Monday, June 24, 2013

BENADOR: Defending America's Constitution


The constant attacks on the American Constitution, with total impunity, and the increasing intrusion in the private lives of Americans, will have to be stopped by dismantling the government in its entirety, jail them and try them after calling for EARLY ELECTIONS. 

The agenda must also include abolishing the IRS, reshuffling the Supreme Court for a balanced, potentially unbiased set of judges, as well as disbanding the majority of useless over-bureaucratic organizations.

That should be the plan.

To those who have qualms, here an important question: 

What is more unconstitutional:

A president and government that increasingly violate the Constitution, with total impunity? 


To defend that Constitution from being viciously violated, with absolute impunity, especially when all indicates the enemy might at one point declare it obsolete? 

A peaceful march of millions of Americans towards Washington D.C., will set the tone and send the message that the American people will no longer put up with attacks against the Constitution and their Rights.

Naturally, there must be trials to condemn all guilty of any involvement in the direct or indirect murder of Americans in Benghazi, the members of Seal Team Six, ambushed in all likelihood thanks to the government of the U.S., descending from their chinook helicopter in Afghanistan.  And much more. 

Also, total immunity must be seeked on behalf of Edward Snowden, whose only interest has been the well-being of the American people and their interests, as the unraveling situation is showing. 

Early elections are a must. 

May G-d bless America. 

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