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"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for you are with me..." Psalm 23

Fighting for "LIFE" is commendable. But, there comes a point where a human being has to ask him/her/self if simply being alive is enough.

And, if that was the case, then why did G-d took His Children, the Jewish People, out of Egypt to His Land, Israel, that He gave them...?

The question has a simple answer.

Living in servitude is a quasi-animal status and that's why G-d did not want to leave His Children to be slaves of the Egyptians.

But, where are we standing now?

There are so many now, writing that "we are for LIFE..."

Just as we have been for "Peace..."

Blindly, we have fallen into the Liberal parameters that in the most absurd manner "defend" notions such as "life" and "peace" -regardless if they will become the boomerangs that will jeopardize the mere existence of those fools who believe in words rather than actions.

"Life" and "Peace"... both so near and yet so far...

Their philosophical study brings them dangerously close to become a deadly weapon unless one dissects both terms separately or together...

Both, life and peace, taken in the absolute, abstract scope of the terms, are among the most desirable goals one can possibly aim for. But, that would have been the case in the world before Adam and Eve showed their crushing weakness and exchanged Paradise for the damn apple.

In the world we live now, the situation has completely changed, and those who advocate to fight for Life and Peace as the ultimate goal a human being could achieve, simply belong in the pre-Adamic world and not in ours.

Living as slaves removes our inalienable right to freedom.

Naturally, freedom as such has been used and abused and we are all too aware that the fact that G-d gave us intelligence was with the purpose to use it wisely in order to reign in our freedom within the Commandments that G-d in His Infinite Wisdom gave us.

But, no. As we used and misused our "intelligence" we have ended up under-using it right from the onset, for who with a superior intelligence would give up paradise for a damn apple...? Now, therein lies our weakness which until now we are refusing to accept. And, yet, accepting that one has a weakness is the first step to regain our strength and control of a situation gone astray for too long.

Now, America and Israel, the doors to Civilization, are on check by their arch-enemy, the Muslim world in their quest for world domination.

This is the time when the peoples of America and Israel will have to decide what's more important:

Be alive, but be amputated from their inalienable right to freedom... and live as a slave?

Or, risk one's life and fight for survival for a life filled with dignity and pride, if not for oneself then for those who will follow...?

When liberals speak of peace, they refer to the pure abstract concept that implies "absence of conflict." Now, when and where is there "absence of conflict," when one is alive...? Nowhere.

Just as the concept of "life", "peace" is a very defeating term.

"Peace" without security, in simple terms means, "death" and "hell".

So, it is up to us, thinking free-will human beings to make our choice. What kind of "life" and what kind of "peace" are we interested in.

Take a deep look at your children and their children before you answer...

America and Israel need people who love SECURITY above all, because it is only when a population can live safely that one can have peace and have a life with dignity and pride.

And, in order to be safe, one has to fight for it.

The enemy loves death more than life. And they think they have that advantage over us.

I have some bad news for them.

There are more and more of us, who understand the real meaning of LIFE and PEACE.

And those of us who get it, are not afraid to fight and risk our lives to secure the safety of our families and our nations, and leave ahead of us an inheritance of LIFE and PEACE so next generations may have a better life than we have had.

So, when push comes to shove, YES, we do love more life than the enemy.

AND it is because of that that our numbers are increasing, because we who love life are not ready to give up or give in. And we know that G-d is on our side...


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