where they have somehow unified after all, with Turkey joining the anti-West, anti-Israel antisemitic position. And so has Lebanon.

But, what else has happened on their side?

Let’s take a look at the news:

An Islamic insurgency has spread across Russia's southern Caucasus region of Chechnya

Following last week's attacks by Islamic militants, religious conflict at the end of Ramadan left at least 20 people dead in Nigeria, ..

Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb took responsibility for attacks on the Cherchell Military Academy last week in Algeria. The attack left 16 students and two ...

And, I could go on, endlessly...

As we know by now, for instance in the United States, there has been an extensive expansion of Muslim communities in almost all states East to West, and North to South. There are not only mosques or the ‘undercover’ name of masjids, but also community centers, camps and boy and girl scouts organizations, and so on.

Their demands for halal food are being met, no questions asked.

And in the name of “freedom of expression and of religion” they are demanding to establish sharia throughout different states of the American territory, but because it will help their cause, they want to use our mantra of ‘democracy’ that guarantees by law, freedom of expression.

The latest goal achieved has been the approval to build a huge community/mosque center a few steps away from the place where the massacres of 9/11 happened.


1) About the Muslims

We have tried to classify Muslims into two groups: terrorists and the rest of the Muslim population are seen by us Westerners, as two different groups. Independent from each other.

Question: When someone ‘facilitates’, ‘watches-without-helping-the-victim’, when someone ‘even-by-their-silence-facilitates’ a crime... what are they, legally speaking? Do they bear any responsibility or none at all? Yes, the person becomes “accessory” to the crime and there may even have been ‘conspiracy’ to commit the crime.

That’s why Muslims at large cannot be divided. Muslims, whether moderates or not, have the obligation to stop terrorism in their midst, simply because “terrorism” is a despicable act that cannot and must not be tolerated.

2) About “freedom of religion”

Do you think that when the Founding Fathers stipulated this law, were they including the freedom of religion to members of a religion that incites massacring us so that they can apply their own law -that has nothing to do with our civilization?

Stoning, beheading, honor killing, mutilations, legalized rape and pedophilia, among other crimes, are neither part of our culture nor of the dreams of a better future that Americans are used to dream for their children down to their great- great- great-grandchildren.


First let’s see what is a phobia?

It’s defined as “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something: "he had a phobia about being under water" or had "a phobia of germs" or, understandably, "a snake phobia".

Under these terms, are we having “an extreme or *irrational concern* about Muslims?

No, I say not at all.

Yes, we are very concerned about Muslim terrorists and their accomplices, the Muslim population at large who actually does nothing to stop their terrorists from attacking innocent civilian populations and are able to even slit throats of tiny babies... that’s not human behavior, that’s a beastly behavior!

And, if you are a Muslim reading these lines, let me tell you this: There is what’s called “REVOLUTION” and that has happened many times throughout the history of mankind. Good men who were not happy with the way things were working in their societies, rallied together and with their blood and their sweat they organized the resistance to stop the abuse that was going on in their societies. That’s how it works.

So, Muslim world, stop making as if you are the innocent victims, when we can just look at the news, and anyone can see the havoc, the destruction and the chaos, the abuse and the violence that you cause. Absolutely everything that’s wrong comes from you. Your bestiality knows no limit.

The beauty of a soul is not seen in the gorgeous buildings in Dubai or in Doha, or in the jewels you buy for your women who put up with your nonsense.

No. The beauty of a soul is when for a human being would be unthinkable to touch an innocent baby and slit her throat and let her to die the most horrible death...

So, we feel no Islamophobia vis-a-vis you.

If you want to correct the impression that you give us, you are welcome to actively hunt your terrorists, you are welcome to impose change in your society -with or without your leaders, up to you to decide.

IF and when you actively show the world your goodwill to stop terrorism against innocent civilians worldwide and decide to have a productive, positive life, we will certainly examine the case and will consider your application as a candidate to join Western Civilization. Before that, it’s impossible.

To sum it up:

No more treacherous bombing against civilian populations anywhere in the world.

No more terrorism anywhere in the world.

No to Muslim invasion. Certainly NO to sharia.

Until then, know that there is no Islamophobia. We simply despise evil.


Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador
 Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website, on Twitter, at her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.

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