Monday, September 23, 2013



Below are links to my articles published by the Right Side News and Pravda, on the McCain-Putin story.  

Right Side News:  BENADOR: Corrupt McCain Lectures Russians

Some are attacking me [what's new?] because of my position vis-a-vis Putin, but they forget that the main issue is my position against the treacherous behaviour of a registered Republican senator who defends the politics of the most anti-American president ever. 

As for Putin, I am perfectly lucid about him.  

This happened to me as well with President Bush, everyone thought I was a pro-Bush person, and were surprised when I spoke against his ever disintegrating approach to American interests in favor of his Saudi friends' interests. 

I am only committed to G d.  Not to any human being. 

So, if they do something right, I write about it.  And when they do something wrong, I also write about it.  

Besides, given that I am not a politician, I do not need anyone's approval in what I do or what I write.  Nor do I have any organization where I could be depending on board members and/or donors.  

Also note that I do not try to convince anyone.  Basically, I am a complex independent and my opinions are my property. 

Mine is an intellectual contribution, a food for thought, to try to make this a better world.   

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