Friday, May 14, 2010


Let’s speak of values, the values on which our country is based upon and which we should be constantly trying to improve to better ourselves and our kids, so we can all become more dignified human beings.

For, have you ever thought on what’s our role in this world? Who are we? Why do we exist?

This material, physical life we have is part of something way beyond our comprehension.

At the same time, G-d, the omnipresent being, force, strength,energy and all of the above and much more, is at the source of our existence, however one may choose to call it: G-d, Allah, the Holy One, universal intelligence, and so on.

So, the next question is who we are, what are we doing here.

The goal of existence is to try to make it as “livable” as possible, here on Earth trying to get close to what may be in the world “beyond”, the world of perfection where almost nothing exists and at the same time everything gets to be perfect.

There is a lot of philosophy here, but it is necessary to try to find ways to make this a better life.

Following the example of the Universe where everything has an order: Planets, galaxies, and so on. If it was not for that, we would only be seeing chaos everywhere, planets colliding, stars and galaxies destroying each other. In fact, with that order, obviously pre-established by the most powerful source, each of the universal elements has a well established cycle.

As a matter of fact, some of us borrow from the moon cycles to follow the lunar calendar while others borrow from the sun cycles to follow the solar calendar. And so on.

The point being here of universal organization, discipline, hierarchy, limitations that make each one its entities revel in their own existence.

The formula “as above so below,” can very well be utilized in our human context as well, to bring the same discipline and organization existing in the larger Universe and applied in human societies.

That’s how and why, we could argue that the perfection of man and woman was created, to love and complement each other, and be active participants in procreation, allowing for this species to further survive, develop and thrive.

That’s why there is a discipline of respect and reverence to parents, to the elderly.

That’s why there is the need and a respect for moral authority -in essence, the ultimate version of authority.

That’s why there is a need to study constantly, with people wiser and who can stimulate minds of all including children and teach the order in our societies -which does not necessarily mean submission, it means lucidity of judgment so one can always be on the alert when the “enemy within” is pushing existence itself to the border of the abyss.

The real reason for this is to inspire men to evolve aiming for perfection although we may not know if we will ever attain that level, but which we must nevertheless strive to achieve at all times.

In the creation of the Universe, men were given the elements to elevate mankind beyond their material existence and, who knows, maybe even try to create something close to Utopia.

And, what has actually happened.Well, mankind has so far managed to make hell on Earth.

Thus, in order to have more chances to make this a better world, it will be necessary to sit back and understand that life on Earth ought to follow the well coordinated, universal pattern, if men want to succeed and manage not to destroy this planet.

Notions such as respect, compassion, solidarity, love, understanding, need to be instilled in people from birth, but change also needs to be done by adults and now.

Businesses should thrive. And, any government that curtails the liberties and livelihoods as much as the well being of their populations, will be giving signs which have to be taken darn seriously, because they may be pernicious for mankind at large.

The world cannot be better if liberties are taken away, when populations are losing jobs, homes, and become destitute. By all standards, that is simply wrong and those are signs that populations need to address these issues in a responsible,adult manner.

One major and decisive line of thought is the fact that right and wrong are universal concepts.

Children disrespecting parents, is completely wrong anywhere inthe world. And that, is indeed a very important concept, because if children are brought up in a society of permissiveness -that will be at the origin of societal ills, because it is at home that boundaries have to be taught by parents willing to invest time, effort and energy –let alone financial- resources to personally overview the education of their children.

Otherwise, for instance, unlimited, sickening “greed” enters our lives and people like a certain Madoff will never know when to stop even when he knew how much he would hurt people who entrusted him with their fortunes and he ended up ruining so many lives.

But, thankfully, this is all something we can avoid. We have been given brains with extraordinary thinking capabilities, way beyond our wildest dreams. We should use them.

Life is wonderful. That’s the life we need to leave for our children. That’s the life we need to aim at.

Making paradise on Earth, that’s the goal.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a global strategist and consultant, and a political analyst based in New York

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