Friday, January 20, 2012

BENADOR: Shabbat Va'eira - Shabbat shalom

Shabbat shalom, mes amis, mes amours... ❤
Shabbat shalom to each and all... ❤
With thanks to HaSh-m for the Goodness, the Kindness, the Love and The Light he grants to my life, I wish you a heartfelt Shabbat shalom...
May your lives be filled with the Wonders of G-d, may He guide your path strengthening your wisdom, your resolve as together we face the dangers of this world in our quest for justice and peace.
Let us we all remember, always that we are the Children of G-d, He made us who we are, His People, the Jewish People, and the Land of Israel, He gave it to us.
So, let's keep our allegiance to Him, the Creator of the heaven and the earth, of everything before and after.
G-d bless one and all...

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