Friday, July 19, 2013


This week we read how Moshe learns from HaShem he will not get to see or enter the Land of Israel. After all his efforts and devotion, HaShem punished him. Why? Moshe got angry. Three times. 
And anger, for whatever reason, is not a friend of us or of our souls. 

Now, we are so easily angered by any and everything. Maybe it is a fault of the liberal approach to psychology, which encourages people to think we have a right to "vent". Yet, the more a person vents, the easier the person will get angry and the more often as well. No. Venting is *not* the answer. 
Many Torah sages teach one should never speak in anger and wait until the storm passed to say anything. After all, we can always say what we want, especially with a composed attitude, either before or after. Preferably after, though.
The Gemara (Pesachim 66b) says, “When a person becomes angry, 
wisdom leaves him.”
May we get hold of ourselves, for when anyone is angry, is as if his whole being is taken over by evil inclinations -and that should scare us so much that we really should prefer to control ourselves. 
Speaking of "control", you need not worry. Everything in this existence is "controlled", "limited", even us. And we can either limit ourselves and accept those limitations, or they will be forced upon us in time because of "circumstances". Remember, G-d is watching each of us. No one escapes Him. 
I wish you an inspiring Shabbat, may you be in a nurturing congregation, where the soul of Shabbat will roam among all of you. 
May HaShem bless you and this world with His Blessings, His Protection and His Eternal Love. 

Shabbat shalom u'mevorach


©Eliana Benador

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