Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Well, done!  

Recently... " the police and migration officials mounted raids at markets across Moscow, in factories that operated in the shadows of the law, in the city’s subway system and on the streets. At last count nearly 1,500 foreigners had been detained, according to the Federal Migration Service. That number included 586 people, most of them Vietnamese, who were being held in a temporary tent camp more appropriate for a war zone or the scene of a natural disaster than the center of a capital city.

“This is absolutely normal,” Moscow’s mayor, Sergei S. Sobyanin, told the newspaper Vedomosti last week, defending the government’s actions. “In any society, in any country, if an emergency situation happens, then the government and society begin to act more harshly.”
The campaign — cheered, for the most part, by the news media and the public here — has exposed the complexity and corruption of Russia’s labor market and tapped into the country’s ever-simmering ethnic animosity... "  as per the New York Times.  
Naturally, that has raised concerns among... national and international human rights groups.  
Meanwhile, in doing so, Russia will make available to nationals all those jobs previously in the hands of illegals immigrants.  
A worthy example that Western governments would do well to follow sooner rather than never. 
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