Sunday, August 19, 2012

BENADOR: Answer to Ahmadinejad about the Land of Israel


It seems someone has been doing evil during our 25-hour Shabbat absence.

Iran's Ahmadinejad has, again, continued his ranting against our beloved Land of Israel.

While I will not dignify dwelling on this vermin's venom, I do have something very specific to say to the cowardly world leaders: Take a look at that picture: It's the Land G-d gave to His Chosen Children, the Jews, and this map show
s the borders of the Land of Israel as they are mentioned in the Torah.

May the Land of Israel be blessed with leaders who will be righteous men, who will read the Torah and who will believe blindly in G-d and therefore will do as G-d Commands us to do.

Meanwhile, there are righteous Jews throughout he world, who pray and believe in G-d... and G-d is listening...

Once again, to the enemies of the Land of Israel, he who fears G-d cannot fear anyone else..

Picture: The Land of Israel's Borders, as appears in our Holy Torah, given by G-d Himself...

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