Friday, July 26, 2013

BENADOR: "Obama: Rest of my presidency is for working-class America"


CNN headline: "Obama: Rest of my presidency is for working-class America" 

Which working class? 

The one that's going to loose even more jobs or the 102 Million Unemployed with the 12 Million Jobless who after immigration bill will be approved by him, most likely during summer recess, will not even have a glimmer of hope of ever getting a job. 

Or is he speaking about the new mercenary immigrant working class?

The current president's nasty tendency to forget  job creation for the American worker, unemployed and jobless, makes him a bad advocate for what he calls the "working class," which would do well to mistrust the man and instead look at a brighter future without him where jobs and self-sufficiency could bring us back to a better place for our families and in the world.  


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