Friday, March 8, 2013

BENADOR: I am NO feminist!


Today, is March 8th. And the communist, socialist, liberal, world is celebrating "women's day", which is the day of feminists. 

I am therefore, proud and glad to declare that I am NO feminist. 

I have nothing against men, whom I really love, and from whom I hope one day, my partner for life will come to me... 

I respect those men who deserve my respect and, furthermore, my admiration and love. 

Women and men are the eternal partners, not competitors for power. 

And ever since G-d created us, we are part of the other. 

We are partners in love and in life. 

And, if love is for life, that's even better, because I definitely believe in marriage... 

So, may G-d continue to bless men and women together and forever ♥

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  1. Omein! We were created to fulfill a place in each other that is otherwise empty; we were created each for his/her beshert. It is not good that we be alone; therefore HaShem created complete us, and we, them.