Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There has been an obvious evolution in my thinking and philosophical approach to life and world politics in general.

It is a well known fact that I supported the liberation of Iraq wholeheartedly, and I shall never regret that position of mine.

I, like many others, including the American government as well as the United Nations, saw those famous films where we could quite clearly see bulks being transported from one place to another in the nights prior to the first deployments that marked the end of Saddam Hussein's terror regime. The fact that we did not 'get' any weapons in Iraq, to me does not mean they were not there. Our troops were unable to communicate in Arabic, for starters.

Nowadays, it is a question of dealing with Iran's nuclear race. Some are arguing in favor of attacking Iran and so to say, "stop" Iran from developing further their nuclear program and not allowing them to get to the point of having a nuclear bomb.

To begin with, I have learned first-hand, from my closest friends in the region who live in neighbouring countries around Iran, that they would be the first to suffer even if, say, there would be a nuclear leak coming from Iran.

Then, of course, there is this constant sword hanging on the head of the Israelis, with Ahmadinejad's frequent outbursts against Israel and the Jews. Like any civilized human being, I happen to find his attitude totally unacceptable. And, that's because I believe there has to be a standard of respect among countries. One country or her president and/or her government, simply cannot for the destruction of another country or group of people. There is no reason and certainly no excuse for that kind of behaviour. Let me put it in blunt words: zero tolerance.

Thus, it is troublesome to see how, in the interest of demagogues, it is convenient to center the gist of the problems between the West and the Muslim world, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which to be truthful barely touches 30 million people.

That, compared to the 10% estimate of people affected by radical views and terrorists from the Muslim world, is way less numerically, as well as for what it means.

That's why, I have recently concluded that there is basically not much the Western world can do to 'fight' Islamist terrorists.

No wars will help anymore. Nothing we do will help.

Furthermore, I am convinced this is a responsibility of our Muslim friends.

They speak the language, they understand the various cultures and the inner nuances.

My conclusion after all this time is that they are the best geared to try to find potential bombers and deal with them.

In a nutshell, let me say that I am at the point when I do not even want our police to deal with them.

The Muslim world has to assume the responsibility and take up a position of accountability and take care of their own, because I cannot imagine that there would be any person in their right mind in the world, naturally including the Muslim world, who would like to have a bomb exploding in the middle of a restaurant at lunchtime causing death and maimed bodies spread all around, plus all the trauma and pain inflicted.

You, your families, have to make sure to find your/their children who are being brainwashed in the name of -certainly- a distorted version of your religion. Not us. You.

Once the suspects are found, it is the police or a nurturing system who can explain to them that terror attacks do not resolve anything.

They are after all, going to go after the moderate, secular, elements of your own society.

Let us, here in America, take care of our own mess.

As it is already known, I believe that American society is going through a period of increasing decadence, what I have called unequivocally, "the corruption of the soul."

Each of us have our own responsibilities. It is up to us to uplift us and our societies, to hope and look for a better world, tirelessly.

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