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Good morning, day and evening with Love and Blessings... 

We are now in the weeks that precede Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, our meaning-full High Holidays.  

The time that will climax with the review of our deeds, the acceptance and accountability for our mistakes, whether purposefully or accidentally committed, and the Gracious, Generous, Incredible opportunity HaShem gives us to atone and repent, Ha Kadosh Baruch Hou...  Blessed be He.

I am studying, I keep studying, Torah and more.  Our sages are there to help us and guide us, especially given that Hebrew is our Holy Language, filled with so much and varied meaning and intent. 

Today, with my studies, I got to that point of total Surrender to G-d.  Today I understood how is it to truly believe in Him, though I was getting in that direction already, but it has come now so clear to me, that even if we make mistakes, it IS also G-d's Will and that we should not have the arrogance of even thinking for a second that it is our fault.  However, as such, we are also given new beginnings to apply what we learned.  

Last night, when I left for synagogue, I did not want to come alone but had forgotten to plan ahead.  Guess what happened?  A friend of mine had changed her route and together with her father they walked with me.  Everything is a miracle in my life. And, the whole day, everyday, my first words as anything happens, from the tiny to the huge, I keep saying "Baruch HaShem," Blessed Be He.  Thank G-d.  

That's why I have chosen, once again, Adon Olam, Master of the Universe, to share with you today. 
Listen to it, read the words whether in Hebrew or in English.  Then you will understand how miserably petty those leaders on this earth, and especially those in Eretz Yisrael, are. 

May G-d Almighty Be Blessed for always wanting to do the best for us, even when it may bring to us suffering.  And in those moments, we should also thank Him for the lessons to our souls.  

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