Thursday, June 25, 2009


Many have been asking me what I think about what's going on in Iran.

Well, for the record, having been at the head of Benador Associates, means that after my experience and our experience with what happened in Iraq and how poorly the Bush Administration handled the whole operation, as a personal conclusion I drew the line there. Since then, I stopped my involvement in politics, especially in the US, as nothing ever changes there. And, most importantly, I do not want to go into any other war unless there is an uncontested success in sight and immediate, non-negotiable withdrawal planned.

Current events in Iran are, in fact, showing exactly what I was hoping for and expecting all along: that the wonderful people of Iran are able to revolt themselves, show the world that it is they and no one else who will take care of letting know their leaders loud and clear what they want or not.

And, with the courage Iranians are showing, it is a lesson for the world, a lesson from a population of roughly 65875223 who is able and willing to let their manipulating leaders that there are boundaries.

I know we all are hoping these protests will be fruitful. But they may just end without provoking any major change. However, the fact that those voices have been forcefully heard throughout the whole world, sure thanks to Twitter and Facebook and so on, is simply amazing.

Times are changing. For the best.

And, it ain't over yet.

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