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"If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly;
you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
There may even be a worse case.
You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

Sir Winston Churchill

This is History in the making, as new elements stand by at the doors of Western Civilization. In a natural mnemonic association, comes to my mind the presence of that great political scientist, Samuel Huntington and his theory of clash of civilizations with which he argued that in post-Cold War, “people's cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict...”

Indeed, the situation we are going through now is the result of arduous and fastidious work, realized with premeditated intent and keen planning throughout decades under the nose and with the blessing of the West corrupt leadership, whose largest demographic has behaved as naively as a toddler-sapiens, accepting misleading liberal approaches for the sake of “peace”, “harmony” and a misfit, misconception of “love” in the world.

America, the former superpower in the world, rested in her laurels, lowered her arms, and trusted her leaders who, one after the other and very few exceptions in-between, betrayed her and instead of continue making her blossom and go from strength to strength, they kept a watchful eye on the developments inside the country.

And today, as yet another moral and economic recession is approaching, America the Superpower is making room for America, the newest Third World country.

Obviously, people like the two former presidents Bush with former vice-president Cheney, led America -but, sadly, just as Clinton and Obama afterwards, the country was not number one on their agenda. It was a far number two.

The Prince

One only man stood up for America in the post-Reagan era:

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, under whose leadership, the City did not accept a $10 million donation for disaster relief from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, after this one suggested that same day that U.S. policies in the Middle East contributed to the September 11 attacks.

The presence of this Saudi prince has been looming in the West and particularly in America earliest since the nineties. Saudi oil and power are behind this nephew of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. A man with exquisite education, and with the most polished and refined manners, vast knowledge of Western etiquette -and the means to impress his brothers-in-wealth-without-frontiers.

Alwaleed told TIME, back in 1997, that as second largest individual shareholder, he owned about 5% of News Corp., Rupert Murdoch’s global media conglomerate. Alwaleed also bought some 5% of Web-browser maker Netscape Communications, and a chunk of chip and cell-phone maker Motorola. And so on.

Naturally, the prince makes sure to appear Westernized, including his arm-candy, his princess, Ameera, with him wherever he goes in the most exclusive fashion couture pieces, so Westernized that she could be any of our well-known models or actresses. But, under ‘normal’ circumstances, like in Somalia, one can find a head-covered Ameera.

In other words, as my readers already know that Islam imposes “taqqiya”, Muslims are required to do whatever they need to do to advance the cause of Islam, Muslim world domination. They could even say they hate Islam for that matter -they are expected to do so, if it’s going to help advance their goal.

Who are Alwaleed Partners?

Our shrewd, greedy and self-centered business moguls, such as Murdoch -with whom the prince is a partner since the 90s, as read above. But on September 14th, 2011, it was announced that he’s also going above and beyond that, as the pair are uniting to work together to launch a new Arabic-language 24-hour news channel called Alarab, in 2012.

Curiously, same day, Fox News announced that Al Waleed was teaming up with Bloomberg to launch an “Arabic News Channel,” only to, receive later an Al Waleed email statement specifying that “Bloomberg will support the creation of five hours of financial and economic news programming throughout the day on the channel, called Alarab.”

Meanwhile, as recent as August 29, 2011, through his Al Waleed Foundation, the prince has continued his “philanthropic” activities in partnership with the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly the OIC: Organization of Islamic Conference.) Each of them was granted one million dollars donation by the Al Waleed Foundation, for the Somalia famine campaign. Note that Somalia is a country that aims at the establishment of a society ruled by Islamic standards implying no distinction between the secular and the religious spheres.

A few days ago, a rape accusation by a maid seems to have surfaced in Spain against the prince, nephew of the Saudi King. As expected, it has been categorically denied.

And, to keep the eye on the target, the prince recently threw a dinner for Larry Summers, Obama’s Former Secretary of Treasure. Reportedly, during the meeting, they discussed business and economic issues, as well as the prince’s investments in the US. After all, he’s one of the largest foreign investors in America.

His fields of interest are in the educational sector, “to bridge gaps between the West and Islamic communities,” in other words, he promotes the presence of Islam in the West, to say it mildly.

We would be remiss if we did not mention at the same time, the deteriorating situation in the Muslim Middle East, where riots, shootings, and constant escalating clashes announce with the rise of radicalism in the shape of the close-to-Saudi-Arabia-Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and with the also-close-to-Saudi Arabia-Al Qaeda fighters as successors to Ghaddafi. By the way, in Libya, we find our American military “honored” to team up with America's archenemy, Al Qaeda rebels, thanks to the American president’s orders.

