Sunday, October 16, 2011


In a fatal decision made by the Israeli government, unless opponents get the Highest court in Israel to overturn the leadership move, 1,027 terrorists will be freed...

It doesn't matter where those terrorists are going to live, but the fact of the matter is that they will continue doing, planning evil, and will not stop until they get the price for their liberty paid in Jewish blood.

No matter how many times one has read that the Netanyahu government has reached an agreement under the auspices of Egypt and that they will swap IDF soldier Gilad Shalit for 1,027, reading the numbers 1 0 2 and 7, is one thing.

It is a totally different impression to have the actual list of prisoners in front of your eyes and see how it is, endless, as you painful read name by name and think how much evil is each of those monsters able to do...

Here is the list of those Palestinian Muslim terrorists.

In the above list of terrorists, there is Ahlam Tamimi, a 31-year-old woman who was a key figure in the pizzeria attack. She is often described as the driver of the car that brought the suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant and killed 15 people.

But, reportedly, her role went far beyond that, to the actual planning of the attack.

As it is, in interviews she gave from her Israeli prison, Tamimi, who was a journalist, has told of having brought the suicide bomber to Jerusalem and then going on Palestinian television’s afternoon broadcast to announce the news of the attack without acknowledging her involvement.

“I’m not sorry for what I did,” she told an Israeli news organization in 2006. “I will get out of prison, and I refuse to recognize Israel’s existence. Discussions will only take place after Israel recognizes that this is Islamic land.”

The Israeli government is also freeing the Ramallah terrorist who gleefully waved his bloody hands after the lynch of two IDF soldiers -but no one had told their families that the Netanyahu government was releasing their murderer.

A British photographer Mark Seager who had tried to photograph the event was assaulted by the crowd who destroyed his camera.

In Seager's words: "It was the most horrible thing that I have ever seen and I have reported from Congo, Kosovo, many bad places…. It was murder of the most barbaric kind.”

Jews worldwide will never forget the memory of Abdel - Aziz Saleh waving his bloody hands from his Ramallah widow after the October 2000 lynching of two young IDF soldiers, Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami, who were murdered and their bodies mutilated after they inadvertently entered Ramallah.

Aziz Saleh was arrested in 2001. He admitted to being one of those who broke in to the police station and choking one of the soldiers.

He is now going to be released with 1,026 other terrorists, in exchange for another IDF soldier: Gilad Shalit...

Negotiating with terrorism has never worked.

It will never work.

May the G-d of Israel apply His Justice in time to stop what evil men want to do to innocent victims...

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website. Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.

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