Friday, August 3, 2012

BENADOR: The Role of Jewish Women - אשת חיל \ Eshet Chayil - אסף נוה שלום

The role of women in Judaism is essential to our lives. They are not only the Jewish mothers but also the bearers of our traditions... So, when anyone wants to "astray" from Kosher, for instance, it's the observant Jewish mom who gently presents the glatt Kosher meat and meal to her family. I always think of that as "the power of the Kosher cook..." :-) 

Some have an issue with the mechitza or separation between men and women at synagogue. I find it normal, we each have our place and we do not distract each other from our quality time praying to G-d in synagogue.

To counter those objections, note that of all religions in the world, Judaism gives a place of privilege to us, women... as it is us, Jewish women who, by G-d's Commandment, transmit our Judaism to our Children. It's women. Not men.

And, throughout History, we see a flood of Jewish Queens, Jewish Prophetesses, Heroins, not only within our Jewish people, but also in our host countries -typical example of this is Queen Esther of Persia... an eternal lesson for those in charge of that country now... 

So, let's thank G-d for all the Blessings He has given to women in Judaism.

This, is Eishet Chayil... dedicated to Jewish mothers, who are called in the song: "a woman of valor..." 

May G-d bless your wives, mothers...

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