Monday, July 15, 2013

BENADOR: TISHA B'AV 2013 - Eicha


As we will pray tonight the EICHA, the Lamentations, written by Jeremiah, who spent his life warning Jews in his time of their excesses and of the calamities that would ensue from that uncontrolled behaviour, I know we will all shed tears, from re-living how our temples were destroyed and profaned, how our different generations caused their own demise,.  It is then that we must hope that those tears, will, one day and for good, be replaced by tears of joy and happiness. 

May we deserve in our lifetime to see our faith and Emunah reinvigorated, renewed and reenergised.

May we show HaShem we WANT so badly to have our Third Temple up in its rightful place.  Forever and ever. 

To you, my mishpocha, I wish you a meaningful fast, may we come out of it stronger and ready to fight for the cause of G-d.  

G-d bless you all 

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