Sunday, June 28, 2009


Now, with Michael Jackson unexpectedly dead, the world has been confronted with the feelings of loss. My first reaction was... well, unlike the majority. Then, my sense of analysis kicked in, and here I am, finding a correlation between the "Michael Jackson phenomenon," the situation of our global society and the ever deepening economic crisis the world quietly continues to dive in.

Some might wonder, what on Earth is she speaking about? Well, let's see my issues at hand one by one.

What I call the "Michael Jackson phenomenon" is simply the mirror of our societies, nowadays increasingly more and more permissive by not providing a solid base of education and a set of values set on steel, and which we should have been the custodians of, to hand to our younger generations.

Instead, materialism took over. as we silently witnessed and in many cases were the acomplices of mothers leaving the homes to become the second breadwinner in their families. With that, naturally, children were left at the hands and -lack of- common sense of so-called nannies who barely in most cases were able to speak the language.

Young American children, especially in the big cities, like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and so on, have been raised in an environment lacking family values and in general human values.

The amount of drugs in middle and high school has been rampant, alcohol and sex, are not far beyond, and a total absence of values such as solidarity, compassion, understanding, are no longer in the vocabulary of our spoiled young brats.

In this picture, fits perfectly the image of a man, gifted but conflictive, who had a very promising, pure and augurious beginning, but someone who somewhere along the road of his life got lost -and I am still trying to figure out what happened to that young and adorable kid from his infancy. Something happened, someone did something to him and no one was there to protect him.

So, while many fans want to forget the dubious moments seeing Jackson in court defending himself of accusations that he had had special moments with young little boys in his house, I simply cannot forget it.

I feel sorry for him and, as my son says, sorry that he did not have a mother like I.

But, I just wanted to paint for you the sad story of our society, because in reality, Michael Jackson's dark side as much as Madoff pitiless side, and so many of those, are the result of what
our society is producing.

Part of our society is our economic system. So, the lack of vision of our financial leaders, is completely understandable if we consider the social picture depicted above.

And, the world, as much as it may have disliked the United States, has indiscriminately copied our style. They did not copy the best of us, but the worse.

And the way up will be long and painful. And, hopefully we will get there before it's too late.

28 June 2009
New York

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