Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BENADOR: Is the Homo Sapiens intelligent?

We are born with our own human attributes, that our sages have explained they reflect those of G-d Our Father...  

He gave us the greatest gifts of love, in our hearts; intelligence, in our brains; and a relative freedom in our lives (after all, unlike all animals, from the beginning we wouldn't be able to survive one single day without our caregivers, our parents...) 

However, we neglect to accept the example we find around us, one that shows us that Our Creator loves harmony, a world filled with structure...  

When you look around, you can see nothing is just flying freely.  From the galaxies, to the planets, from the animal kingdom to the vegetable kingdom -none has freewill, none of them!  

Sure, nothing is perfect, so an accident here and there does happen, but it's not the rule... 

Only we were granted freewill.  

Sometimes it feels like that the intelligence in the homo sapiens is only one line above our animal cousins.  

We can look at history and see how mankind never learns a lesson... how distressing...!  

As a corollary of our observation of the Universe around us and the micro-universe, where all is quasi-perfectly organized, we may conclude that we are the only ones who manage to make a mess of what was given to us... 

Our situation is delicate and perilous because our existence can easily be jeopardized by our lack of wisdom and judgement.  

With all G-d gave us, we never figured out that homo sapiens has the duty and responsibility to survive, otherwise G-d would not have created us. 

To complicate things, as a rule of thumb, bad and good do not mix and neither do right and wrong -simply because bad and wrong cannot stand good and right and put in chemistry terminology, if they mix, the result is explosive. 

Therefore, this theory proposes that it's only with targeted responsible freedom, combining righteousness with brutal strength, that we are going to fulfill G-d's expectations.
Let 's see if this can be proven wrong...  

May G-d bless each of your comings and goings...  

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