Wednesday, January 4, 2012


" Mitt Romney marked his arrival in New Hampshire on Wednesday with an endorsement by Senator John McCain, one of the state’s favorite adopted sons."

So run the news today, Wednesday, January 4, 2012.

But, since when is Mr. McCain, the arch-RINO going to tell Americans in general, and conservatives in particular, what to do, who to vote for...

Seems like GOP has chosen "their" candidate -but were it not for 9 votes, Rick Santorum would have won. In the large picture, GOPs must get real. A win of 9 votes... is no real win. One can without a glimmer of hesitation, that Santorum and Romney were practically tie.

What does Santorum bring in, in a few words?

Rick Santorum is an American patriot, and a family man, he will be a great example for young Americans to follow, who hopefully will be inspired to become patriarchs of large and great American families for many generations to come. And he seems to support our ally Israel.

Mitt Romney's issues: He is a shrewd businessman, with issues in the health care reform and no definite agenda about the Muslim issue. And, many businessmen are backing him, simply because it will be good for their own business interests to have one of their contacts at the White House. But, is that enough...?

As a matter of fact, the problem of the Muslim invasion has not been addressed by any of them. It's as if they had placed their blinders to not look direction of Obama in this regard.

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