Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BENADOR: Morning Thoughts on Eve of Pesach


Tuesday and in barely three days more we, Jews, will celebrate our march towards freedom, from the total slavery that we were kept in under the Egyptian idolaters.

Did you know that only 20% of Jews decided to leave Egypt and followed Moshe towards freedom? 80% Jews, who were only "Jews" in name, decided to stay with their Egyptian masters.

Just as in America, 80% of Jews decided to vote for the candidate that would take them back to slavery.

What is Life?

Countless philosophers have made this the field of choice in their lives.

But, for Torah abiding Jews, life is not a question, it is a path... clearly delineated in G-d's book for us, the Torah, an instruction manual that is not put up for choice, but rather a very strict establishment of what G-d's World is expecting us to fulfill.

Just as the galaxies and the stars in the firmament are orderly placed, just as the neutrons, protons and electrons inside the atoms have a precise formation and just as the cells in our bodies have a perfect functioning system... so are we to obey G-d's Laws, without any questioning, simply because He Wants us to do so.

And, although egotistic mankind have eyes to see and ears to listen, it seems that there is hardly anyone seeing or listening, and even less of those actually following in the words and the Laws of G-d.

It's time to look around: the world outside planet Earth is well structured. The animal world is also following a pattern. And so is all else in between.

All else... except us...

To be clear it's not about being "good".

It is about doing what is "right".

It is about using what G-d has given us as His Gifts: our brains, our will, our heart...

We are supposed to let our hearts beat for what's right. Misplaced compassion is only that: misplaced. You cannot have compassion with an enemy who wants to slit your throats. You cannot have compassion with someone who wants to force you to believe something you don't want to believe in -for instance, as much as I do not agree with some beliefs, I would never interfere with their believers, because they have the right to choose. If and when they are ready to find further truths, that's up to them and not up to me. That's the difference between evil and goodness.

We have our brains to give us clarity in our thinking. Our brains are a magnificent muscle and yet we probably use only 10% of its functioning capability... that's too little, because comparatively dogs use more of their brains than us.

Why? In this 21st century, mankind must think of moving towards further progress, not allow themselves to be pulled into a fatal regression.

The 21st century should be marked by progress in science, culture, inventions, technology, business... but above all, in progress making our lives worthier of the Teachings of G-d simply because He has said so in a very particular manner, and we are not to question it. Yet, mankind refuses to learn the lessons of History. Whenever mankind has strayed, we have been ruthlessly punished. G-d is patient. But He has a limit to His Patience, as we have seen it -for those who choose to see.

To be clear, "goodness" implies our ability to defend our lives from being attacked by any enemy who wants to annihilate us -by no means are we expected to be good to an enemy who wants to do us harm. We are actually to neutralize that enemy before it even gets close to us.

So, as I wake up, on a sunny day, I pray to G-d for strength and for wisdom, but most of all, I pray for this corrupted society to stop following their twisted newly-adopted and ever more degenerated values that are turning everyone blind and paralyzed in front of evil.

May G-d bless you with wisdom and strength to stand for what is Right and to fight for it.

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