Saturday, May 22, 2010


As change is coming, it will be imperative that our thinking evolves towards, only, "the best." It is obvious that accommodating our national needs with "the least bad" has taken us in a totally self-destructing, deteriorating chaotic situation. We cannot and should not deal anymore with mediocrity, and we need to see it from wherever it comes, the left of course, but also from the right. Being true to ourselves and our ideals will take this country on the long way to recovery in the next 50 years to come.

Naturally, knowledge and experience are important -but ever as much are love for our country and passion to fight for the well-being of the American people. Now and forever.

There is no room for middle-of-the-road leaders. There is no room for only great demagogues. There is no room for experimenting with our country.
America is disintegrating in front of our eyes.

The enemy outside and the enemy within are implacably targeting the sheer basis of the structure of this country. It has taken them almost 100 years to bring America to her knees, ever since the ground of family values has been under attack from the beginning of the XXth century.

And, it all begun with the excessive cult for freedom, when freedom was meant as something beautiful, altruistic and good for our societies.

Yes, freedom is good and desirable.

However, in French we find an excellent word for the degeneration of Freedom.

In French, Freedom means the famous Liberte.

And the degeneration of Freedom in French means Libertinage.

For the benefit of the reader, let me explain that the word "libertine" defines "a dissolute person; usually a person who is morally unrestrained."

And when you apply that kind of behavior to a whole country or group, it ends up producing "libertinage".

Let's see that definition applied within a sociological and anthropological context. When such a feeling expands and flourishes within a larger group or country practicing libertinage, it results in "a dissolute group, a country who is morally unrestrained."

That's America now.

So, the one corollary that results from this is that we cannot be lenient anymore.
Whenever we see or smell or sense mediocrity, in any way or form or manner, we need to be alert, recognize it and fight it.

We are on survival mode right now. So, we need to do it.

It's the only way we will succeed in saving our people, our country.

Let's do it.

The writer, Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador, based in New York, is a consultant global strategist in the fields of politics, globalization, international affairs, international business development.

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