Alwaleed vs. Israel

It’s no secret where the prince stands regarding Israel. His important contributions to the Palestinian cause have been recorded on many occasions and he has openly declared that Israel should follow his friend and American president Barack Hussein Obama's recommendation for an independent Palestinian state based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Back in May, in an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network, Alwaleed said Obama's plan was "straight to the point," and that for Israel "to be in peace with the Arab world, it has to abide” by Obama’s roadmap.

The Alwaleed Imprimatur

In 2007, we find Alwaleed telling attendees at a conference in Dubai that he had called Murdoch about news channel describing the disturbances as "Muslim riots.” Campaign ME magazine quoted the prince as saying he told Murdoch that they were not Muslim riots, but riots -within half an hour it was changed from 'Muslim riots' to 'civil riots.’

The prince said his intervention had been an example of how Muslim people can change the portrayal of their religion in the western media...

This is a very telling annecdote and you will see why, especially on September 11, 2011, at the tenth anniversary of the massacre perpetrated against the American people by Muslim terrorists in the name of their religion,

On that occasion, prince-Alwaleed-partner, Mayor Bloomberg had forbidden any kind of religious ceremonies, Christian religious ceremonies, that is. Instead, the public was served with a multi-faith global ceremony where people were forced to hear Muslim prayers -bringing vivid memories of how thousands of their relatives were massacred as the last words they heard were: “Allah hu Aqbar!” pronounced by Muslim terrorists.

Likewise, instructions from the White House were given about the ceremony, to avoid the mention “terrorism”, “terror attack,” and even more any allusion to “Islamic terrorism.”

In some events, mention was made of “radical Islam” and “radicals” among the Muslims -making sure to allow our minds to conceive that there are the so-called “moderate Muslims,” that are going to come to the rescue and keep us on the side of civilization.

To broaden the scope of the tentacles, yesterday, Iran’s president, coincidentally, placed a question mark on the credibility of the Holocaust and of the massacre of 9/11, questioning America’s role in the latter... He stopped short of saying the United States staged the disaster 10 years ago and dropped that there are “questions the world should resolve, and [that] there are doubters in the United States as well.”

Adding spice to the mixture, two American hitchhikers were freed today and are on their way home. And for that, the Muslim president of Iran, undoubtedly will be thanked. We will learn soon enough if there are any strings attached as a sequel to this magnanimous and timely gesture.

Meanwhile, Wednesday, despite the big controversy surrounding it, Park 51, the former Ground Zero Mosque, was quietly inaugurated, even if it may not yet be totally completed... And, what about the funding...? And, most importantly, why the rush...?

Note that, here again, we find Alwaleed funding the initiator of the former Ground Zero Mosque, Imam Raouf.

Likewise, today, Friday, Abbas is going in to the United Nations General Assembly with favorable winds that have been carefully orchestrated by Alwaleed behind the scenes, by a seemingly disinterested but welcoming Iran, and a careful choreography put in place around a key figure, friendly and more to the Muslim cause, in the person of none other than the American president, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama -whose veto, in my book, is not guaranteed... as he certainly may be pondering to veto or not to veto... Which one will be weightier for him: The American electorate, bankrupt and in disarray; or a dazzling, powerful and way more numerous, 1.3 billion Muslim world? We will soon find out. I may be wrong. And I hope so.

Alea Iacta Est?

Hordes of Muslim mobs in New York have given the impression in the last that the situation regarding the PA is a done deal -they even seem looking forward also to having a celebratory Muslim Day Parade this coming Sunday in the City.

As I know them, Muslim delegations to the United Nations General Assembly will most likely attend that parade, just as "family" would do.

Muslims can distort History, they can distort Reality, they are expected to do so.

But, it is enough to look at your news everyday to know and see how they are at the helm of the darkest of Life and History.

Day in day out, the only news we receive from the Muslim world are disaster, desolation, treacherous attacks, stoning, beheading, mutilation, terrorist attacks on defenseless, innocent civilians, suicide-homicide bombings. The list has no end.

A situation that was dreaded to happen maybe in 50 years, has now been precipitated by a favorable infrastructure -and, today, with Israel’s safety at stake, it is America and Western Civilization that risk entering into a new era that will put state of the art technology to the service of a darkness never seen before.

May G-d bless and protect Israel, America and Western Civilization


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