Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BENADOR: Hoody Black Power Helps Obama Re-Election Bid

In a very timely fashion to serve Hussein Obama's purpose, black American Travis was recently killed.

It's not that Obama feels so close to his black American community, but they believe there is the color and fate connection with him, and, mistakenly they see him as "one of them." If only they knew.

Just in case they missed seeing the Obama-Medvedev "glitch" last week, and as far as we could observe it, there was a deep connection there, an amazing feeling of a commonality of goals among those two.

Black people may want to take a look at that segment, and see if they get that kind of connection with their president.

Now, many key people, led by the always present Al Sharpton, who managed to add a white guy to their team, have jumped into the bandwagon asking for the victim to be “vindicated”.

Truth of the matter is that there is no proof of the guilt of anyone, and yet the law makes this a non-case to prosecute anyone.

Regardless, the Obama machinery is out now to “use” to their benefit this event and they began by the infamous “hoody” which anyway is something that originally was used to protect yourself from the cold, the rain or snow on your way back from the gym or in a relaxing atmosphere.

“Hoody” is an unsocial clothing item that has been adopted in the official wardrobe of petty delinquency and then scaled up taken by rappers and so on... this social manifestation has slowly been adopted across the youngsters scenes throughout the country.

From that to now wanting to make it a standard way of dress, is like wanting to turn an inmate’s uniform into a regular cloth element is just unacceptable, especially when the reason for it is to promote inter-racial discord with the only purpose to sow discontent among Americans.

The infamous “hoody” has a charm and a very captivating feature: If, for some reason, you don't want to be recognized, what do you do? Go for the hoody! It may hide your face so you are not easily recognized, and therefore it’s not surprising that it has become one of the clothing items of choice for certain milieux. Robbers can be easily found wearing a “hoody”. Petty delinquents can as well use it as it will also cover their traces. And, just watch any crime film and, unavoidably, you will find your hoodied petty crime or murderer.

Pathetic Obama went out of his way to say that Travis could have been his son, which is also a sheer intentional manipulation of the black population that would do well to remember that in reality Obama has never made any mention of Martin Luther King in any of his major speeches. Has he?

But, one cannot say he is too far from the NAACP... of whom he is the shadow godfather...

It is also evident that the Obama machine is unstoppable if they put their mind to use whatever means to advance their agenda. The Obama Regime is one that was elected to advance the “democratic” program. Instead, those who foolishly voted for him, signed up a blank check for him with a memo saying: “Good for the Dismantlement of America.”

Obama has proven to be the worst president America had because above all, he is the most anti-American president we ever had.

And, besides selling America by bits to the global world, he is now taking the American black population slowly into the racist path.

Obama's racism against America is aiming against the white population.

So, he will get yet another descriptive: "The worst president ever, the one who turn Americans against Americans."

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