Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BENADOR: Migron, Israel, Fight or Leave! What G-d Gave No Evil Man Can Take Away

I received a request to sign up a petition asking Netanyahu not to destroy one of the important communities of Judea and Samaria. 
Sorry, I will not sign anything simply because there is no point. The current, corrupted Israeli leadership will not listen.
Let me share with you, my friends, what my thoughts about it are.
I believe it is great that the wonderful people of Judea and Samaria have decided to live there.
However, sign for a petition to a government like the current one in the Land of Israel, would be Hillul HaSh-m. 
Just as all the other governments that have been in place since 1948, also the current one is against everything that's religious because they are against the core essence of our beliefs and even of the sheer existence of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.
Judeans and Samarians should get armed and fight against any and everybody who wants to take away from them the Land G-d Himself gave to the Jews.
And, if they are not ready to defend what is theirs they should choose to leave by themselves and not allow the spectacle of being evicted by the godless tyrannic government who only in name are Jews -but in reality they are against everything that is religious, and everyone who is a real Jew. Asking the godless current governments for anything is betraying our belief in G-d. So, that's what I belief they should do.

G-d bless the Land of Israel and may He give the blessings of Wisdom and Strength to those who are truly, real Jews.

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