Friday, March 29, 2013

BENADOR: Shabbat chol hamoed Pessach Greeting


Chol Hamoed are called the days of Pesach that are after the first two days when we celebrate with the Sederim.  Those are the days we can do as usual, except for the fact that we do not touch any hametz, or bread or anything leavened. 

What was the problem at the time of our life in Egypt? 

What was the problem at the time of our life in Germany? 

In both places, Jews turned their back on HaShem, they assimilated and were all too happy to emulate the non-Jews and their corrupted and degenerated ways.  They were in both cases, victims of their own bad choices. 

And, what happened?  In the case of Jews in Egypt, HaShem was patient and loving, and offered to take them out of Egypt.  And, of all Jews, 80% decided to stay with Pharaoh and his people. 

Coincidence? No.  It's the same percentage that has elected Obama.  

Back to Egypt:  HaShem took 20% of Jews out of Egypt.

Now, what happened in Germany?  Jews more than assimilated.  Many were even ashamed of being Jews.  True, they would go to synagogue, but that's again a make-believe appearance.  Inside themselves, those Jews were as far as possible from G-d.  And, we know the results. 

Yes, G-d punishes.  

He did it already at the time of Noah, and many times thereafter.  

So, please, think twice before refuting my thesis.  

G-d has His Angel, Satan, to test us and tempt us.  

But, He does Himself the Punishments -and we must admit that when that has happened, it has been deserved. 

May this be a good food for thought. 

May this make us look around us to see all the daily miracles we have available to us, if we allow our eyes to see them. 

The beauty of life comes from HaShem.  And, it depends on us to keep it as such all along.

May G-d bless you all with His Blessings of Love, Light, Wisdom and all that's good for you.

With much love always.

Shabbat shalom v'chag sameach 


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