Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thoughts on being a Jew


As a new week begins, I want to share the thoughts running through my mind as we speak: 

"Jew" is not only a name. It is when you feel in your blood that you carry millennia of Divine Lessons, it means that for you, G-d is One -and that you won't accept any kind of idolatry, whether it's money or a "representative" on this earth, and many other instances. 

Being a Jew is learning Torah every single day, year after year, until you can no longer breath. It is also, our fulfillment of Mitzvot, day after day...

It's also raising your children as G-d Abiding, G-d-loving Jews...  

Being a Jew also means the responsibility we have to never say anything true or false about anyone else, because, G-d forbid, when anyone does so, it's the equivalent of murdering the person.  That's called Lashon Hara.  

And, being a Jew is also to remember everyday of our other job on this world: Tikkun Olam, which means that we have to be the "light to this world..."

Being a Jew is a humongous responsibility, we are not free at all..,

May we accept this with joy... 

May the Light and the Love of G-d be with us, as we begin a blessed week... Shavua tov..

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